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APB Reloaded Criminal Guide
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The Hard Life Of A Criminal

Gamers First has really gone out of their way to ensure that the relaunched and reloaded version of Realtime World’s All Points Bulletin will appeal to as many MMO gamers out there as possible. However, even with the game’s progressive new leveling system, unlock mechanics and revamped physics, weapons and vehicles, there are still a few things that players could stand to learn in order to make the most out their experience in the game. The two playable factions in APB: Reloaded include Enforcers and Criminals, and for those of you out there who want to tap into your criminal side this APB Reloaded Criminal guide will shed some light on a few things you can do to avoid being arrested and make some quick cash without losing threat or money.

The Two Types Of Criminals

Breaking into a building

Just like with Enforcers, there are multiple ways to play as a Criminal. In the case of Enforcers there are those gung-ho cops and then there are the strategic, level-headed, cool-as-a-cucumber cops that will use sly and wit to get things done. In the case of a Criminal players can take the exact same approach. There are gung-ho Criminals who can shoot at anything that gets in their way, ram anyone off the road they don’t like or break into a store while a throng of civilians stand around and watch. Then there are the sly Crims who take into account that civilian NPCs can call the cops if they’re spotted and decide to do things covertly, avoiding suspicion and conspicuity.

Robbing a store

How you play is entirely up to you. However, take note that unlike Enforcers, everything you do as a Criminal will draw attention to you and will rapidly build up prestige which will draw even more attention. If you’re prepared for a showdown in the middle of the street then the over-the-top approach will match your playing style perfectly. If you prefer to keep on the down-low and only deal with Enforcers in small waves then it would best suit you to play down your nefarious behavior. Of course, you can also pull a balancing act between being outrageous like the Joker or subtle like Catwoman. The choice is entirely yours.

Witnessing And Mission Progression

Making a getaway

One thing Criminals always have to be on the lookout for are patrolling Enforcers. While the entire city of San Paro is there for the taking, not everyone will be willing to let just any Criminal take whatever they want.

Mugging a guy at night

You can actually build your very own quest structures based on what you enjoy doing, without the stringency of the standard fare quests dictating what you should do next. In order to be your own criminal force of chaos, including mugging, breaking in or robbing stores, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind: Enforcers are always on the lookout for nefarious individuals so be sure that when you’re robbing places you’re not doing it completely out in the open, unless you want to draw attention to yourself. After robbing someone or someplace you can build up additional funds with a multiplier, meaning that consecutive crimes committed outside of the standard quests will add to the multiplier.

One of the safest ways to make quick cash is from armored vans…yes, armored vans. When taken to a drop off point the armored vans can earn you quick cash while yielding very little risks. Robbing stores is always going to be the most dangerous criminal act to carry out, but the rewards can be well worth it if you have a large van to hold all the stash.

The other alternative is mugging people, which can be risky unless you do so in alleys or out of the sight of the general public. You’ll make the least amount of money from muggings but they can be done consecutively and will build up your multiplier the fastest.

Team Tactics

El Mariachi

As criminals oftentimes you’ll be tasked to break into places or steal something. These tasks are easy when performed solo or in one-on-one missions against another player. However, when you compound these missions with multiple players (sometimes resulting in 8-on-8 skirmishes ) breaking into a facility or stealing a car becomes a rather daunting task. Nevertheless, one thing to keep in mind is that during the heavy firefights one person can always slip into enemy territory unnoticed. This is probably the best way to approach these missions. Simply avoid the heavy firefights and focus on getting into a heavily guarded area through the least guarded avenue. The way the game is designed there are always multiple routes into every single nook and cranny on the game and it’s important to find out which ways will work in your benefit.

The Joker would be jealous

Another thing to watch out for are LTL Enforcers. While less-than-lethal weapons seem weak they can completely throw you off your game if you get peppered enough by them. One of the best ways to defend against these weapons when in a multi-person mission is to keep your back up against the wall to prevent them from arresting you. The least that it can do is bide you some time to recover from being stunned.

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