APB Reloaded Enforcers Guide

APB Reloaded Enforcers Guide
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Patrolling The Streets Of San Paro

Gamers who spent a little time with APB: Reloaded will have undoubtedly found out that the game plays very differently when playing as an Enforcer and when playing as a Criminal. The biggest difference is that Enforcers are rewarded for maintaining peace, curbing chaos and ultimately bringing Criminals to justice. Criminals, however, are rewarded for doing just the opposite. If you’re playing as an Enforcer in the newly relaunched APB: Reloaded then there are a few things you might want to know before jumping into San Paro, and this APB Reloaded Enforcers guide will help you out with that.

Different Items, Same Attitude

Rival cops

The weapons and vehicles in APB: Reloaded vary for both the Criminals and the Enforcers. Both sides don’t necessarily have the exact same items at their disposal, mainly because they both have vehicles and weapons to carry out different purposes.

Enforcers have options with vehicles to add sirens and have access to slightly different icons and logos. Criminals don’t have the same restrictions as Enforcers but they access the same vehicles at different levels. Also, both factions have access to various pre-upgraded vehicles that help with making fast getaways or quick interceptions.

The equipment and upgrades for both Enforcers and Criminals stay the same. Two players of the opposite side of the same coin will still have the same kind of access to modifiers or upgrades in the same way as their opponent.

Enforcers And LTL Weapons

Arresting a perp

Unlike Criminals, Enforcers aren’t out to kill anyone who gets in their way. In fact, the main goal of an Enforcer is to prevent as many casualties as possible, including that of their antagonists. To help an Enforcer subdue a Criminal without killing them is a series of non-lethal, or rather, Less Than Lethal (LTL) weapons that serve the purpose of stunning or subduing foes without killing them.

A getaway van

You can find a complete list of the LTL weapons right here at Bright Hub with the Enforcer Weapon Guide. These weapons usually have short range, or slow firing rate or low damage in comparison to other weapons. However, the upside to using LTL weapons to stun an opponent and then arrest them is to earn extra experience points and money. That’s right, by performing arrests you’ll earn cash very quickly and move up in the ranks quite fast.

Take note that using LTL weapons can be very dangerous given that it takes a while to stun an opponent so the risk and reward factors definitely have to be weighed before heading into battle with a Less Than Lethal weapon.

Strategies For Rookies

A rookie on the run

When starting out as a rookie Enforcer the thing you don’t want to do is get caught up in a large group of players who have high threat levels. APB: Reloaded has various ranks and whatnot but the real determiner of how dangerous another player is boils down to their threat, which is persistent regardless of wins or loses. If someone loses a couple of rounds but kills a lot of players in the process and has a high performance profile, they’ll have high threat. You’ll want to avoid joining a group of high threat level players at the start of the game, this is anyone with three or more insignia bars next to their name.

Delivering some organs

Instead, ride solo for a bit or team up with another rookie, this way when an APB call goes out or you get sent on a mission you won’t have to worry about some high level, high-threat player with upgraded weapons and a vehicle wrecker like the ALIG coming after you on your first few missions. It’s important to avoid these high threat level players as often as often possible and stick to just gaining respect and experience points from contacts.

Also, it’s faster earning contact respect when you’re not pledged to any contact but instead simply activate your ready meter and perform missions and APB calls as they’re given to you, which will make the leveling process a lot faster.

Witnessing And Group Tactics

Old fashion chase sequence

The ability to Witness is an interesting feature that enables Enforcers to literally patrol the streets of San Paro and arrest those who perform crimes in realtime. There is a button to witness, simply tap the Witness button if you see a criminal committing a crime at anytime while they’re committing the crime and a Witness mission will begin.

You’re ready for the big time now

Be careful when Witnessing because sometimes Criminals will rob places and people in groups, with a lookout keeping watch from a distance. It’s usually best to have a teammate or partner available when attempting to patrol the streets while starting out. Using group tactics to thwart Criminals while witnessing will make it much easier to complete these missions, and successful completions will add to the multiplayer, increasing your revenue and reputation the more you complete Witnessing missions back-to-back.

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