Gears of War 2 Collectables Guide

Gears of War 2 Collectables Guide
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Introduction - Gears of War 2 Collectables

With Gears of War 3 recently announced by Epic Games, now is a great time to revisit Marcus and Dom’s previous outing on the Xbox 360. Sometimes, in between all the chainsawing, it’s easy to miss the collectible journal entries and COG tags that the designers have left scattered about Gears of War 2’s stunning scenery. Let Bright Hub’s handy level-by-level guide help you to uncover the hidden secrets of Gears of War 2.

Gears of War 2 Collectables Achievements

Firts off all, here’s a quick summary of the Gamer Points on offer for discovering the various collectables in the game:

  • Collector - Discover 5 collectables on any difficulty setting: 5G
  • Pack Rat - Discover 20 collectables on any difficulty setting: 15G
  • Completionist - Discover all 41 collectables on any difficulty setting: 30G

For a thorough look at the available achievements, check out our Gears of War 2 Achievements Guide.

Act 1 - Tip of the Spear

Gears of War 2 Act 1

Chapter One: Welcome to Delta (2 Collectables)

  • Eagle Newspaper - Lying near the desk in the alleyway at the beginning of the level.
  • Ambulance Driver Log - In the open garage, on the floor next to the desk.

Chapter Two: Desperation (5 Collectables)

  • Doctor’s Journal - On the second floor balcony, follow the sign saying “Surgery” pointing to the left. The journal is located in the first room on your left.
  • Medical Center File - Between the two reception desks after you head downstairs.
  • COG Letterhead - Through the Blue double doors by the cafeteria, lying on the floor next a desk.
  • COG Proclamation - Head right on the Hospital lobby second floor until you hit a dead end. Located next to an ammo case.
  • 1st COG Tag (Private Dylan Murphy) - Head right after leaving the Hospital. The tag is tucked away behind a pillar.

Chapter Three: Rolling Thunder (2 Collectables)

  • Grindlift Notice - Next to a ladder behind you as the chapter begins.
  • Munitions Requisition Form - While Dizzy is repairing the Derrick, go left to the two ammo crates. The form is on the floor by them.

Chapter Four: The Big Push (No Collectables)

Chapter Five: Roadblocks (4 Collectables)

  • Sentinel Newspaper - Upstairs in the first house you break into, next to some grenades.
  • Memorial Inscription - After chainsawing the wooden barricade, head right to the gravestones. The inscription is located on the wall
  • Delivery Driver’s Note - In the back room of the gas station, around the corner.
  • 2nd COG Tag (Private Samuel Lee) - In the small room in the tunnel, before you take the stairs to get round the blockage.

Chapter Six: Digging In (No Collectables)

By now, you should have a total of 13 collectables and have unlocked the Collector achievement. For a more in-depth look at this level, visit our Gears of War Act 1 walkthrough.

Act 2 - Denizens

Gears of War 2 Act 2

Chapter One: Scattered (No Collectables)

Chapter Two: Indigenous Creatures (2 Collectables)

  • Gear Journal - In a small room near some ammo after you chainsaw through the vines.
  • Kantus Scroll - At the back of the room with the two troikas.

Chapter Three: Disturbing Revelations (1 Collectable)

  • Locust Emblem - After the cut scene near the beginning of the chapter, wipe out the group of Locusts and progress through the door. The emblem is on the floor to your right.

Chapter Four: Sinking Feeling (2 Collectables)

  • Help Wanted Ad - Near the overturned car and the gorgon pistol on the right hand side of the level.
  • 3rd COG Tag (Private Hank Bissell) - Next to the dead Gear on the floor following the cut scene in the building.

Chapter Five: Captivity (1 Collectable)

  • Jennifer’s Journal - Release the prisoner from the cell, then head round the corner and bear right till you hit a dead end. The Journal is lying on the floor.

Chapter Six: Intestinal Fortitude (2 Collectables)

  • Car Gold Magazine - Head left as soon as the chapter opens. The magazine is on the floor.
  • 4th COG Tag - Following the cut-scene with the other Gears, head left. The tags are hidden in the dark.

If you’ve followed the guide this far, you should have 21 collectables and unlocked the Pack Rat achievement. A thorough guide to this level can be found in our Gears of War 2 Act 2 walkthrough.

Act 3 - Gathering Storm

Marcus Fenix and Dom

Chapter One: Dirty Little Secret (No Collectables)

Chapter Two: Origins (3 Collectables)

  • Interoffice Memo - After the recording starts to play in the computer room, head into the office with the Boltok pistol inside. The memo is hidden between the filing cabinet and the desk.
  • Dr. Doug Sato’s Memo - When given the choice whether to continue up the stairs or head right, take the latter option. This memo is in the locked room at the end of the corridor.
  • New Hope Medical File - In the room with the turrets on the ceiling, head through the door by the deactivation switch, then turn left to find the file on the floor.

Chapter Three: Rude Awakenings (2 Collectables)

  • Doctor’s Journal - When Dom mentions getting into the train cars, ignore him and head right and into the barn. The journal is at the back of the room.
  • Captivity Marks - After passing through the garages to avoid the razorhail, don’t get onto the train, but instead go into the building behind you and collect the scratched tallys of the wall.

Chapter Four: Ascension (No Collectables)

Chapter Five: Displacement (1 Collectable)

  • Stranded’s Journal - After destroying the gunboat, kill the wretches then head up the stairs to ffind this journal.

Chapter Six: Brackish Waters (No Collectables)

By this stage, you should have accumulated 27 collectables. For more information on this act, visit our Gears of War 2 Act 3 walkthrough.

Act Four - Hive

Gears of War 2 Act 4

Chapter One: Priorities (1 Collectable)

  • Locust Terminal - When checking the terminals, skip the first one, head to the second and grab the collecatble. Then return to the first to continue the story.

Chapter Two: Answers (1 Collectable)

  • Prisoner’s Journal - Avoid the Locust Patrol and head left of the second terminal. The journal is near the trailer.

Chapter Three: Hornet’s Nest (2 Collectables)

  • Jailer’s Document - When you begin this chapter, take the corridor on the right at the bottom of the stairs and then go left to find this collectible lying by a Locust symbol.
  • Human Finger Necklace - This gruesome collectible is one of the hardest to find. The moment Dom mentions the beacon, run towards the fast-closing door and make sure you squeeze through. The necklace is on the right lying on the floor.

Chapter Four: No Turning Back (2 Collectables)

  • Locust Calendar - Head up the spiral staircase near the beginning of the chapter and grab the orange sundial.
  • Locust Defensive Plans - After extending the bridge, head across and turn left. The plans are by some ammo.

Chapter Five: The Best-Laid Plans (2 Collectables)

  • Locust Invasion Map - A hard collectible to spot. Don’t get the lift in the palace, but instead turn around and face the gated stairs. Go left until the cover springs up out of the ground, and then turn right to find the map by the gated stairs.
  • Trinity of Worms - When you reunite with your squad after taking the lift, go up onto the balcony on the left and follow it round till you find this collectible by a locked door.

Chapter Six: Royal Inquisition (1 Collectable)

  • Locust Tablets - When Cole starts talking away, head left to the pillars at the end of the room to find this collectible by the last set of pillars.

By now your tally should be up to 36 collectables. For a closer look at this level, see our Gears of War 2 Act 4 walkthrough.

Act Five - Aftermath

Chapter One: Escape (No Collectables)

Chapter Two: Desperate Stand (2 Collectables)

  • COG Recon Report - After defending the first platform, go down the stairs to find the report by some ammo.
  • 5th COG Tag (Sergeant Devon Jackson) - Once the Satellite has been protected, go through the gate and head left to the platform. The Tag is on a dead Gear at the bottom of the stairs.

Chapter Three: Free Parking (2 Collectables)

  • Sentinel Newspaper - Once you turn the wheel to open the gate, avoid the Locusts and head right to the red car to find the newspaper in a pile of leaves.
  • 6th COG Tag (Sergeant Jonathan Harper) - Just after you kill the Reaver, head to the destroyed building on your left to find this collectible.

Chapter Four: Tenuous Footing (1 Collectable)

  • Stranded’s Journal - After you crash through the floor, jump through the smashed-up windows to find this journal by a desk.

After this, you should have 41 collecatbles and see the pop-up for the Completionist achievement. If you’re looking for more help with this final level, try our Gears of War 2 Act 5 walkthrough.


Gears of War 2

With Bright Hub’s Gears of War 2 collectables guide, tracking down the last of the game’s secrets should be a breeze. If all else fails, why not check out our handy Gears of War 2 Cheats and Tips?