E Honda Street Fighter Profile

E Honda Street Fighter Profile
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E Honda

Being one of the many characters of Japanese descent in the Street Fighter games, E Honda is the first sumo wrestler to make an appearance in a fighting video game. With his amusing dislikes of chocolate cookies and rice vermicelli, the developers seem to have had a lot of fun with him. Wearing a blue yukata and red kabuki style make up, his appearance stands out against the rest of the Street Fighter roster.

In Street Fighter II

E Honda’s first appearance was in the second game of the series. He has begun training since he was a child with one dream in mind, being a famous and strong sumo wrestler. He achieves the highest rank of sumo, being an Ozeki, and became upset that the rest of the world did not congratulate this style of wrestling. He entered the World Warrior Tournament to prove to the universe that sumo wrestling is unmatched. Not only does he join to prove this statement, but also to investigate the drug use and chemicals that Shadaloo has been giving to sumo wrestlers.

This game shows his first use of the hundred hand slap, a move that can easily be master by pressing the punch button repeatedly. He also has the flying head butt, in which he flies across the room hitting the opponent.

In Street Fighter Alpha Series

E Honda in SF Alpha

Although not playable in the first SF Alpha, E Honda is propositioned to join Mad Gear, a new organization for all types of fighters, but declines. In SF Alpha III, he is traveling the world in search of strong opponents. He finds the Shadaloo base and enters, meeting a member, Zangief who tells E Honda what the actual organization is for. This conjures a plan between the two to destroy the base while pretending to work for Shadaloo.

In Street Fighter IV

E Honda in SF IV

He joins the new tournament just to show off his skills once more, meeting an old friend, Hakan, along the way. Meeting the Mexican fighter, El Fuerte, he tells the would be chef all about the different styles of Japanese food, which inspires El Fuerte even more. His character has turned into comedy more so than having a serious plotline, which makes his influence a bit light hearted.

He has the same styles of moves in SFIV, including the ultimate head ram, a faster version of the flying head butt, which he can use to advantage. He also has a set of ultimate combos, such as an improved and faster version of the hundred hand slap, as well as a new slam move in which he drops down onto the opponents head.

Will There Be More of E Honda?

E Honda is a character loved by many fans but he does not have a lot to offer other than his signature famous moves. His character has been rehashed by other fighting video games, which shows that he does indeed have popularity. Hopefully a new and improved version of E Honda is in the works for future games to the series.