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Daemonica Game Review

by: TJSonntag ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Daemonica is an interesting take on a unique concept. You're the hero of the story called to the English town of Cavorn to determine the killer of a local undertaker's fiancée. Using your skills of potion making and divination, you must locate the killer before more citizens go missing.

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    Adventure games for the PC have been around for along time, Daemonica is another Diablo clone and is similar to games like Indiana Jones and Monkey Island in design and play. A murder mystery with you as the title character, the Beast Hunter, its up to you to find the murderer and save the citizens of Cavorn from the darkness around them.

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    The good

    If you like adventure titles for the PC, Daemonica has a few unique ideas contained within that will provide you with hours of entertainment. After you get beneath the surface and into the meat of the experience, the game starts to become more fun.

    The potion making skill is unique, provides a few hours of interesting play, and works well with the unique concept of talking with the spirit of the deceased to find clues to the murders.

    Story concept was reasonably well written, with pretty good character and story development, and well thought out environments to interact in.

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    The bad

    The game does come with a few graphic scenes with characters interacting with conversation, but most of the game information is given via text screens, which for me, made for far too much reading.

    The puzzles could have been better thought out. They were often unchallenging, although they often did tie into one another, so you do have to complete them to get to other clues and parts of the puzzle.

    The environments are certainly in tone with the sombre mood in the game, though they could have used a little more light and color, but then it's a murder mystery and I guess they were trying to create a certain mood.

    Although the game only took me ten hours to finish, it felt like 72 hours after I was finished. They could have added a few more elements to keep the gamer's mind actively in the game at all times. I wanted more depth and more to do.

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    The game graphics

    The developers of Daemonica, Meridian 4, have designed a 360 degree 3D world for adventurers to explore within Daemonica's game play that makes for an entertaining adventure in wonderful environments.

    Nice detail in the individual items and environments in the game add to the entertainment value of the game, but a little more depth in the number of items and environments would have been nice.

    A little dark and eerie at times, designers incorporate low-lighting effects to create a dark settings, but it's certainly appropriate for the mood of the game.

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    Sounds of the game

    They used mainly text screens in this game, but the voice acting that is done, for the most part, is pretty good, especially the main character, who is an interesting and unusual person.

    The sound effects were good, if not spectacular, and I thought maybe they could have added a few more, other than just rain and lightning to add to the games entertainment value.

    The soundtrack was sound, if at times seemingly out of phase with the action occurring on the screen, but certainly appropriate with its sombre and brooding mood.

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    Beyond the collecting of herbs and flowers for the potions, the use of the actual potions in trying to find the murder, the puzzles, and the little bit of combat included in the game, there's not much to do. The game would be much better with more depth in the variety of potions, skills, and items that you interact with in the game, and a few more characters to interact with would add tremendously to the entertainment value of the title.

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    The bottom line

    Daemonica is a pretty good adventure game if you like to spend an afternoon searching for clues to a mystery, but needs more depth in all aspects of the game development. The entertainment value is really only appropriate for about 8 to 10 hours of enjoyment, even for gamers who like a good murder mystery, and doesn't offer any real re-play value. If you want a little more depth in your adventure games, try Indigo Prophecy or a game like Dreamfall, instead of the shallow adventure contained in Daemonica.

    Good enough for a quick afternoon, or day spent tracking down evil, Daemonica won't keep you interested for long, or coming back for more. But if you want a quick adventure that uses an interesting and unique way to find the clues to complete the adventure, then Daemonica will certainly keep you entertained.

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