Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

How-To : Install Custom TF2 Skins

Put away the knife and scalpel, chief. We’re talking about custom skins in Team Fortress 2, and all it takes is a little time and an archive extractor. With a little know-how, and the ability to follow some basic instructions, you too can have a hot and sexy female spy ready to crab down 2fort!

TF2 Spy

The TF2 Spy is the most devastating character in TF2. When used properly he can infiltrate enemy ranks, pretend to be on the other team’s side and then one-shot anybody. This guide will discuss how to use the Spy properly.

Team Fortress 2 Console Commands List

Valve have allowed a huge plethora of community driven input & development in their games. Not everyone can spend huge chunks of time modding however, but they can use the inbuilt console to lavish various commands on themselves. This article provides a list of console commands for Team Fortress 2.