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Understanding the Hats and Hat Addiction In Team Fortress 2

by: Gabriel Rose ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Dive into the intricate and aggressive world of hat trading in this complete guide listing of hats in Team Fortress 2! Never be lowballed again due to your lack of knowledge on a hat!

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    The Inconvenient Truth

    At first, you think they're silly. Aesthetically pleasing little tidbits of content that people obsess about over for reasons you can't comprehend. And then you find yourself collecting one here and there. You initiate the occassional trade, and even sometimes throw out a lowball you know won't be accepted, just to feel edgy. Suddenly, you're caught up in a part of the game you thought you would never have any part in. Yes, that's right. You've become a hat trader on Team Fortress 2. We all make fun of them, but even the most professional TF2 players dabble in hat trading at some point in their career. It's a deadly, addicting activity that will sweep you up in it's intricacies before you're ready to work with them.

    It will happen. You will start trading hats. And when you do, don't get cheated out of your hard earned items because you're unfamiliar with which hats are which. You don't want to be the player who realized that his Vintage Vintage Tyrolean was worth up to 10 refined metal after trading it for another much cheaper hat. Before trading hats in TF2, a full hat list like this is essential to figure out which hats you really want, and what they look like.

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    Specific hats can be found on these pages :

    Page 1 :All Class, Scout, Soldier

    Page 2: Paints, Demoman, Heavy, Pyro, Medic

    Page 3: Engineer, Sniper, Spy, Vintage Hats

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    All Class Hats

    These hats are available to all classes the moment they are found, crafted, or traded. Many of the hats available to all classes are promotional items for other games, such as the Alien Swarm Parasite, or Max's Severed Head. These often times carry huge amounts of value as there is a fixed number of them. Some of the most dedicated hatpreneurs will even pre-order games specifically for the hats, hoping to strike it 'e-rich' with a high valued hat.

    Alien Swarm Parasite

    Bill's Hat

    Bounty Hat

    Cheater's Lament (Untradeable)

    Ellis' Cap

    Ghastly / Ghastlier Gibus

    Hat of Undeniable Wealth and Respect

    Horrific Headsplitter

    Mann Co Cap

    Max's Severed Head

    Modest Pile of Hat

    Noble Amassment of Hats

    Saxton Hale Maks

    Spine-Chilling Skull

    The Athletic Supporter

    Towering Pillar of Hats

    Treasure Hat

    Voodoo Juju

    Wiki Cap

    World Traveler's Hat

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    Bill's HatCheater's LamentGhastly (Ghastlier) GibusMax's Severed HeadModest Pile of HatNoble Amassment of HatsThe Athletic SupporterTowering Pillar of HatsThe World Traveler's HatSaxton Hale MaskSpine-Chilling SkullVoodoojuju HatWikicapFrontline Field RecorderHat of Undeniable Wealth and RespectEllis' CapAlien Swarm Parasite
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    Scout Hats

    The Polycount update added 'item sets' to the game that change certain stats of a class if they are wearing all of the set items for their class. The Milkman is the set headgear for the Scout.

    Baseball Bill's Sports Shine

    Batter's Helmet

    Bombing Run

    Bonk Helm

    Flipped Trilby

    The Milkman

    The Superfan

    Whoopee Cap

    Ye Old Baker Boy

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    Bonk HelmBatter's HelmetYe Olde Baker BoyBaseball Bill's Sports ShineFlipped TrilbyThe SuperfanTroublemaker's Tossle CapWhoopee CapBombing RunMilkman
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    Soldier Hats

    Following the Polycount update, the Grenadier's Softcap is the Soldier's set headgear. All set headgear is valued around 3-5 refined metal each, depending on the popularity of the class.

    Chieftain's Challenge

    Defiant Spartan

    Dr's Dapper Topper

    Exquisite Rack

    Grenadier's Softcap

    Hero's Hachimaki

    Killer's Kabuto

    Lumbricus Lid

    Sergeant's Drill Hat

    Soldier's Stash

    Stainless Pota

    Stout Shako

    Tyrant's Helm

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    Defiant SpartanKiller's KabutoSergeant's Drill HatSoldier's StashStainless PotTyrant's HelmChieftain's ChallengeDr's Dapper TopperGrenadier's SoftcapStout Shako
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    Occasionally you may find yourself with a can of paint in your backpack. It's open, and why it hasn't spilled, who knows. You can use it to color most of the hats in the game. Be aware though, unpopular colors may in fact devalue your hat and make them worth less. If you have any plans to trade a hat in the future, it's suggested not to paint them. Black and White paints are especially valuable, and can be sold for the price of one of the cheapest hats. They are also considered one of the safest rewards from opening a crate, and appear in Series 9 crates. Paints have a trading value of 1:1, meaning that anything besides black or white is worth another color of paint. So if you find a color you don't quite fancy, stick it up for trade and see what else you can get!

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    Demoman Hats

    The Demoman does not currently have an item set.

    Carouser's Capotain

    Demoman's Fro

    Glengarry Bonnet

    Hustler's Hallmark

    Prince Tavish's Crown

    Rimmed Raincatcher


    Scotch Bonnet

    Scotsman's Stove Pipe

    Sober Stuntman

    Tippler's Tricorne

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    Demoman's FroGlengarry BonnetHustler's HallmarkPrince Tavish's CrownScotsman's Stove PipeTippler's TricorneCarouser's CaptainRimmed RaincatcherSober Stuntman
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    Pyro Hats

    The Attendant is the set headgear for the Pyro. When equipped with the Powerjack and the Degreaser, it completes The Gas Jockey's Gear Kit. This increases move speed by 10% but increases damage taken by enemy bullets by 10%.

    Brigade Helm

    Foster's Facade

    Handyman's Handle

    Madame Dixie

    Napper's Respite

    Old Guadalajara

    Pyro's Beanie

    Pyromancer's Mask

    Respectless Rubber Glove

    The Attendant

    Triboniophorus Tyrannus

    Vintage Merryweather

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    Brigade HelmMadame DixieNapper's RespitePyromancer's MaskPyro's BeanieRespectless Rubber GloveTriboniophrous TyrannusVintage MerryweatherAttendantFoster's FacadeHandyman's HandleOld Guadalajara
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    Heavy Hats

    The Heavy currently does not have an item set.

    Big Chief

    Cadaver's Cranium

    Coupe D'Isaster

    Dealer's Visor

    Dread Knot

    Football Helmet

    Hard Counter

    Heavy-Duty Rag

    Hound Dog

    Magnificent Mongolian

    Officer's Ushanka

    Pugilist's Protector

    Tough Guy's Toque

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    Big ChiefCoupe D'IsasterDread KnotFootball HelmetHeavy-Duty RagHound DogMagnificent MongolianOfficer's UshankaTough Guy's ToqueCadaver's CraniumDealer's VisorHard CounterPugilist's Protector
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    Medic Hats

    The Medic as of the Replay Update does not have an item set yet.

    Berliner's Bucket Helm

    Blighted Beak

    Geisha Boy

    Gentleman's Gatsby

    German Gonzila

    Otolaryngologist's Mirror

    Physician's Procedure Mask

    Prussian Pickelhaube

    Vintage Tyrolean

    Ze Goggles

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    Berliner's Bucket HelmBlighted BeakGentleman's GatsbyGerman GonzilaOtolaryngologist's MirrorPhysician's Procedure MaskPrussian PickelhaubeVintage TyroleanZe GogglesGeisha Boy
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    Engineer Hats

    The Engineer does not yet have an item set. It has been rumoured that one is in the works now, yet only time will tell if such a thing happens.

    Buckaroo's Hat

    Engineer's Cap


    Industrial Festivizer

    Mining Light


    Texas Slim's Dome Shine

    Texas Ten Gallon

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    Buckaroo's HatEngineer's CapHotrodMining LightSafe'n'SoundTexas Slim's Dome ShineTexas Ten Gallon
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    Sniper Hats

    Ol' Snaggletooth is the Sniper's Polycount headgear. With Darwin's Danger Shield, the Sydney Sleeper, and the Bushwacka, it completes the Croc-o-Style Kit.

    Trophy Belt

    Professional's Panama

    Master's Yellow Belt

    Shooter's Sola Topi

    Bloke's Bucket Hat

    Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative

    Ol' Snaggletooth

    Larrikin Robin

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    Bloke's Bucket HatLarrikin RobinMaster's Yellow BeltProfessional's PanamaRitzy Rick's Hair FixativeShooter's Sola TopiTrophy BeltOl' Snaggletooth
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    Spy Hats

    The Familiar Fez is the Spy's Polycount headgear. When equipped with the L'etranger and the Your Eternal Reward, it completes The Saharan Spy Kit.

    Fancy Fedora

    Backbiter's Billycock

    Magistrate's Mullet

    Frenchman's Beret

    Familiar Fez

    Detective Noir

    Le Party Phantom

    Noh Mercy

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    Backbiter's BillycockDetective NoirFancy FedoraFrenchman's BeretLe Party PhantomMagistrate's MulletNoh MercyFamiliar Fez
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    Hats Are Like a Fine Wine : They Get Exponentially More Expensive With Age

    If you're an older player coming back to TF2, or you've just stockpiled some vintage hats, be careful in your bargaining with them. Vintage status makes most hats worth much, much more to another TF2 trader. There's something about that blue name that tickles the most avid collector's fancy, and it's up to you to take advantage of that! The newer your vintage item is, the more it's most likely worth. As new items come out, the chances of obtaining a vintage one are much more slim than obtaining a much older hat.

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    A Word of Caution : Buyer (and Seller) Beware

    Always do your research before conducting a trade. If you're unfamiliar with the price of an item you just found, or want to buy, hop into a trading server and ask. Someone is bound to answer you. If you're too afraid of the traders, then try looking up trades similar to yours on the TF2 Trading Portal. This site has plenty of features to help out the budding TF2 trader. And when the trading bug wears off, the shame you feel may be lessened by the fact that your hat collection may be worth hundreds of USD!

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