All Points Bulletin Character Customization - Walkthrough

All Points Bulletin Character Customization - Walkthrough
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It’s Like The Sims….But With Guns

Creating a new character in All Points Bulletin can either be a hop-skip-and-a-jump or a long and tedious process based on the amount of detail you plan on putting into your character. Now if you’ve come from the create-a-character from The Sims, you’ll get about the same features with some minor alterations to the sliders/dials. If you’ve come from any other standard MMO such as Silkroad or Splash Fighters (Vanguard and Aion not included) then you’ll be in for a treat. Nevertheless, this All Points Bulletin character customization guide will give a complete walkthrough for making the perfect monstrosity or a beautifully hideous criminal or enforcer.

The good news is that gamers who love putting detail into their created characters will find tons of options and sliders available in APB, the bad news is that if you’re indecisive, you could be there for a while.

Criminal Or Enforcer: Helper Or Hinderer

One is good and one is bad

The two main factions on the game determine what gear you get, what cars you drive and ultimately what missions you perform. If you fancy a character who likes causing chaos and being a real nuisance to the residence of the city, then you’ll probably want to be a criminal. If you enjoy helping others, maintaining law and preventing chaos, you’ll probably find yourself drawn to the side of the enforcer.

As a criminal, you’ll: Ram-raid shops and mug pedestrians for quick cash. Make a big noise or try to stay below the radar and cause mayhem in the city through vandalism, arson, robbery and bombings.

As an enforcer, you’ll: Patrol the streets and bring criminals to justice for cash bounties. Go after criminal celebrities and track down those hidden in the shadows. Also, you’ll bring criminals to justice through investigation, raids and arrest.

Quick Character Creation

Quick options for creating a character

For gamers who don’t want to spend a whole lot of time switching around dials or sliding bars across the screen, there’s a quick menu available for the impatient gamer. Hence, the quick menu involves: Gender, Skin Tone, Age, and Body Shape.

You can select the options that best suit your criteria and then hit the randomize button in order to have the system generate a character based on the selected options. If you feel you need to implement more detail into your character then there’s the Advanced Mode, featuring everything from scars and skin tone, to muscles, veins, chins, foreheads and nose depth.

Advanced Character Creation

Character face options in detail

In this portion of the APB character customization guide you’ll find all the necessities to create look-a-likes, detailed criminals or dangerous cops. All the options are either moved with sliders or mouse movements. The options for creating an advanced character are as follows:

Body: This allows for the manipulation of weight, height and muscularity. Use the mouse and slide it up and down and left and right to determine the density of the weight, height and muscularity of your character.

Eyes: Allows players to adjust eyelash length, eye area detail, eyelid position, eye attributes, eye socket position, eye tilt, iris color, size and pupil shape. This doesn’t have quite as much detail as a game like this should have (ala Fight Night Round 4) but the options are still pretty cool.

Face: Brow shape, cheek detail, chin detail, chin attributes, ear shape, eyebrow color, eyebrow shape, forehead detail, cheek definition, chin height/length, ear orientation, ear size, face height/depth.

Facial/Body hair: Here various facial and body hair types can be added to a character. Sparse stubble, thick

Body options for APB

full bread, full beard, trimmed full beard, heavy stubble, five-o-clock shadow, stubble, sparse balbo goatee, poet’s beard, dense circle beard, circle beard, long goatee, mustache, Fu Manchu mustache, Chevron mustache, military mustache, sparse sideburns, shaped sideburns and straight sideburns.

Gender: Male or female.

Hair Style: You can choose between a few dozens hair styles and hair colors on the side.

Makeup: There’s blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, face paint, lipstick, and nail polish.

Scars: Chest left and right, abdominal left and right, back top left, top middle, middle left and middle right. Face scars are left eye, left cheek, right cheek, right forehead, chin, acne scarring, scalp front, scalp top, calf right, arm left, arm right elbow and right wrist.

The final option in the advanced menu is for skin. The options for skin include:

Making all kinds of characters in APB is a possibility

Age marks, freckles, moles, skin pigment (requires mouse movement to alter), skin tone (requires mouse movement to alter), veins and wrinkles.

All other options must be altered for your character in the social district of All Points Bulletin in San Paro. You can check out more guides for PC and MMO games here at Bright Hub or visit the Official APB Website to learn more about the game.