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Rush to Berlin Game Review for PC

by: D Lamberti ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In the last days of WWII the Russians, Americans, and French were fighting their way into Germany to lower the final curtain on Hitler and his Nazi regime. Rush to Berlin puts you in command of the battle, with 25 solo missions that will take you straight into the heart of Germany.

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    The Great Parts of Rush to Berlin

    Rush to Berlin has Interesting story construction, a new look at scenario designs, with good variety in types of mission goals that kept the game play and story elements reasonably entertaining.

    The outstanding presentation of games such as Battlefield, Company of Heroes, and Brothers in Arms has certainly spoiled us lately, and the detailed environments, complete with destructible buildings and terrain that can cause damage to the enemy, allows Rush to Berlin to compete with these titles on even ground.

    The immersive visual and audible elements of the presentation in Rush to Berlin had me ducking for cover at several points. The audible level of the attacks against you will increase as their distance to you in the game decreases, so this makes it imperative to use the visual and audible hints designed into the game.

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    The Parts That Need Improvement in Rush to Berlin

    My Vista Home Premium computer system has been set up for playing games, and I periodically upgrade the internal hardware myself when necessary, so, if your system is in the middle of the road or lags a little behind in the hardware department, you may have occasional frame-rate slow downs in large battle scenes with a lot of action occurring on the screen. My system handled the game with no bugs or hiccups, but on my backup system, which isn't optimized for games, there were occasional frame rate drops in moments of ultimate on screen chaos.

    For the most part the AI is excellent, challenging and aggressive, but it did have a few weak moments that will provide you with an opportunity to take advantage and possibly increase your battle effectiveness.

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    The Story Line of Rush to Berlin

    Rush to Berlin contains 4 separate campaigns; the American and British campaign, the Russian campaign, the French campaign, and even a German campaign that has a special design that will intrigue and entertain many gamers. Developer Stormregion went in an interesting direction with these campaigns, putting you in the marching boots of the common soldier, attacking and capturing Nazi headquarters; maybe hunting down and taking out a problem 88. Even squad level missions were included, like eliminating a problem tank commander or preventing German engineers from destroying important Russian factories.

    The missions are wonderfully created, with detailed presentation that can occasionally fool the senses into believing things that aren't real. During the Bastogne mission the driving snow storm surrounding me made me wonder how the actual soldiers must have felt and wondering what thoughts were going through their minds, adding a sense of historical realism to the game.

    Playing a part in the Russian capture of the Brandenburg Gate was breath-taking in the cratered-remains of bombed out Berlin.

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    The Graphics of Rush to Berlin

    The 3D engine utilized by Stormregion to create the fantastic looking and sounding battle scenes in Rush to Berlin has all the little details that immerse you in the action, and adds amazing feel and texture to the buildings, trees, bunkers, and characters.

    Muddy trenches look and almost feel wet when you first see them, and the surreal snowfall or heavy rainfall and they almost seem to put you in the scene on the screen.

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    Sounds of Rush to Berlin

    The best part of this game for me was the sound effects and outstanding soundtrack, which enhanced the action by providing energy at the right moments and slowing down when the action was over. It made every nearby shot or explosion feel like you're right there in the action.

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    Playability of Rush to Berlin

    The four different campaigns each contain 25 solo missions and took me about 25- 35 hours to make it through Bastogne, Stalingrad, and to destroy Berlin. You won't mistake this game for Commandos or Silent Storm; for me it's a lot better. The personal moments and sequences gives Rush to Berlin a varied personality that is fun, enjoyable and completely captivating.

    Rush to Berlin also contains two multiplayer modes; the usual Deathmatch and utter destruction and domination games, both were fun to play, but aren't new for me, so I spent most of my time with the campaigns. Along with Rush and Risk modes; Rush is a relentless hunt to score the highest, while Risk is race intensive strategy combat.

    The on line options are not very entertaining with Rush to Berlin, lacking enjoyable options for gamers, as only the demo games were up and running.

    The opposition AI troops in Rush to Berlin are intelligent, implementing strategy and tactics during battle that will challenge you, like determining your most vulnerable points or units to attack. Your own AI troops, on the other hand, will often frustrate your efforts, like taking the long route to objectives through rubble and jumbled streets instead of the most direct path.

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    The Bottom of Line Rush to Berlin

    A startling example to the other developers in the world, for me Rush to Berlin is the best WWII strategy game I have ever played, even more fun and entertaining than Battlefield and Brothers in Arms. The outstanding design of the four campaigns is still fun to play after completing them several times, especially the German campaign, which shows excellent story telling and composition, something I haven't seen a lot lately in RTS games.

    If you have been looking for another reason to give yourself another WWII RTS fix, or need to be convinced to try another game in this genre, Rush to Berlin will give you a reason to sign up for another tour with your comrades in arms. See you in Berlin!

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    See you in Berlin 

    Keep your head down and rifle loaded 

    Praise the lord and pass the ammunition 

    The Russians are here 

    Hell has never looked so good! 

    Berlin in fall is a Russian city