Playboy the Mansion Walkthrough Chapters 1 & 2

Playboy the Mansion Walkthrough Chapters 1 & 2
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Chapter One: Launchig the Playboy Empire

For tthis chapter you need to complete the following objectives: set up office upstairs, hire staff, do a centerfold shoot, publish a magazine and meet Jak. Sounds easy right? Well chapter 1 is essentially the game tutorial and you’ll be assisted by your in-staff while you do the hiring and firiing.You’ll be assisted bu Julie McCollough and will show you the ropes. A Playboy bunny, Victoria Fuller will teach you the ropes in conversations. Try practicing on Julie - after a while Dick your Chief of Staff will cue you in on things and ask you to go upstairs. From there you need to start hiring a journalist. Pick on that has the best stats for the moment and just keep coming back to look for better prospects. But you can’t hire a journalist without a staff desk so buy one now. (2 pt reward).

You can also start buying your furniture now. Now start hiring some staff, get one journalist and one photographer each. Get the best one ALWAYS, because this pays off better in the end. (2 pt reward)

Getting Started

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To have someone be a centerfold in your magazine, it is always good to have a high relationship status with them before asking (of any kind), and have that person interact with your photographer. The more they have in common, the better your photos will turn out to be. So ask Julie to be your centerfold and introduce her to your photographer. Make sure they talk and keep track of their status. Afterwards, get her upstairs for her photo shoot (2 pt reward)

Finally, its time to meet Jak Hammer - he’ll be popping by your mansion so establish a strong casual relationship with him, even invite him to your Inner Circle if you want to (3 pt reward)

All that’s left is publishing your magazine so get to it! Since its the first level, all the content you need is the centerfold which you’ve done. Fiddle with the magazine price if you wish. Publishing earns you 2 points,

Chapter 2 - A Great Start


For this chapter, your main goal is to publish your second issue which you’ll be doing in succession. Just keep following the goals that pop up as you go along. Julie will offer to start your first party for you, remember to always have a photographer and a journalist in your parties - because you’ll never know when you might score some content.

Pick a theme and a time - you can have Julie randomly pick people or pick them yourselves. Your choice. When they’re at the party, keep them entertained and make sure that you strike up relationship with people you want to ask content from, and have your staff develop a rapport with them too. If you don’t want to do it now, make them part of your Inner Circle and invite them to the mansion afterwards.

Pick a target demographic and ask for an essay, (you’ll be paying for this) and get 3 points for this objective (a good one earns you a bonus 2). Same goes for your photo shoot, ask a female guest - introduce her to your photographer get things going and start taking photos - 3 points for main goal bonus 2 for job well done. Ditto on the interview!

Now when this is done, get your journalist and photographer’s drives up - and make them write an article and do a pictorial. Always have one universal theme! All that’s left is securing a Playmate, getting a good centerfold photo and shipping your next issue to complete this mission!

Chapter 3: Live the Life


Chapter 3 will have you living the life of the ultimate Playboy while publishing another killer magazine. Start by making friends, which is almost a giveaway, because by now you’ve developed casual relationships with people and maybe even invited some to your Inner Circle if you have then that’s 4 points in your belt. Now all you need is a full staff, that means have a photographer, a bunny, a journalist and a playmate on call. (3 pts)

Having an intimate affair with anyone (Making out or better), gets you 3 points, and if you’re done with that feel free to exploit your friends for content (either a Cover Shot, Interview or an Essay). Invite someone over to the mansion, intoduce them to your staff and get those content up! Also, as part of the mission, you need to enter into a business with one of your friends, talk shop until you can “Discuss or Strike a Deal”.

For this level, you’ll need two hot babes on your arm - so throw parties, publish more issues until you get two high-class mama’s calling you Papi! If you did what I said to get the girls, then you’ve already gotten the objective for publishing your next content!

Chapter 4: When Everything’s Going Right

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This is one of the longer missions in play, because it requires talking to a lot of people. There’s dissent in the mansion and you need to set things straight. But first you need to publish the Playboy Philosophy. It’s already in your list of contents, so you just need supplementary contents to publish this issue!

When you’re done, try and find out what happened by talking to your staff, raise relationship bars and get to the bottom of things. Now to patch things up with your staff, either fire one of them (and just get a better one) or work through it by making them talk and eventually “Work it Out”.

Patching up your girlfriends will actually benefit you. Turns out they both had a common boyfriend Blaze Starr so, throw a party get them all together (plus a photographer and a sports icon for your photoshoot) and get them to patch things up. Have both girls work it out and have a green relationship - then have them fix things with Blaze. When that’s all said and done, get Blaze into your inner circle so you can use him later.

The Sports Issue

Sometime in this chapter, Julie will tell you that Rob Derek and Jose Conseco are on the grounds. Get them into your inner circle! Rob should do the essay and Jose will be the one interviewed. Make sure that their drives are up to get them to write great articles! When you’re done, just fill in the extras and publish that issue of sports Playboy.


Now focus on your fighting friends, call them over and patch things up with them. However, before you think it’s all good and easy a hitch will appear. Hillary will need to be buttered up before you can release the sports issue. So invite her over to a party, get her wasted, have sex with her and voila! Mission accomplished. (I also made her my girlfriend)

That’s done and done. Finish the party, publish your magazine and move on to the next chapter!

Chapter 5: Feel the Love

Manage to get Karmyn Chase, a hot hot model to land on the cover of your magazine. Start off by holding a Fundraiser Party at the Pool Area. Get to talk tot the two guest of honors, Karmyn Chase and Johnny Hart. Invite them both to your inner circle be intimate with Karmyn. Either way, get her to do a cover shoot for you. 35418 28537  size 655 2000

However you’ll find that without an Essay from Ken WIllard, you won’t be able to publish that coveted cover shot. So use your relationships with people to find out how to get to Ken WIllard. Meet up with Rob Light, and he’ll agree to introduce you if you agree to host his graduation party - mingle and get content if you want. But the end result will be Ken Willard’s digits.

Julie will tell you to make sure that there are plenty of females around so, follow her lead and keep Ken entertained. Once he’s happy score an essay from him about either Literature or the Movies. Once that’s done, your cover shot for Karmyn is greenlighted and you’ll be able to publish another great magazine issue!

Chapter 6: Launch the Playboy Foundation

The Playboy Foundation is something that’s important for you to accomplish. However, to get this done you need to free Steven Ratchet from prison. Before that gets under wraps though, he’ll ask you to do several things for him such as signing Builder Paris, his leading lady and Markus Jacobski.

Throw a party for these two guys and invite two equally hot women. Try Lily Knocker and Karmyn Chase. They’re great A-listers that will surely be good for the screen. Sign your leading man and lady by developing strong business relationships with them - and make sure they develop a strong romantic relationship between the two of them. Afterwards, deal with Markus and set about finding him a girlfriend (hence the other hot chick). Keep him happy and get him to sign a contract with you by the end of the night.

To free Steven Ratchet, you’ll need to have Robert Agansio, politician in your Inner Circle, Once that’s done you’ve successfully pulled some strings. When the party ends, you’ll need to cough up $100,000 to bail Steven Ratchet out. Publish some more articles so you have revenue. You’ll get good content from your friends anyway.

Getting People to You

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For the Movers and Shakers Party, you need to make sure that Steven Ratchet is part of your guests aside from the mandatory ones. Try and get all them in your Inner Circle because they’ll provide great content. Fulfill the requirements for this party and get a lot of money for your foundation. For instance,Marv Wasserman likes to see his girlfriend Tika Chia being hit on. So introduce Tika to some men for a romantic conversation. Rapsody Rod needs you to introduce him to Zupa True because he’s a fan. Dame Sanford needs you to keep her husband away from women, and get her drunk so the Duke will shell out more money in embarrassment. Finally, introduce Zupa True to Dame Sanford to get them frisky with each other.

Before the Foundation is launched you need to soothe the ruffled feathers of several politicians, so throw them a party and get them all in the mood. Key people to note, aside from Robert is Arriana Blewsome, Beatrice Atkinson, Frank Waltz and Pierre Leek. Get them all to your inner circle, keep them happy and end the chapter with a bang.

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