Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood Cheat Codes

Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood Cheat Codes
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Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood can be a difficult game to master, as you increase the difficulty setting of the game, the missions can seem a little daunting. Use the cheat codes, tips and hints within the pages of this article to help you defeat the Nazis and free Europe from tyranny. I’ll cover both the options for unlocking additional modes and your choices for more traditional cheat codes to enter into the consoles.

The Codes

  • Gamers who have played Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 will remember this old trick. You can once again unlock all the levels and extras in the game simply by starting a new game and creating a new profile named “2ndsquad” (without the quotation marks) and using that profile to play the game.
  • You can also gain the power to view the entire game in plain black and white by unlocking the Old Movie Mode. Simply complete the game in the easy difficulty setting to unlock this stylish mode.
  • Running out of ammo can be a major problem when you’re already in a difficult position. You can unlock the Infinite Ammo Mode by completing the game in the normal difficulty setting. That should make things a bit more fun on replays.
  • If you want to make the game even harder to defeat, try unlocking the Authentic Mode by defeating the game in hard difficulty setting. This will take away the checkpoints, save points and icons, which will make completing the game considerably harder.
  • Once you defeat the game in Authentic Mode you will unlock the Super Squad Mode, which is a fun and enjoyable mode to play the game, with buffed up tanks and squad members.

To use the following cheat codes you need to press the tilde button (~) during game play to open the console window, so you can type in the code (without the quotation marks). All codes are case sensitive.

  • God Mode - type “god”
  • All Weapons – type “allweapons”
  • Extra Ammo – type “allammo”
  • Get all the game items – “loaded”

Hints & Tips

If you need to heal the injuries suffered by the men in your squad at any time while playing the game, simply die 4 times in succession. You can do so by just throwing grenades at your feet. Once you do this the game will ask you if you want to heal the injuries that your squad has suffered. You should find this to be a handy feature, especially in the higher difficulty levels when you’ll be facing a lot more fire.


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