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CrimeCraft Starter’s Guide For Beginners

by: William Usher ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Need help getting a foot-hold on playing CrimeCraft? This starter guide may help lead you in the right direction.

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    Crime And Crafters

    A guide to help avoid this from happening often Vogster Entertainment’s CrimeCraft is a new generation MMO made in a similar vein to Realtime World’s All Points Bulletin and Fallen Earth. The third-person MMO focuses heavily on crafted gear and clothes. The crafting isn’t quite as detailed or in-depth as say, Fallen Earth, but there is the moderate selection of material, weapons and items that can be made in order to suffice RPG fans who love scavenging and action gamers who love collecting through head-shots and gunfire.

    This CrimeCraft starter guide covers many of the basic elements for playing the game, getting into crafting, using weapons and engaging in some good ‘ole fashioned PvP combat.

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    Creating A Character And Learning The Game

    CrimeCraft character menu The character creation process is rather limited from the outset. Gamers can choose from a couple of different preset faces, facial features and hairstyles for both males and females. Players will start off with a basic T-shirt and jeans combo with a decent pair of sneakers, and from there players can head into the game. Unfortunately, the create-a-character is not as robust or as in-depth as say, the one from Champions Online or All Points Bulletin. However, subscribers or players who pay for cash-shop items can unlock additional character creation tools for enhancing or modifying the avatar.

    Once you’re done making an avatar you’ll head into Sunrise City, the main hub of the game where it's possible to make friends, enemies, allies, money, missions or even join a gang. Many of the starting aspects of the game are fairly straightforward and players are walked through the basic functions of the game once the avatar arrives in the downtown area of Sunrise.

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    Learning a weapon tradecraft Leveling up in CrimeCraft can be a little difficult if you aren’t a subscriber. Nevertheless, there are plenty of missions, achievements and instant-action scenarios available for players to participate in to acquire money, loot, and crafting items. Speaking of crafting, the main focus of the game is on the crafting mechanic; however players won’t be able to get into the tradecraft gig until level 5.

    Crafting in Crimecraft is handled like crafting in many other RPGs where players will gather up a number of supplies and then craft an object out of those materials. There are a few different tradecraft professions in CrimeCraft, including chemistry, weapon crafting, and tailoring. Players can learn either one from the respective NPC for only $1,000 in-game dollars.

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    Exploring Sunrise for extra missions Earning the money to learn the basic professions can be difficult if you’re not sure how to grab a few easy missions or two. Pressing ‘Tab’ and clicking on the map at the top of the player toolbar will open up the world map, which shows all the available missions that players can acquire from within the area. The higher your level the more missions will become available.

    Another easy way to grab some quick-cash-giving quests is to head to a payphone and acquire some of the mob-grinding quick-quests that can easily put you over the $1k mark and enable you to pick up whatever tradecraft profession suits your ambitious desires.

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    Combat Tactics

    Fighting at the docks The combat in CrimeCraft is almost identical to Gears of War, save you can’t blindfire and there is no option to peep around corners…ultimately making it a less effective version of Gears of War. Still, crouching, ducking, and rolling are essential for maintaining survival in the game and these tactics should not be foregone during PvE or PvP matches.

    Vying to get into a good sniping position For PvE bouts, which can be started either by clicking on the little gun tab from the main menu at the top of the screen when you press ‘Tab’ or by talking to the NPCs standing at the gates of Sunrise, it’s important to always watch your back. In PvE bouts the NPC bots will spawn in tactically advantageous places that usually results in the player being out-numbered and out-gunned. Traversing through the maps at a steady pace will allow you to keep an advantage on opponents without being overwhelmed by the quick spawn rates.

    For PvP battles, which can be accessed in the same manner as PvE rounds, it’s more-so important to make effective use of a stage’s layout, so as not to be made into an easy target for opponents. The firefights in CrimeCraft are fast-paced due to the small combat areas and the shootouts are closer to the likes of Combat Arms or AVA as opposed to say Soldier Front or Operation 7. So remember to take cover often and use the map to spot out nearby foes who may try to gank you from behind.

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    Learning And Using Skills

    Keeping an eye out for intruders CrimeCraft isn’t just a straight-through shooter, though. There are a few in-depth gameplay elements to extend the appeal of its presentation. Gamers who rack up enough cash can spend their hard earned dollars on new skills or existing skills. CrimeCraft uses an open-ended character progression system, allowing players to build up or modify their avatars as they see fit. This means that if you want a full-on healer-type character that regenerates life frequently and offers other teammates a little help in the HP department, it’s completely doable. Just in the same way, if you want to build a tank character who goes head-on into a hot-zone and takes on a lot of punishment before going down, that’s also very well possible.

    Much like Icarus Studios’ Fallen Earth, CrimeCraft leaves the door wide open for learning and using skills, so long as the player has the proper funds to level them up. Usable skills can be dragged into the hot-key bar from the skill-menu window. As players level up their character and earn more skill slots, higher level skills can be used and used more frequently.

    Hopefully this starter guide for CrimeCraft will help new players adjust to the game. You can find more guides for popular MMOFPS games or MMORPGs right here at Bright Hub.

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