2fort Strategy Guide for Team Fortress 2

2fort Strategy Guide for Team Fortress 2
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Capture the Flag

The Medic Is More Than What’s On Paper

Expect a heavy dose of close combat in 2fort. With plenty of firepower coming from both teams in such a small map, it will be a smart strategy to have Medics to keep your teammates from dying less often. Players can take a lot of hits outside the forts where the battle can get ugly or in the underground sewers where Soldiers, Heavies, and Pyros can easily deal damage thanks to the narrow corridors and tight space.

Penetrating through the opposing defense is another reason why the Medic is important in 2fort; with his ubercharge ability, he can charge himself and another player (most times a Heavy) to be invincible for 8 seconds. The Heavy/Medic combo can be a good way to break down a crowd of enemies defending their base. This strategy can also be seen as a decoy, as enemies will direct their attention to the ubercharge; then they will be more vulnerable to open fire from your teammates behind you.

If the other team is using the Heavy/Medic strategy, try to take out the Medic with a one shot kill since they may ubercharge right away if they don’t die from a hit.

Don’t Just Stick With The Heavy

The Heavy and Medic make a dangerous pair, but since the other classes here also are very important to capture the flag, like the Scouts and Spies, it’s wise for the Medic to team up with them too. They’re two classes with low health, and anytime a Medic is with them, they obviously have a less chance of dying and easier time moving ahead.

Another teamwork strategy is to pair up with another Medic who is charging a Heavy. You give this Medic a better chance to survive and now him and his partner are even more of a threat; plus, you’re their backup plan in case someone dies or their ubercharge bombed on them.

Two Medics working together may sound weak, but in truth, they can be a dominant force against a defense. With this strategy, you have two strengths- both of you can heal each other and create your own ubercharge. Imagine how that can cause a lot of problems for your opponents. You will not die easily and this should give you ample opportunity to confidently attack the enemy base; your primary and melee weapons become quite effective under this occasion. The two Medics strategy is capable of destroying sentries and enemy groups.

So remember that the Medic is not just a healer, but a powerful weapon as well, and can help open the pathway for the rest of your teammates to move up ahead.

For The Demoman, Sticky Bombs Heaven

tf2 water

The Demoman is also a fun class to play around with in 2fort. While he can already be a dangerous class with his grenade launchers, there are some spots where his sticky bombs can be real cumbersome to his foes.

On the second floor is an open grate close by the entrance of the fort; this allows defenders above to launch surprise attacks on anyone passing by below. As a Demoman, plant sticky bombs on top of the grate, and anytime an enemy runs by below you, detonate the bombs and its splash damage should kill them right off. Just make sure you don’t stand next to your own bombs or you will also be respawning.

The other option is to shoot your small bombs on the walls and crates below, instead of on the ground where enemies tend to notice them easily. Most of the time players will just run right through the front entrances without taking the time to see what’s around; so once they’re nearby your bombs on the walls, just detonate and blast them away.

The water is also perfect place to hide sticky bombs, where players will move right above them without noticing. The long stairwells in the sewers and the spot under the ammo and health pickups are recommended. Players willl be in a rush to grab those items only to forget that sticky bombs are planted underneath them.

Bask In The Water

One of the common strategies in TF2 is to stay in high and low places to catch the enemy by surprise. For the Demoman in 2fort, he can bring plenty of that with his versatile grenades and bombs. The water below the bridge works well for the Demoman; above you, if enemies are in your sight, surprise them by sending some of your grenades.

Another strategy when you’re in the water is to shoot sticky bombs on any part of the bridge, and then wait for anyone to come by near them. When players come through, they won’t be standing around admiring the bridge’s craftsmanship, so more than likely they’ll be unaware of your bombs.

Pyros Are A Spy’s Worst Nightmare

Since 2fort is a capture the flag game, then two classes your opponents will probably use are Spies and Scouts. Scouts are great for capturing intel because of their speed; Spies are good at destroying sentry guns and getting past the defense. This is where the Pyro comes in to help deal with these two classes.

A Pyro is an Engineer’s best friend since his flamethrower is the best weapon at checking for Spies. This makes him a great defender at base against Spies who often visit just to irritate Engineers by sapping their sentries, dispensers, and teleporters. So remember that a Pyro’s flamethrower is not just for the basic attack, but for clearing your side of the fort from Spies cloaked under invisibility or disguised as your teammate.

A Dirty Trick For The Scout

The Pyro’s flamethrower has a good spread, perfect for reaching those pesky Scouts who can dodge all kinds of ammo because of their quick reflexes. In 2fort, a method for capturing the flag is to have Scouts take a short route by hopping on the rooftop above the bridge and moving forward to the enemy’s second floor. If you’re a Pyro and happen to notice the other team relying on this strategy, go stand by the bridge; if you look up and see any Scouts jumping on the rooftop, then just lift your flamethrower up high as they come so you can torch them. It’s a dirty trick, but fun and effective to slow them down. Hopefully the burning Scout will be finished off by your teammates on the second floor.

The Sewer Is The Pyro’s Personal Hell

Don’t forget that the Pyro is a great flanker. For example, when you’re outside of the forts, stand anywhere near the edge where you can drop down into the water. If you see enemies below swimming their way into your side of the sewers, wait until they get into the narrow corridor; then drop down to the water and sneak up behind them with your flamethrower. This strategy can work frequently as long as the people who are swimming below the sewers don’t look up to see if anyone is watching them.

In the sewers, the flamethrowers don’t work underwater, but in the narrow halls and cramped space, the Pyro’s weapon can get quite nasty, easily scorching players tied up in there.

The Engineer Can Be A Real Pest Here

For Engineers, build sentries and teleporters in the water, where they can be found under the bridge and inside the sewers; sentries and teleporters camouflage well underwater so players may not see them. 2fort gives Engineers plenty of other great spots to build things: if you like surprise attacks, sentries work well above the grates and at a closed area on the second floor where the snipers are usually standing; dispensers will be very useful on the first floor, to give health and ammo for your battered teammates who are defending your team’s fort.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Experienced players don’t often make the same mistake twice. So if you had a sentry gun in the water under the bridge, and managed to kill a few players, expect your enemies to return with Spies or Demomen to destroy your machine; easier, they can just have a Soldier launch rockets from above. If you’re the type of Engineer that likes to build his machines away from his base, don’t be too surprised to see your sentries, dispensers, and teleporters get destroyed quite often in 2fort; just learn to stay resilient and continue to build them all over.

It should still be fun for Engineers here, like quickly building level 1 sentries in the waters or in front of the enemy fort, just to burn a few players; unfortunately, they’ll usually come back for revenge.

2fort Is A Paradise Map For All Classes

Even if TF2 veterans don’t die often in 2fort, chances are they will still lose health from all the crazy action going on, with rockets, bombs, flames, and other ammo flying front and behind, above and below. This is why the Medic is necessary for a better chance to win in 2fort. They may sound weak on paper, but with their ubercharge, they can be a force on the front not just with a Heavy, but another Medic as well.

Demoman will be a handful against enemies once they understand the strong relationship between their sticky bombs and the physical world around them- grates, stairwells, waters, walls, and doorways.

Pyros must understand their flamethrowers can also clear the area of any cloaked and disguised Spies. Using the flamethrower to inspect areas where sentries are is never a bad idea. Don’t forget that you can shoot flames upward too, so take out those Scouts, Demomen, or Soldiers that love going on that rooftop above the bridge.

For Engineers, any sentries, dispensers, and teleporters at base will help solidify the defense; but don’t forget that sentries can also be quite dangerous on the offensive side as well, especially underwater, inside the sewers, and at the front of your opponent’s fort. Teleporters blend well in the water so take advantage of that and at least one Dispenser should be available on the first floor for your teammates.

If you love teamwork, and hopefully your teammates feel the same way, then 2fort can be a very enjoyable map to sink into, as long as the your team’s classes are divided fairly; if you have six Snipers and zero Medics on your team, might as well raise the white flag and find another server.