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Unreal Tournament 3 Cheat Codes and Hints

by: Matthew Weber ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Unreal Tournament 3 has a number of codes you can enter to give you an associated bonus and make the experience of playing this difficult game a lot more fun and entertaining, especially for the casual player, who wants to spend quality time with this title, but isn't planning on making it a career.

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    The secret codes

    Use the following codes to improve your Unreal Tournament 3 experience and make beating this difficult game a lot easier to accomplish, especially on the higher difficulty settings, when this game is often unbeatable for many gamers. All the codes used in this article have been verified on a Vista Home Premium computer system. The following codes only work for the campaign mode.

    There are two secret characters you can play in Unreal Tournament 3; Alanna (Necris) and Ariel (Iron Clad). To play as either, just head to the character selection screen, select "unlock character" from the choices available, then enter the associated (case-sensitive) code to make the character available for play.

    • "phayder" to make Alanna available for fun
    • "jihan" to make Ariel available

    Completing each of the following tasks to unlock the associated character:

    • Complete Chapter 4 on any difficulty level to unlock the Damian, Kragoth or Malakai characters.
    • Complete the Capture the Flag match in Chapter 5 to unlock the Loque character
    • Beat the game by killing Akasha in the final Chapter on any difficulty level to play the game as Necris Akasha.

    To use the following codes you must press Tab or ~ (tilde) while playing the campaign mode to access a cheat window, remove the "say" command if it appears, then type (without the quotation marks) in the cheat code of the ability you want to gain and press enter to enable.

    • Play like a god -- "god"
    • Full loaded of ammunition for all your toys -- "allammo"
    • Get all the ten available weapons to play with -- "allweapons"
    • Walking is for the little people, fly to your destination -- "fly"
    • Need to kill yourself to save face -- "suicide"
    • Eliminate all opponents -- "killbots"
    • Freeze AI character movements -- "playersonly"
    • No clipping mode -- "ghost"
    • Set the speed of game play -- "slomo[number]" -- experiment with different numbers (without the brackets) to find the right speed
    • Teleport to location of crosshairs -- "teleport"
    • Ability to breath when walking under the water -- "amphibious"
    • View the game from a third person perspective -- "behindview"

    Unlock all characters -- Press F10 to bring up the cheats console window, then type "unlockallchars" (without the quotations marks) to make all the playable characters available for your use.