Complete Gears of War 3 Achievment List

Complete Gears of War 3 Achievment List
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Gears of War 3 is sure to be one of this fall’s monster hits

. This 360-exclusive title features a return to the cover-based shooting fans of the series have come to love and also introduces a whole new enemy for Marcus and company to take on: the Lambent.

The in-game achievements that gamers will be tracking down this fall was recently revealed on Check out full details below.

Campaign Achievements

A series of achievements will be awarded to players as they progress through the game’s campaign.

  • Marcus, It’s Your Father: complete the prologue.

![Gears of War 3](

Swimmin’ in Glowie Gravy**: Complete Act 1, Chapter 2.
  • We Struck Gold, Son!: Complete Act 1, Chapter 3.
  • My Turf! Cougars Territory!: Complete Act 1, Chapter 5.
  • Putting it Scientifically: Complete Act 1, Chapter 6.
  • Okay, Now We Find Hoffman: Complete Act 2, Chapter1.
  • Oh Yeah, It’s Pirate Time: Complete Act 2, Chapter 5.
  • Thanks for Flying Gas Bag Airways: Complete Act 2, Chapter 7.
  • Anvil Gate’s Last Resort: Complete Act 3, Chapter 1.
  • Was it Good for You?: Complete Act 3, Chapter 2.
  • Lost Your Good Driver Discount: Complete Act 3, Chapter 3.
  • Brothers to the End: Complete Act 3, Chapter 5.
  • Think You Can Handle That?: Complete Act 4, Chapter 3.
  • Baird’s Favorite Kind of Toy: Complete Act 4, Chapter 5.
  • Welcome to : Complete Act 4, Chapter 6.
  • Look at That, Instant Summer: Complete Act 5, Chapter 2.
  • Ok. Faith. Yeah. Got it: Complete Act 5, Chapter 5.
  • We’ve Finally Got a Tomorrow: Complete Act 5, Chapter 6.

Game Completion Achievements

There are three different achievements for completing the game on various difficulty settings. They are:

  • Ready for More: Complete all acts on “casual” or “normal” difficulty.
  • Ain’t My First Rodeo: Complete all acts on “hardcore” difficulty.
  • That’s Just Crazy: Complete all acts on “insane” difficulty.

Collectibles Achievements

Like previous entries in the series, there are a number of “collectible” items to be found in the game world, along with a number of COG tags to be collected from fallen comrades. There are four in-game achievements to be earned by finding and collecting these items:

  • Collector: Recover five campaign collectibles.
  • Pack Rat: Recover 20 campaign collectibles.
  • Hoarder: Recover all 42 collectibles in the campaign.
  • Remember the Fallen: Find and recover all 15 COG tags during the campaign missions.

Co-Op Achievements

Cooperative play is a hallmark of the Gears of War series, and the third game includes a full co-op campaign. These achievements can be earned by playing alongside a friend or three:

  • My Fellow Gears: Complete all acts in the campaign in co-op mode.
  • We Few, We Happy Few: Complete the campaign in 4-player co-op mode. This achievement will also unlock an avatar award

Skill-Based Achievements

These achievements are for those who fancy themselves pretty skilled in the game’s multiplayer, Beast, and Horde modes. The full list includes:

  • Level 5: Reach level five.

![Horde Mode](

Level 10**: Reach level ten.
  • Level 15: Reach level 15.
  • Level 25: Reach level 25.
  • Level 50: Reach level 50.
  • Judge, Jury and Executioner: Perform every possible finishing move in any mode.
  • Wreaking Locust Vengeance: Kill an enemy with every locust monster in Beast Mode.
  • Enriched and Fortified: Complete all 50 waves of Horde mode.
  • It’s all About the Loot: Earn the Bronze “Loot Courtesan” medal.
  • All for One, One for All: Earn the Bronze “Force Multiplier” medal.
  • First Among Equals: Earn the Silver “Number One” Medal.
  • Award-Winning Tactics: Earn at least one Onyx medal.
  • Seriously 3.0: Reach level 100 and earn every single Onyx medal.

Accessibilty Achievements

The “accessibility” achievements seem to be Epic’s way of encouraging players to check out all the game modes in Gears of War 3. The full list includes:

  • Welcome to Versus: Kill ten enemies in team deathmatch.
  • The Versus Sampler Platter: Complete one match of all six Versus game modes.
  • Welcome to Horde Mode: Complete the first ten waves in Horde Mode.
  • Welcome to Beast Mode: Survive all 12 waves in Beast Mode.
  • Welcome to Arcade Mode: Complete five separate campaign chapters in Arcade co-op.

Multiplayer-Only Achievements

The final category of Gears of War 3 achievements is for those that can only be earned in the game’s multiplayer modes. There are only three, and they are as follows:

  • Welcome to the Big Leagues: Demonstrate your skill in Casual Versus multiplayer (this achievement earns you 0 points)
  • Wait, What Time is it?: Earn the maximum consecutive match bonus in versus multiplayer.
  • Socialite: Earn the coveted Onyx “War Supporter” medal.


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