Street Fighter Ryu Profile

Street Fighter Ryu Profile
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Street Fighter Ryu

Ryu has been called the hero of the Street Fighter series. He has been in every game and even every crossover Capcom had with other fighting game series. With basic features of a karate master, his look is easily accessible and noticeable, as well as his easy to do move sets.

Ryu was adopted by a marital arts fighter named Goukan. He took Ryu under his wing and taught him all he knew. Koukan started to train his friend’s son as well, which was Ken, who soon turned out to be Ryu’s best friend and sparring partner. Once Ryu was 23 years old, Goukan thought it would be best for him to try out all that he has learned and venture out into the world. Ryu noticed an ad for the World Warrior Tournament, which he soon decided to partake in. As he fought his through every challenger, he met his match while fighting Sagat, the final fighter in the tournament.

The young fighter fell injured and Sagat, thinking he had won the test, tried to help Ryu up, who in turn used a deadly powerful attack that knocked the tall man unconscious. This is what left a scar on Sagat’s chest and also why he swears vengeance on Ryu.

In Street Fighter Alpha

Ryu in Alpha

Street Fighter Alpha is the prequel to all the other SF games, besides the first one. Ryu returns home after defeating Sagat to see that his master and father figure had been murdered. The culprit turned out to be Akuma, a new driving force that tests Ryu’s will power. Ryu goes onto an endearing journey to find this man and along the way he comes across a high school girl named Sakura, who trains under him just as he did with Goukan.

Along his travels he learns that M. Bison was the one behind the murder of Goukan. Ryu struggles against the fight with him because of Bison’s Psycho Power, which makes Ryu brainwashed. As Sagat comes into the forefront he battles the mind controlled Ryu putting him back into his sense to temporarily defeat Bison.

In Street Fighter II and III

Ryu in Street Fighter III

The story of Ryu is simple in Street Fighter II, as he enters a new tournament to test his strength against his once sparring partner, Ken. Ryu’s story is a bit different in III, where he tries to advance his abilities and get stronger. He encounters another young fighter that wants to train under him, as well as fighting Hugo, a pro wrestling master that uses Ryu as a tag team member. Street Fighter Ryu’s moves remind the same as the other games, with Hadouken being the most trying skill.

In Street Fighter IV

Ryu in Street Fighter IV

Just thinking it would be another tournament in which he’d fight his friend Ken and his student Sakura, Ryu unleashes his ultimate power Setsui no Hadou, a skill that drains his energy in order to defeat an opponent, in this case being Seth. Seth turns out to be a copy of him developed by the S.I.N headquarters. Although it doesn’t seem to make much sense, some answers may be revealed in the next SF game, since it is unknown if Ryu has made it out alive after using his definitive attack.


Street Fighter Ryu’s legacy remains one of the most popular in gaming culture. His simple control mechanics and easy to spot appearance have made him one of the most used characters in modern fighting games. He has become a character that has appeared in over 30 games and is still the most known karate user in any fighting genre game.