Road to hill 30 Walkthrough - Chapter 4

Road to hill 30 Walkthrough - Chapter 4
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In the previous chapter Baker, Mac and Leggett cleared the area in proximity of St. Mere Eglise and destroyed Anti-aircraft units placed in strategic positions. Here, you will finally be in charge and get to issue orders: “Red” Hartsock is your man, do look after him.

The aim here is to reunite with the 4th Infantry Division by the beachhead, where you’ll be subject to heavy fire by the last belligerent invasion in the chapter. You’ll also get to use the M1 rifle and a stationary MG. Remember: you can always carry two rifles by discarding your standard browning. Lastly, you can look at each world war two weapon in the game in the reference guide provided with Chapter 1. Read on for more hill 30 mayhem.

Squadron Controls: Hartsock in Position

Before moving on, learn how to control your squadron and move into vantage points. Controlling Hartsock and eventually a whole squadron is essential to ensure a successful operation.

To move Hartsock into your desired position, hold the right mouse-button, place the blue circle where you wish and then release the mouse-button.

Move, Suppress, Assault

To begin suppressive fire, hold the right mouse-button again, and place the circle on the enemy forces until a red-icon appears: release the mouse-button.

To order an assault, hold the right mouse-button place the circle on the enemy and click the left mouse-button without releasing the right one. An icon will flash and your squadron will assault.

Press ‘X’ and your squadron will take cover. Press ‘Z’ for your squadron to rejoin.

Clear enemy lines

Through the warehouse

Now that you know how to command, and bearing in mind the picture shown above, we will try and flank our enemy. Two Germans are behind the truck and the crates, as you try and enter the farm, so you will use Red to continue firing while moving into the warehouse where ammunition is stored. Always remain in a crouching position or you’ll get hit: once you get to the door strafe right to get rid of the enemy.

Along the wall

Follow the compass and you’ll come to an open section, it looks like some kind of ruins of a barn; use the stone wall to take cover while you get Red positioned behind the cart in order to suppress the enemy. Be careful as you reach the end of the wall, as one more soldier will take cover quite near it: listen for Red to shout ‘There’s more!’

Firing positions

You’ll come to the last line of German defence. There isn’t actually a way to encircle them or flank them, since they’ve occupied good vantage points with a good line of sight. The best way is to fire at the last-line of soldiers, crouching and getting behind the stone wall on the right-hand side and positioning Red behind the wall facing the first-line. This ensures you fire from two different points eliminating the last-line of Germans and eventually out-numbering them.

Continue onwards and meet-up with two squaddies.

Re-join the 4th Infantry Division

Browning Machine-gun

Now you’ll get to use a different world war two weapon, the browning MG. Follow the infantry guys and hit ‘X’ for Red to take cover. You’ll see the MG’s position on your left-hand side. Go near it, press F and a horde of soldiers will appear from all sides. Just keep shooting and take them all out. You might need to move in for the ones hiding behind carts or trucks.

Once the area is cleared rejoin the 4th Infantry Division and speak with your commander (second from left.) This concludes this chapter for our hill 30 walkthrough