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America’s Army: Operations Review: Inspiring Millions!

by: Anurag Ghosh ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

With so many military FPS games mushrooming in the gaming world, a realistic military sim game was on the cards. The dream of creating a true-to-heart military simulation game materialized in the form of America’s Army. And this time, there was no biggie developer but the US Army itself!

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    America's Army

    America’s Army: Operations is a 3D tactical FPS game that allows gamers to experience the struggles and achievements of a US elite soldier. The game was developed by the United States Army aiming to educate people about career opportunities in the US Army and their values in an engaging and entertaining way. Right from training sessions to engaging multiplayer combats, it offers never-before simulative experience to gamers.

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    America’s Army: Operations has all the aspects of perfect military simulation video game. You can download America's Army full version and relive the true experience of an American elite soldier.The game does not allow players to head for a combat campaign straightaway. Gamers need to succeed through offline training missions. The training missions offer the true essence of an individual’s transition from a rookie to a U.S. elite soldier. The missions range from testing your rifle marksmanship and going through an obstacle course to US weapons training. The game also provides advance training for snipers in the virtual Army’s Marksmanship school and other schools such as Airborne and Ranger schools. When a player completes the basic and advance missions, the game offers new assignments and campaign opportunities in multiplayer missions.

    The single player offline training missions are interesting and set a perfect environment for multiplayer missions. The marksmanship training allows players to dabble with unusually realistic weapons. This mission focuses more on your skills than anything else. This also determines whether you are fit for sniper training. Other training levels are equally interesting. The obstacle course training allows gamers to become acquainted with movement controls.

    The training missions are quite challenging. The missions do not give in-depth knowledge about its history or procedure, but are entertaining.

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    The America’s Army game is played via Gamespy. After successful completion of single player offline training missions, players get ready for online multiplayer missions. The online combat battles stress more on team play than solo play. Multiplayer missions range from fighting your way through a snow-covered bridge to battling in a pipeline station in Alaska. The maps offered are quiet interesting and tactically appealing. America’s Army boasts an arsenal of actual US army weapons including the M16A2 rifle, the Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), the .50 caliber Barrett M82A1 as well as the M203 40mm grenade launcher. You will also be equipped with flash bangs, frag grenades as well as smoke grenades.

    The multiplayer is based on the Counter-Strike model where teams either assault or defend an area. The game has a round-based combat system where each round lasts around five minutes. If you die in-between a round, your character cannot spawn until the next round.

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    Since it’s a die-hard military simulation game, you can kill enemies in a single shot, just like what occurs in a real life combat situation. There’s no run-and-hit style of gameplay. The game encourages tactics and team play. I loved the America’s Army sniper as he allows me to kill enemies by just squeezing off a few rounds. So, multiplayer missions are all employing the right tactics and choosing the right team for your assault.

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    Powered by the Unreal engine, America’s Army boasts graphics that can challenge and surpass even today’s FPS games. Released in 2002 by the US Army developers, the first America’s Army game offers realistic textures, models and visual effects. From detailed weaponry to dense clouds, courtesy those little smoke grenades. There’s no blood or gore involved though. Make sure your PC has a video card that supports hardware T&L as the game requires a 3D graphics card that supports transform and lighting. You must also have DirectX 9.0+ installed to make this game run.

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    America’s Army has some top-notch weapons sound effects and voiceovers, although the drill instructors lip syncing was average. Still, the weapon sound effects are realistic. The sounds of fresh magazine inserted into the rifle and casings clattering on the ground are just awesome. The game’s environmental sounds are equally impressive.

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    The America’s Army game project allowed more and more government simulation applications train US soldiers using the America’s Army platform. It encouraged many people in the United States to join the US Army owing to its simulative and realistic online gameplay. The developers always released new missions including missions related to the War on Terrorism. There are in total 25 versions released, the most recent release being America’s Army: Special Forces.

    All in all, a great game for those who are die-hard military Simulation video games fans and for those who aspire to serve their nation. It has inspired more than 9 million players worldwide to know experience and understand what it requires to be a real American Soldier. Download America's Army and witness a never-before inspiring gaming experience.

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    System Requirements

    Developed and Published by: U.S. Army

    Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

    Processor: 2.4 GHz CPU

    Hard Disk Space: 3500 MB

    RAM: 512 MB RAM (minimum)

    Video Card: 128 MB 3D Video Card that supports Transform and Lighting

    Direct X 9.0