Unreal Tournament 3 Game Review

Unreal Tournament 3 Game Review
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The fourth title in a popular and often-played series of well made FPS’s; Unreal Tournament 3 combines outstanding presentation and entertaining game play to provide the gamer with one of the best interactive experiences available in the genre. A number of enjoyable and fun multiplayer modes, played on well-designed and wonderfully rendered maps, against an intelligent computer opponent or competitive and cut-throat sentient opponents (usually), Unreal Tournament 3 is the real-deal in FPS gaming. Find out what else is real and not so real about the game in this Unreal Tournament 3 review.

The good (5 out of 5)

Flying through the city

A number of well thought out modes to play in, including both single player and multiplayer, that each immerse you in a top-notch visual and auditory feast played out on an alien landscapes that will grab your heart and squeeze tight.

Super-charged, life-ending game pace that doesn’t let up and keeps the adrenalin flowing, it bursts from the start line feeling fresh and new from previous games in series.

New Warfare mode rocks the low-gravity environments in Unreal Tournament 3, increasing the fun from the previous games immensely, providing more depth to the play and requiring the gamer to implement more strategy and tactics to win. Wall-jumping, side-dashing, double-jumping, everybody firing at once fun that pumps up the adrenalin flow.

The bad (2 out of 5)

The story line included with the single player campaign isn’t very well thought out, and the writer could have certainly done a better job fleshing out the characters and making the story enjoyable, instead of boring and predictable. This really did strip away from a lot of the immersion factors that should have drawn gamers in and help fuel the on-screen action as opposed to just being a placeholder for the continued run-and-gun experience that Epic managed to nail so darn well.

The story (3 out of 5)

Meet the champions

In the single player campaign you play the game as Reaper, a character who is seeking revenge against an evil Necris, called Akasha, for attacking and destroying his colony and the unarmed citizens that lived there. You decide to bite the bullet and join forces with the other survivors and a corporation, and you will fight to gain territory held by other corporations and hunt down and kill Akasha.

This single player campaign is good as a training scenario for the real meat of this title, which is the multiplayer modes, allowing you to familiarize yourself with maps and game play, so you can stand a chance when you go on line to play in the multiplayer modes. You can actually play the campaign mode with up to three people online, which makes this mode a lot more fun and entertaining, especially if you play on the highest difficulty level.

Six different modes of play are available and offers enough variety to give Halo Reach a run for its money; Deathmatch, Duel, Team Deathmatch, Warfare, Capture the Flag, and Vehicular Capture the Flag. Deathmatch is a free for all, winner take all affair; Duel is a one on one battle that allows other players to watch the spectacle; Capture the Flag modes are goal oriented affairs, and Warfare mode is the newest addition to the franchise and also the best and most enjoyable part of the experience.

The game graphics (5 out of 5)

The graphics never cease to amaze

Epic used the Unreal engine 3 for Unreal Tournament 3, the same engine used for Gears of War, which produces the same outstanding graphics presentation that we have come to expect from games made with this cutting-edge graphics engine. On my high-end computer, with a Vista Home Premium operating system and top of the line graphics card and sound card, the game was enthralling, immersing me in an alien world that both thrilled and intimidated me. The fine visual textures and immersive environments still look amazing on a mid-level machine, but lower-end computers may find some lags and bugs.

Witnessing almost perfect, thickly armoured, and soundly muscled gods of war running across industrial sci-fi settings can keep you entertained for hours on end, include new Necris maps and vehicles and the days can fly as you’re playing this game.

The sounds of the game (4 out of 5)

Nothing like teaming up to take down opponents

Great character voice acting and well written lines go a long way toward making this game enjoyable, but the over the top sound effects, which are subtle when they need to be quiet and loud when its appropriate, make the experience one to remember.

The soundtrack was the high-energy, never let you rest adrenalin ride that filled out the immersive environments very well and enhanced the experience to another level.

Playability (5 out of 5)

The fun with this title really never ends, this is because the main component of this game is the on line multiplayer modes that just keep giving, especially with the inclusion of creation tools in this title that allow for user generated content.

The bottom line (5 out of 5)

Yes, this game is awesome

Gamers who have played previous games in the series will certainly find Unreal Tournament 3 to be everything they were expecting and more, especially with the new Warfare mode, vehicles, and elements of strategy and tactics required to win. Despite only a mild graphics tweaking, this game is even better than previous games in the series, but then they have added a few new elements to the game play. The new elements have all been perfectly balanced to previous elements of game play, so they only add to the over the top, soaked in blood violence that can draw you into totally alien environments and keep you enthralled for days at a time.

For new gamers to the Unreal Tournament universe and the FPS genre, it probably won’t be love at first sight or even a mild attraction, but if you want a fun, entertaining and immersive experience, then give Unreal Tournament 3 a try.


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