Profile of Chun-Li from Street Fighter

Profile of Chun-Li from Street Fighter
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Chun-Li has been around the Street Fighter universe since Street Fighter II, as the sole female player. She was most known for at the time for her unique Chinese style of dress and her lightning kick. Chun-Li has appeared in almost every Street Fighter game to date, as well as her own live action movie.

In Street Fighter Alpha

Chun-Li starts off as a young Interpol investigator who is searching for answers about her father’s death, which was mysterious at the time. She speaks to Gen, a friend of her father’s who said she may find something at the criminal base of Shadaloo. When she confronts the leader, M. Bison, he suddenly attacks her and tells her if she does not leave, she will face the same fate as her father. Chun-Li, now knowing who was at fault went back to Gen to train.

After meeting up with an American Air Force member, Charlie, she decides to track and destroy the criminal conglomerate. Guile finds the two and joins along, even if its against what the military wanted him and Charlie to do. While the finding the secret base in Thailand, Guile runs out as a mysterious explosion ensures, which happened when Ryu unleashed his powers at M. Bison, supposedly killing Charlie who was inside Shadaloo at the time. Chun-Li feeling unnerved at the loss of her friend, still goes on her search for M. Bison.

In Street Fighter II

Chun Li in SFII

In Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter, Chun-Li saw that a tournament was being held and she knew M.Bison would be there, even after the last explosion in Thailand. She defeated Bison, obtaining the tournament money as well as pay a visit to her father’s grave. Chun-Li, although getting her revenge in some form, still didn’t feel satisfied with how it all played out. This game was also her first appearance which introduced her lightning kick, kikouken projectile, and spinning bird kick.

In Street Fighter IV

Chun-Li Artwork

Chun-Li soon retires her detective work from Interpol but feels at loss. She feels as though she hadn’t quite fulfilled her life as an agent, especially when it came to avenging her father and friend Charlie. Guile tracks her down and tells her that something fishy is up with a new Shadaloo headquarters that appeared. She quickly takes up the task as being an agent once again and finds clues about the SIN project that has been causing up a stir. She meets up with her father’s old friend Gen who refuses to tell her about her father’s past, but she still goes on to find the SIN HQ.

She becomes trapped at the base when Vega sets the self destruction device and leaves in a hurry. She is soon rescued by Guile and Abel, as well as Gen who protects her from the cave in. Chun-Li tells Guile as they leave the facility, that she won’t give up being a detective and she still needs that one answer she is looking for.

Chun-Li’s Growing Popularity

Chun Li Sprite

Chun-Li has appeared in so many Street Fighter and other Capcom related fighting games to count. This shows her popularity is only increasing and growing stronger with each game she is featured in.