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Return to Sera to Collect These Gears of War 3 Achievements

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Check out the full list of Gears of War 3 Achievements, including those earned in co-op, versus, horde mode, beast mode, and by completing chapters of the game's campaign. Find out what it takes to get the most possible gamerscore with our complete guide.

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    Gears of War 3 is sure to be one of this fall’s monster hitsGears of War 3 Box Art . This 360-exclusive title features a return to the cover-based shooting fans of the series have come to love and also introduces a whole new enemy for Marcus and company to take on: the Lambent.

    The in-game achievements that gamers will be tracking down this fall was recently revealed on Check out full details below.

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    Campaign Achievements

    A series of achievements will be awarded to players as they progress through the game’s campaign.

    • Marcus, It’s Your Father: complete the prologue.
    • Gears of War 3 Swimmin’ in Glowie Gravy: Complete Act 1, Chapter 2.
    • We Struck Gold, Son!: Complete Act 1, Chapter 3.
    • My Turf! Cougars Territory!: Complete Act 1, Chapter 5.
    • Putting it Scientifically: Complete Act 1, Chapter 6.
    • Okay, Now We Find Hoffman: Complete Act 2, Chapter1.
    • Oh Yeah, It’s Pirate Time: Complete Act 2, Chapter 5.
    • Thanks for Flying Gas Bag Airways: Complete Act 2, Chapter 7.
    • Anvil Gate’s Last Resort: Complete Act 3, Chapter 1.
    • Was it Good for You?: Complete Act 3, Chapter 2.
    • Lost Your Good Driver Discount: Complete Act 3, Chapter 3.
    • Brothers to the End: Complete Act 3, Chapter 5.
    • Think You Can Handle That?: Complete Act 4, Chapter 3.
    • Baird’s Favorite Kind of Toy: Complete Act 4, Chapter 5.
    • Welcome to <redacted>: Complete Act 4, Chapter 6.
    • Look at That, Instant Summer: Complete Act 5, Chapter 2.
    • Ok. Faith. Yeah. Got it: Complete Act 5, Chapter 5.
    • We’ve Finally Got a Tomorrow: Complete Act 5, Chapter 6.
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    Game Completion Achievements

    There are three different achievements for completing the game on various difficulty settings. They are:

    • Ready for More: Complete all acts on “casual” or “normal” difficulty.
    • Ain’t My First Rodeo: Complete all acts on “hardcore” difficulty.
    • That’s Just Crazy: Complete all acts on “insane” difficulty.
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    Collectibles Achievements

    Like previous entries in the series, there are a number of “collectible” items to be found in the game world, along with a number of COG tags to be collected from fallen comrades. There are four in-game achievements to be earned by finding and collecting these items:

    • Collector: Recover five campaign collectibles.
    • Pack Rat: Recover 20 campaign collectibles.
    • Hoarder: Recover all 42 collectibles in the campaign.
    • Remember the Fallen: Find and recover all 15 COG tags during the campaign missions.
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    Co-Op Achievements

    Cooperative play is a hallmark of the Gears of War series, and the third game includes a full co-op campaign. These achievements can be earned by playing alongside a friend or three:

    • My Fellow Gears: Complete all acts in the campaign in co-op mode.
    • We Few, We Happy Few: Complete the campaign in 4-player co-op mode. This achievement will also unlock an avatar award
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    Skill-Based Achievements

    These achievements are for those who fancy themselves pretty skilled in the game’s multiplayer, Beast, and Horde modes. The full list includes:

    • Level 5: Reach level five.
    • Horde Mode Level 10: Reach level ten.
    • Level 15: Reach level 15.
    • Level 25: Reach level 25.
    • Level 50: Reach level 50.
    • Judge, Jury and Executioner: Perform every possible finishing move in any mode.
    • Wreaking Locust Vengeance: Kill an enemy with every locust monster in Beast Mode.
    • Enriched and Fortified: Complete all 50 waves of Horde mode.
    • It’s all About the Loot: Earn the Bronze “Loot Courtesan” medal.
    • All for One, One for All: Earn the Bronze “Force Multiplier” medal.
    • First Among Equals: Earn the Silver “Number One” Medal.
    • Award-Winning Tactics: Earn at least one Onyx medal.
    • Seriously 3.0: Reach level 100 and earn every single Onyx medal.
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    Accessibilty Achievements

    The “accessibility” achievements seem to be Epic’s way of encouraging players to check out all the game modes in Gears of War 3. The full list includes:

    • Welcome to Versus: Kill ten enemies in team deathmatch.
    • The Versus Sampler Platter: Complete one match of all six Versus game modes.
    • Welcome to Horde Mode: Complete the first ten waves in Horde Mode.
    • Welcome to Beast Mode: Survive all 12 waves in Beast Mode.
    • Welcome to Arcade Mode: Complete five separate campaign chapters in Arcade co-op.
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    Multiplayer-Only Achievements

    The final category of Gears of War 3 achievements is for those that can only be earned in the game’s multiplayer modes. There are only three, and they are as follows:

    • Welcome to the Big Leagues: Demonstrate your skill in Casual Versus multiplayer (this achievement earns you 0 points)
    • Wait, What Time is it?: Earn the maximum consecutive match bonus in versus multiplayer.
    • Socialite: Earn the coveted Onyx “War Supporter” medal.

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