Cammy White Street Fighter Profile

Cammy White Street Fighter Profile
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Cammy White

Cammy White is a British military fighter who has been turned into an assassin by Shadaloo. She first appeared in the 1993 hit game, Super Street Fighter II, being the second female playable character. Her cannon drill, spiral arrow, and flash kick moves are most recognizable, although she can be a tough character to master for beginning players.

In Street Fighter Alpha

Wearing a blue tight leotard uniform, Cammy serves as a young Shadaloo assassin who had previous undergone experiments. She was called one of Bison’s dolls, his elite assassin team, her being the strongest of the bunch. Being sent to kill Dhalsim, a passive Indian, she soon found out she was being mind controlled. Dhalsim used his magic to break her spell, whom Vega, a member of Shadaloo had witnessed. After trying to kill her off, Cammy defeated Vega and eventually wandered off on her own, wondering why Shadaloo would try to throw her away.

She soon confronted Bison, who told her the only reason why she was so powerful was so he could eventually use her body after his current one was destroyed by his own powers. After the fight, Cammy laid unconscious as the base was about to blow from explosives set by E Honda and Zangief. Vega came to Cammy’s rescue, stating that he did not want a beautiful human to pass away in such a manner. Vega gave her away to the British paramilitary unit stating her abilities.

In Super Street Fighter II

Cammy in SFII

After falling unconscious from the Shadaloo explosion, Cammy woke up without any of her memories. She was an active soldier in the Delta Red government organization but felt at loss with her past. She soon heard of a World War Tournament and the name Bison. Curious to way the name rung a bell, she entered the tournament for some answers. Bison told her all about how she was a copy for him and how he longer had any use for her. Once again feeling lost, her Delta Red comrades told her that wouldn’t judge her and the past does not make any difference.

In Street Fighter IV

Cammy in SFIV

Cammy enters the new tournament because of the mention of a dam that built by S.I.N. that is blocking the water supply in India. She fights one of the Dolls she once knew when working for Shadaloo and told her that the past is irrelevant and she is now her own new person. She founds out about some new creation in the works, entitled the BLECE project. Crimson Viper, a scientist working on the new technology confronts her but Cammy destroys the papers to ensure that it wouldn’t get around. Although feeling she had failed, the colonel congratulates her on her return home.

The Future of Cammy

Cammy is a very admired character and will most likely appear in more Street Fighter games. She has one of the most fleshed out stories among the characters making her interesting compared to the minimal stories that the others hold. Cammy White may not be an easy character master, but hardcore fans surely cannot wait to see what else she has in store.