Where to Find TF2 Map Downloads, and How To Install Them

Where to Find TF2 Map Downloads, and How To Install Them
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The Joy of TF2 Development

Team Fortess 2 is the award-winning first person shooter by Valve. Along with the standard maps present in TF2, there are hundreds of custom maps for the game that can be downloaded and installed. This is due to the easily accesible nature of the Source Development Kit which allows the creation of everything from custom mods to maps. They can either be downloaded when entering a server, or downloaded off of map repositories if you’re trying to run a server of your own, or don’t want to deal with the in-game downloader. This guide will cover where to find TF2 map downloads, as well as how to install them for use manually.

Where to Find Maps

There is no shortage of map repositories, and other than the websites listed below, a quick Google search will reveal even more resources for finding and downloading maps.

TF2 Maps - As the name implies, this is a site dedicated to the hosting of various custom maps

Game Banana - This site is a general website for custom content in games, and has a large section devoted to TF2 map downloads

Team Fortess Maps - Another site filled to the brim with TF2 maps.

Team Fortress HQ - A site for everything TF2 related. It has a large map section.

Team Fortress 2fort - This TF2 fansite has a section for TF2 map downloads.

Installing Maps

Custom Maps Directory

Basic map files are generally very easy to install. If there is no custom content located in the map, then it is as simple as extracting the archive into a folder located in your Steam directory. Look at the archive, and check to make sure that the pack only contains these files, where mapname is the name of the map you downloaded:


mapname.bsp.bz2 (optional)

mapname.txt (optional)

Readme.txt (optional)

Extract these files to: \Steam\steamapps\{your Steam username here\team fortress 2\tf\maps. If there are more files than those above, examine the readme that should have been included for install instructions. The readme should give clear and concise instructions for installing the custom content that may be present in the map.

Closing Comments

2fort Desert

Installing your maps is the simple part. Determining which ones are worth downloading is the difficult part. With how large the TF2 community is, there is a lot of mediocrity coming out of the map development scene. Pay attention to user comments and ratings, and go from there. If you’re not sure where to start, start with the classics, such as the 2fort variations. Play on servers that only run custom maps, and you’ll get a feel for what kind of maps you like. You can also decide to make your own! Using the Source SDK and Hammer, you can create your very own TF2 maps for your friends and you to play on. There are multiple guides on the internet for making custom TF2 maps, and you can be making your own maps within an hour!