Road to Hill 30 – Walkthrough: The M1 Garand, German Infantry and Objective Xyz

Road to Hill 30 – Walkthrough: The M1 Garand, German Infantry and Objective Xyz
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Brothers in Arms - M1 Garand - German Infantry

In the previous chapter Baker, Mac and Leggett reunited with the 4th Infantry Division by the beachhead after a series of encounters with German infantry. We showed how to clear the area in the best possible positions with the best possible advantages.

The aim of this chapter is to clear an entire village of German infantry, which we will achieve by similar means to the previous chapter. We finally have a great rifle in the M1 Garand and you can pick German soldiers at will as long as your aim is steady. The name of the chapter is Objective XYZ which is entirely based on a real historical event, being the capture of Les Mezieres, a small hamlet of farm houses located in Normandy.

Getting to the Village

Move straight ahead and you’ll see a truck and three Jerries in position; eventually one will move to the left of Baker (see picture) hence it is best to keep Red firing straight ahead, behind the fence, and picking the chopped wood as your cover for the incoming German soldier.

Firing positions

After you’ve picked him off, move around the hamlet and by pressing ‘V’ again you will see that the other two soldiers will move in position behind the fence so you cannot flank. Move Hartsock behind the sacks of sand (the original German post) and take cover behind the barrels in the position shown: keep firing and they’ll be eventually dispatched.

Germans behind a cart

You’ll come to a long road ending in a MG-position; the aim is to eventually get rid of that gunner but the first thing you want to do is take out the two soldiers behind the toppled cart and move through the back-alleys.

Switch to your Thompson, go through the wooden gate, turn left and run toward the barn: get ready to take out the soldier waiting. Now crouch and look outside the window; there is a soldier in the top floor of the house opposite, take him out with your Garand.

Getting to the gunner

Now there are two German infantry men remaining, both armed with MP-40’s, so you’ll need to be careful how you approach the situation. Get Red to suppress in the position you’ve assigned to him previously and move outside (always crouching) behind the chopped wood. Hartsock and you should eventually do the job from this position.

Lastly, you’ll come to the gunner you were meaning to take out, so do that and move onto the next section.

Objective XYZ

Cover yourself behind some steps

As you enter move Hartsock behind the ammo crates and quickly move to your left, past a pond towards some steps. Hold that position and the two of you can take out the first soldiers coming from the house. Move up the steps while crouched, then behind a fence and take out another soldier in the line. There will still be two left, which you can get rid of by crouching along the wall and sniping: try lobbing a couple of grenades that way.

Moving across to flank

Go forward and you’ll come to a more open space, like a courtyard, but be careful to crouch behind that fallen tree. Move Hartsock to the fence on the right and keep on suppressing the enemy. You need to be relatively quick and move by the wall, keeping left, so that you are able to flank them. After having done that you’ll come to another line of soldiers. Use the same methods as in the images shown to take them out.

Eventually you’ll come to a big mansion. Go inside the door, then prepare as on the right there are three soldiers; either lob a few grenades or take cover around the wall and use your MG. After you will come outside where Allen and Garnett are causing havoc. Get Hartsock in position behind the crates, go under the roofed section for cover and eliminate what is coming. This marks the end of this chapter.