Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 - Walkthrough: Rommel's Asparagus

Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 - Walkthrough: Rommel's Asparagus
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Introduction - Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 - Walkthrough: Rommel’s Asparagus

The previous chapter saw the freeing of Foucarville, by breaking through a blockade. Here we will discover a nasty surprise conjured up by Rommel, the famous general: a series of wooden posts to obstruct our gliders landing.

You must plant explosives and take these posts down, after having cleared up all the guarding posts. As usual we will go through it methodically, just to spite Rommel perhaps. Read onwards for the continuation of our Brothers in arms walkthrough.

Eastern Field poles

Start by heading out, towards the hedges and into the long trenched section until you come to a fence on your right. There is an MG, and not only, straight ahead so what we will do is to gradually take out posts in the perimeter and gradually move inwards until it’s clear.

The canal

Move your squad by the fence and order to suppress; crouch and move along the canal until you are pretty near the MG’s position. As you’ll have moved far enough you’ll notice there is a pile of ammo crates where you can take cover and eventually eliminate the first lot of enemies (I actually just lobbed a grenade from behind the crates.)

Moving behind the truck

Let your squad take the same path you took, along the river, and order them to take up the MG position. They’ll exchange fire with some of the Germans opposite, while you’ll go along the canal to reach that solitary truck.

Getting behind Enemy Lines

Behind the truck, snipe away

Once you are covered take the enemies behind the logs, and ignore the Germans at the AA position for now.

Your squadron will actually maintain that MG position and Baker will do most of the work. After you’ve taken those two soldiers out, move from the truck and take cover behind some logs.

Moving outside

Keep moving in the perimeter until you are behind the other MG and the enemy soldiers; look at the screenshot, you can use the logs to take cover until reaching that position. Now you can take them out: use your men if you need suppressing fire.

Now the only thing you need to do is plant explosive near each wooden pole. Go near each, press F and take distance. The compass indicator will always tell you where the next pole is.

Western Field poles

Keep moving inside the enclosure

This part is well guarded and quite tricky, particularly because of two well placed MG posts: you will need to be quick. First thing is to move forward and to your left, getting your men behind the wall. Keep moving left to get to the MG position shown and once there crouch behind the sacks of sand: aim and wait as two Germans will come out of the hedges on your left.

Move out of the MG’s range

Next take out the soldiers behind the hedge and get your squad in position. You’ll need to get to the truck and use the same strategy as in the Eastern fields, to eventually move behind that MG.

Take the first line of soldiers out by strafing behind the hedge, then move onto the MG and the other soldier. After that is done just plant satchel-charges and take the rest of the poles down. This marks the end of our Brothers in Arms chapter.