Location of All the Collectibles in Gears of War 2: Find All 41

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Of the many Xbox 360 achievements in Gears of War 2, one of the most difficult ones is tracking down all 41 of the hidden collectibles. There are three achievements total for locating the various collectibles: an achievement for finding 5, one for finding 20, and one for finding all 41. Getting all 41 is a feat that is highly unlikely unless you know where to look, so I’ve created this guide to help people locate these sometimes hard-to-find collectibles.

I would suggest playing through the game cooperatively with a friend on the casual difficulty level. Not only will this make your experience a little easier and more enjoyable, it will also make your collectible hunting go a little faster (as well as unlocking additional co-op achievements throughout the game). Note that either player can pick up the collectible and it will count for both of you, but only the players that have not previously picked up the collectible will actually see it during co-op play.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Delta (2 Collectibles)

Both of these collectibles are only available if you decide to take Carmine through training. You are given this choice at the very beginning of the game, so even if you already know what you are doing, you will have to go through training in order to get these collectibles.

1. The Eagle Newspaper - As soon as you are given control of your character, start heading down the alleyway. The collectible is lying in the street near a desk. Pretty hard to miss.

2. Ambulance Driver’s Log - Near the end of the training section, you will drop down a ladder on your way to the hospital. Take a right and go to the opened garage, which is a dead end. You will see the collectible on the floor near the desk.

Chapter 2: Desperation (5)

1. Doctor’s Journal - After you first run into Locusts in the hospital, you will find yourself on the second floor balcony. You should see a sign that says “Surgery” that points to the left. Follow the sign and the first room you come to on the left should have the collectible inside.  

2. Jacinto Medical Center File - After heading down some stairs, you should see two U-shaped reception desks in the middle of the room. Between the two desks, you will find the collectible.

3. COG Letterhead - After heading into the next section of the hospital after the open courtyard, you will eventually find yourself in the cafeteria. Directly across from the entrance, you should see some blue double doors. The collectible is inside that room in front of the desk. [If you’ve picked up all of the collectibles up to this point, you should have just unlocked the “Collector” achievement.]

4. COG Proclamation - On the second floor of the hospital lobby, don’t follow the stairs down yet and instead head to the right. You will eventually come to a dead end with an ammo box and the collectible.

5. COG Tags: Private Dylan Murphy - As soon as you exit the hospital, immediately take a right. The collectible is on the ground behind the pillar. This is actually the first one I missed on my collectibles hunt, so don’t feel too bad if you overlooked it.

Chapter 3: Rolling Thunder (2)

1. Grindlift Notice - As soon as the level starts, do a 180 and it’s right there next to the ladder. 

2. Munitions Requisition Form - Part of the way through the level, you will disembark the Derrick while Dizzy repairs it. Immediately head to your left and you will see 2 ammo crates. The collectible is lying on the ground nearby.

Chapter 4: The Big Push (0)

There are no collectibles to be found in this chapter.

Chapter 5: Roadblocks (4)

1. Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper - When the chapter first starts, you will have to break down the door to the first building you see. Once inside, head up the stairs and you will see the collectible on the floor near some grenades. 

2. Memorial Inscription - After fighting Tickers for the first time, you will have to chainsaw your way through a wood barricade. Immediately afterwards, you will see some tombstones on your right, as well as a large plaque on the wall – this is your collectible.

3. Landown Delivery Driver’s Note - After Cole shows up and takes out the Troika, head into the gas station and into the back room. The collectible is on the floor just around the corner.

4. COG Tags: Private Samuel Lee - Partway through the tunnel, your path will be blocked and you’ll have to find a way to go around. There will be some stairs on your left, but immediately before the stairs is a small room with your collectible inside.

Chapter 6: Digging In (0)

There are no collectibles to be found in this chapter.

Act 2: Denizens (8 Collectibles)

Chapter 1: Scattered (0 Collectibles)

There are no collectibles to be found in this chapter.

Chapter 2: Indigenous Creatures (2)

   1. Gear Journal - After you encounter the first rockworm, you will notice a patch of vines that you can cut through with your chainsaw. This reveals a small room with some ammo and a collectible near the grindlift.

   2. Kantus Scroll - After the “sniper practice” section (you’ll know it when it happens), you will climb a ladder into a room with two troika emplacements. A collectible is on the ground in the back of this area.

Chapter 3: Disturbing Revelations (1)

   1. Locust Emblem - Shortly after you start this chapter, you will go up some stairs that will trigger a cut scene. Kill all of the Locust to open the next door, and upon entering, take a look to your right. You should see the collectible on the floor near an ammo crate.

Chapter 4: Sinking Feeling (2)

   1. Ilima Help Wanted Ad - Shortly after the chapter starts, some Stranded will run at you screaming about the Locusts. After clearing the Bloodmounts, stick to the right side of the level and you will eventually see a Gorgon pistol and an overturned car. The collectible is located behind the car.

   2. COG Tags: Private Hank Bissell - Upon entering a building, you will be ambushed by Locusts and bear witness to a nice cut scene that I won’t spoil. After the cut scene but before you leave the area, you should see a dead body to the left with some COG Tags on the floor next it. This is your collectible.

Chapter 5: Captivity (1)

   1. Stranded Journal (Jennifer) - After releasing a certain someone from his cell, go around the corner and head down the path to your right (the ground should look kind of blue). The path is a dead end, but your collectible will be there on the ground just waiting to be snatched up.

Chapter 6: Intestinal Fortitude (2)

   1. Car Gold Magazine - As soon as the chapter starts, head to the left and you should see this collectible on the ground. [If you’ve followed this guide and picked up all of the collectibles up to this point, you should unlock the “Pack Rat” achievement upon collection.]

   2. COG Tags - Immediately following a cut scene with one of your squad-mates, you should be able to find these COG Tags off to the left. They may be hard to notice at first because of the dark, but look closely and you’ll spot them.

Act 3: Gathering Storm (6 Collectibles)

Chapter 1: Dirty Little Secret (0)

There are no collectibles to be found in this chapter.

Chapter 2: Origins (3)

1. Interoffice Memo - After entering the main room with all of the computer monitors, you will hear a recording begin to play. To the right, you will find a smaller office area with a Boltok pistol in it. The collectible is on the floor between a desk and a filing cabinet.

2. Memo (Dr. Doug Sato) - The first checkpoint you come to after picking up the previous collectible will give you the option of continuing up the stairs or heading into the room on your right. Head to the right and you will find yourself in a short hallway with a closed door at the end. Kick that sucker open and you should find your collectible on the floor.

3. New Hope Medical File - After entering the second building, you’ll eventually find yourself in a room full of turrets on the ceiling. To the right of the switch that deactivates the turrets, you should see a door. Head through the door and take a left – the collectible should be right there on the floor.

Chapter 3: Rude Awakening (2)

1. Doctor’s Journal - You won’t come across this collectible until after exiting the facility. Dom will suggest getting in the train cars, but do NOT listen to him. Instead, head to the right towards the small barn-looking building. The collectible is inside towards the back of the room.

2. Captivity Marks - Near the end of the chapter, you will have to open some garage doors to shield yourself from the razorhail. After making it through the garages, you will come to another train. Again, do NOT get on the train. Instead, head into the building behind you and take a left. Your collectible is the scratched tally marks on the wall.

Chapter 4: Ascension (0)

There are no collectibles to be found in this chapter.

Chapter 5: Displacement (1)

1. Stranded’s Journal - Shortly after the chapter begins, you will be tasked with destroying a gunboat. Afterwards, in the area where the wretches start attacking you, you should notice a set of stairs on your right side. Follow these all the way to the top to find your collectible.

Chapter 6: Brackish Waters (0)

There are no collectibles to be found in this chapter.

Acts 4 and 5 are on the next page…

Act 4: Hive (9 Collectibles)

Chapter 1: Priorities (1)

1. Locust Terminal - After an elevator ride, you will come to an area where the Locusts are attacking and shining a spotlight on you. This is how you know you’re in the right area. Your objective is to check the terminals, but do NOT activate the first terminal yet as this progresses the story. Head to the next terminal instead to find your collectible.

Chapter 2: Answers (1)

1. Locust Prisoner’s Journal - After you deal with the Locust patrol (either kill them or hide until they leave), you will see some more terminals. To the left of the second terminal, you should see a trailer and the collectible nearby.

Chapter 3: Hornet’s Nest (2)

1. Locust Jailer Document - Shortly after the chapter starts, head down the stairs and take a right. Go through the narrow corridor and take a left at the end. You should see your collectible on the ground next to a Locust symbol.

2. Human Finger Necklace - This collectible is incredibly easy to miss and one of the only collectibles that requires any kind of skill to grab. As soon as you kill the Grinders and Dom starts talking about the beacon, you’re going to need to start roadie running. You should see a door in front of you that is closing fast, and you need to get in there. Head up the stairs and through the door, and if you are fast enough, you should see your collectible on the floor to your right.

Chapter 4: No Turning Back (2)

1. Locust Calendar - Shortly after you start the chapter, head up the spiral staircase to the very top. On the left wall, you should see a glowing orange thing that looks somewhat like a sundial – this is your collectible.

2. Locust Defensive Plans - After reuniting with the rest of your squad, you will need to pull a lever to extend a bridge to continue. Head across the bridge and once you get to the other side, look to your left. You should see an ammo crate on the ground – the collectible should be right there next to it.

Chapter 5: The Best-Laid Plans (2)

1. Locust Invasion Map - This is another easily missed collectible. After the Locust ambush, you will be tasked with finding an alternate route. Head around to the right, and once you get to the point where you need to take the lift to the palace, do NOT get on the lift. Instead, turn around and you should see some gated-off stairs on the left and right. Head to the left down the path until you hit the first detectable piece of cover (the ones that pop out of the ground). Once there, look to your right in the gated stairway and you might not even actually see the collectible on the ground, but it’s there.

2. Trinity of Worms - After taking the lift, you will have to split up into two groups. When you meet up again on the other side of the door (or before that, depending on which path you took), you are supposed to go down the stairs to continue. Instead, turn around and head up to the balcony on the left, and take that the whole way until you hit a locked door. The collectible should be there at your feet.

Chapter 6: Royal Inquisition (1)

1. Locust Tablets - In the area where Cole starts talking smack, turn left and walk to the end of the room. There should be pillars on both sides of you. The collectible is on the left behind the last set of pillars.

Act 5: Aftermath (5 Collectibles)

Chapter 1: Escape (0)

There are no collectibles to be found in this chapter.

Chapter 2: Desperate Stand (2)

1. COG Recon Report - This collectible is on the first platform you have to defend. Once the Raven helicopter wipes out the Locusts, head down the stairs to the lower platform, and you should see the collectible sitting next to an ammo crate.

2. COG Tags: Sergeant Devon Jackson - After you defend the Communications Satellite, Colonel Hoffman should open a gate for you. Go through and take a left. This collectible is on the same type of balcony area as the previous collectible. Head down the stairs and you should see it next to a sniper rifle and an ammo box (and a dead COG soldier).

Chapter 3: Free Parking (2)

1. Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper - After the large battle in the courtyard, Marcus and Dom will need to turn a wheel to lift a gate. Head through and you will be faced with a few more Locusts with a Grinder in the middle. Head to the far right and you should see a red car near a barrier. On the ground will be a pile of leaves with your collectible.

2. COG Tags: Sergeant Jonathan Harper - According to your War Journal, the collectible is located in Chapter 4, but it is technically located at the end of Chapter 3. You’ll find it inside a blown-up building on the left side, just after you destroy the Reaver. If you’ve already made it to Chapter 4 and missed it, the easiest thing to do would be to just turn around and walk a little bit. If you’re just hunting collectibles and have already beaten the game, it would be faster to load Chapter 4 and turn around than it would be to go all the way through Chapter 3.

Chapter 4: Tenuous Footing (1)

1. Stranded’s Journal -After falling through the floor, you will find yourself fighting some Locusts (again), and there will be some busted-out windows in front of you. Jump through the windows and the collectible should be there in front of you, in the back corner by a desk.

And that’s it! As soon as you pick up the Stranded’s Journal, you should get the final collectibles achievement, “Completionist”. The three achievements are worth a total of 50 points, and you are now that much closer to getting the full 1000/1000 out of Gears of War 2. I hope you found this guide helpful, and I welcome any feedback.