How to Craft and What to Make: The Complete Team Fortress 2 Crafting Guide

How to Craft and What to Make: The Complete Team Fortress 2 Crafting Guide
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Crafting 101: Blueprints

Having too many weapons is rarely a bad thing, but if you have multiple flamethrowers sitting in your weapon inventory collecting dust, then it’s time you utilized Team Fortress 2’s crafting system. The crafting system allows players to break down unwanted items into tokens and scrap metal which are then used to create new equipment.

Each craftable item has a corresponding blueprint. Some blueprints will be available in game immediately while others are discovered after crafting that specific item. For example, combining 1 Reclaimed Metal with 1 Scout’s Jarate will produce a Mad Milk and the player will learn the corresponding blueprint if it was previously unknown. You cannot lose items by attempting to craft components which lack a blueprint, so feel free to experiment with different combinations.


Scrap Metal, Reclaimed Metal, and Refined Metal are three main components you’ll use to craft other items. Scrap Metal is the most basic component and is used to create Reclaimed Metal and Refined Metal.

There are a few ways to produce Scrap Metal. The player can combine two identical primary, secondary or melee weapons or any two same-class weapons and items.

Three Scrap Metals can be combined to create one Reclaimed Metal, and three Reclaimed Metal will create one Refined Metal.


Class Tokens and Slot Tokens are the other main components needed in crafting blueprints.

Class Tokens are created by combining three same-class weapons. Similarly, combining three same-slot items will produce a Slot Token.

Also, if you find yourself with too many tokens and not enough metal you can create one Reclaimed Metal by combining any three tokens.


Combine one token with four metals, and viola! A new item awaits!

Headgear can be crafted in a two different ways. Combining three Refined Metal will produce 1 random headgear, while combining 4 Refined Metal and 1 Class Token will produce one corresponding class headgear.

Blueprints for specific class headgear are listed at the beginning of the related class section.

Special Halloween Items

A few Halloween themed items are craftable with Unusual Haunted Metal Scrap, a special type of metal obtained in the Horseless Headless Horsemann fight and limited to 1 piece per account. In order to obtain this metal, the player must use a melee weapon to land the killing blow on the Horseless Headless Horsemann and remain alive throughout the rest of the fight.

The Voodoo Juju and Spine Chilling Skull – Combining 4 Refined Metal with 1 Unusual Haunted Metal Scrap will randomly produce either the Voodoo Juju or Spine Chilling Skull. Both headgear items are usable by any class and are purely cosmetic. They do not provide any bonuses when equipped.

The Horseless Headless Horsemann’s Headtaker – This fearsome battleaxe can be crafted with 2 Refined Metal, 1 Unusual Haunted Metal Scrap and 1 Scotsman’s Skullcutter. It can only be used by the Demoman and has the same stats and decapitation function as the Eyelander.

Sniper Items

Ol' Snaggletooth – This rugged crocodile-head hat is created by combining 4 Refined Metal with either 1 Sydney Sleeper or 1 Bushwacka.

A deadly rifle for the Sniper.

Sydney Sleeper – A deadly rifle crafted by combining 1 Reclaimed Metal with 1 Huntsman bow.

Darwin’s Danger Shield – Another crocodile themed item, this shield is crafted with 1 Reclaimed Metal and 1 Razorback.

Bushwacka – Add this to the Sniper’s melee arsenal by combining 1 Reclaimed Metal with 1 Eyelander.

Tribalman’s Shiv – Another melee option, this knife is produced by combining 1 Huntsman and 1 Deadringer.

Demoman Items

Pain Train – Utilized by both the Demoman and the Soldier, this melee weapon is crafted with 1 Reclaimed Metal and 1 Sandman.

Ullapool Caber – This truncheon requires 1 Reclaimed Metal and 1 Sandman.

Claidheamh Mor – Another melee weapon, this longsword is available by combining 1 Homewrecker with 1 Chargin' Targe.

Scotsmans Skullcutter – This powerful and heavy battle-axe is crafted with 1 Axtinguisher with 1 Jarate.

Loch-n-Load – Add the Loch-n-Load to the Demoman’s ranged weapons by combining 1 Demoman Class Token, 1 Secondary Weapon Token and 1 Scrap Metal.

Heavy Items

Dalokohs Bar – Not your ordinary candy bar, this snack is crafted with 1 Sandvich and 1 Bonk! Atomic Punch.

Gloves of Running Urgently – Speed up the Heavy with these gloves. Craft 1 Reclaimed Metal with 1 KGB.

Brass Beast – This massive mini-gun requires 2 Reclaimed Metals and 1 Natascha.

Warrior’s Spirit – A ferocious pair of gloves requiring 2 Reclaimed Metal and 1 Gloves of Running Urgently.

Buffalo Steak Sandvich – The perfect snack for battlefield vigor, the recipe calls for only 2 ingredients. Combine 1 Crit-

The Heavy decked out in Fists of Steel and a Spine Chilling Skull.

a-Cola with 1 Sandvich, and viola!

Fists of Steel – Combine 2 Scrap Metal with 1 Gloves of RunningUrgently to craft these medieval gauntlets.

Spy Items

Familiar Fez – Sneak in style with this headgear. Combine 4 Refined Metal with 1 L’Etranger or 1 Your Eternal Reward.

L’Etranger – This dueling pistol will help the spy sneak past his enemies. Requires 1 Reclaimed Metal and 1 Dead Ringer.

Your Eternal Reward – An ornate dagger which grants even stealthier backstabs, simply combine 1 Reclaimed Metal with 1 Cloak and Dagger.

Pyro Items

Attendant – Let your opponents know you’ll be with them shortly with this headgear. Combine 4 Refined Metal with 1 Degreaser or 1 Powerjack.

Degreaser – Add this quick-draw flame thrower to the Pyro’s arsenal with 1 Reclaimed Metal and 1 Backburner.

Powerjack – Another melee option for the Pyro, this hammer is crafted with 1 Reclaimed Metal and 1 Axtinguisher.

Homewrecker – Wreck homes and opponents alike with this sledgehammer. Combine 1 Eyelander with 1 Equalizer.

Back Scratcher – Best used on itchy backs and close-range enemies, this rake requires 1 Axtinguisher and 1 Scotsman’s Skullcutter.

Medic Items

Vita-Saw – This melee weapon allows some of the Medic’s UberCharge to be retained after death. Combine 1 Reclaimed Metal with 1 Ubersaw.

Amputator – Another melee option, something tells me your opponent will want their limb back. Crafted with 2 Reclaimed Metal and 1 Vita-Saw.

Crusader’s Crossbow – Go medieval with your Medic by combining 2 Reclaimed Metal with 1 Huntsman.

Engineer Items

Southern Hospitality – An effective way to remind your enemies to mind their manners. Combine 1 Scrap Metal with 1 Ambassador to craft this deadly wrench.

Jag – Best suited for quicker construction rather than melee damage, this wrench is crafted with 2 Scrap Metal and 1 Southern Hospitality.

Soldier Items

Grenadier’s Softcap – This stylish headgear is crafted with 4 Refined Metal combined with 1 Black Box or 1 Battalions Backup.

Black Box – Add to the Soldier’s rocket launcher collection by crafting 1 Reclaimed Metal with 1 Direct Hit.

Battalion’s Backup – Protect yourself and allies with this item. Made from 1 Reclaimed Metal and 1 Buff Banner.

Gunboats – These heavy boots provide damage resistance from rocket jumps and are crafted with 1 Chargin' Targe and 1 Razorback.

Pain Train – Utilized by both the Soldier and the Demoman, this melee weapon is crafted with 1 Reclaimed Metal and 1 Sandman. Something tells me you won’t want to be the caboose.

Scout Items

Milkman – Perfect attire for delivering milk or pestering the enemy’s front line, this headgear requires 4 Refined Metal with either 1 Shortstop, 1 Mad Milk or 1 Holy Mackeral.

Bonk Helm – Another Scout-specific headgear, this helmet requires 1 Batters Helmet and 2 Bonk! Atomic Punch.

Shortstop – This four-barreled pistol is crafted using 1 Reclaimed Metal and 1 Force-A-Nature.

Mad Milk – You’d have to be mad to drink this milk. Concocted with 1 Reclaimed Metal and 1 Jarate.

The Holy Mackeral. Mmm, tasty!

Crit-a-Cola – Quench your thirst and slay your opposition! Combine 1 Kritzkrieg with 1 Bonk! Atomic Punch for this special soda.

Boston Basher – This fearsome melee item requires 1 Sandman and 1 Tribalman’s Shiv.

Holy Mackeral – Why not bludgeon your enemies to death with a fish? One Reclaimed Metal combined with 1 Sandman are all you need for this melee weapon.

Candy Cane – Cure your sweet tooth and regain some health with this item. Simply combine 1 Kritzkrieg with 1 Pain Train, and enjoy.