M. Bison in Street Fighter

M. Bison in Street Fighter
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M. Bison

Bison is a crime lord who created the organization Shadaloo, which uses military power to create crime schemes. He uses this driving force as a means to have world domination and be an authoritative dictator. Chun Li has a strong grunge against him as he had killed her father without remorse, which proves to show his stereotypical personality of hating weak and what he thinks are useless people.

In Street Fighter Alpha

Bison in Street Fighter Alpha

This is chronologically his first appearance, being the leader of Shadaloo and creating a deadly new energy which can give him ultimate power and cheat his way into tournaments. Interpol operative Chun Li first butts heads with him, and he defeats her, fleeing away on his helicopter as he mentions he will kill her in the same manner as her father. He tells his scientists to transfer some of his power into the young Cammy, who becomes one of his female assassins. During this time he also finds out that Ryu is wquite the strong young fighter and tells his right hand man Sagat, to deal with him in full force.

An odd ending occurs where Guile and Chun Li strategize to blow up his base with him in it, which succeeds, but Bison’s soul heads into the body of a strange woman, Rose who shares the same powers as him. He is staying inside of her body until the Shadaloo scientists make him a new one, that would be much more controlling.

In Street Fighter II

M. Bison in SF II

He appears in the game as trying to get revenge for those who had almost killed him in Alpha. Guile was planning on killing him in the tournament but held out, stating he did not want to become a murderer like Bison was. Bison leaves the World Warrior tournament empty handed, as everyone who stepped up to fight him had defeated him, this was because his powers turned out to be weaker than before.

In Street Fighter IV

Bison in Street Fighter IV

Bison is still the controller of evil and he tells S.I.N to create 20 androids that will work against the fighters in the new tournament. Number 15, which turned out to be a copy of Ryu, was the only one that had made it into the tournament and had human like qualities with forceful and deadly moves. M. Bison fights in the tournament as well, defeating all the opponents and going to the S.I.N headquarters to prove himself against Seth.

Bison defeats Seth, stating that he wants his empire back, however a new fighter, Abel comes in and tells Bison of his interlinking with Seth and how he was one of the scientists who had worked on him. At the end of story, Bison leaves on his private jet, without detailing what his next motives are.

Is it the end for M. Bison?

M. Bison is a character used by millions of Street Fighter fans because of his psycho drive which is an easy skill to use against characters who have trouble jumping over it. His head stomp skill is ne of the easiest to master in Street Fighter II, as well as the scissor kick. M. Bison may be an archetypical villain with a world supremacy motive, but his character appearance and game play controls make him one of the most famous in fighting games. M. Bison is not going anywhere anytime soon and fans are waiting for the next game he will tackle.