Operation 7 SMG guide

Operation 7 SMG guide
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Sub-Machine Guns For The Win


Operation 7 has found its own little niche of a gaming community given its alternative take on the deathmatch paradigm and changing things up into something a little bit different than what most gamers are used to. For those of you who don’t know, Netgame and Park ESM’s Operation 7 is a realistic shooter that takes into account all the little and big intricacies that make weapons both dangerous and fascinating objects of projectile-based destruction. The game, much like Zombie Studios online shooter, Blacklight: Tango Down, focuses on a weapon modification system that allows players to modify their very own weapons or more accurately, build a gun from the ground up in various categories.

Just like most other RPGs out there, players must be certain levels in order to use certain weapons, weapon grades and weapon parts. New parts can become unlocked as players level up and earn money to upgrade an existing gun or build a new gun. This Operation 7 SMG guide will point out many of the pros and cons for using specific SMGs, as well as what sort of upgrades players can expect from the weapon category.

The Common Use For An SMG

Target range practice

Generally, most gamers who begin to play Operation 7 will buy a weapon from the SMG category just because it seems convenient for their level. However, SMGs are also a weapon commonly used among high level players for specific maps or modes. One of the things that can sometimes work against players is not knowing what weapons work best for what scenarios.

The MP7 on the range

The sub-machine gun class of weapons are small, compact weapons of generally light weight and fast-firing rates. Their range is usually quite small but with the proper modifications, players can pull off some decent headshots from far out. Oftentimes, on larger maps, SMGs are used as infiltration weapons when combined with a silencer and a few control stabilizers. On small maps, SMGs work great for suppression fire or quickly taking down small groups of enemies with controlled burst shots. Despite seeming weak, the SMGs in Operation 7 aren’t like the useless SMGs from games like Soldier Front or Combat Arms. Considering that the weapons in OP7 are far more realistic in their handling, anyone who knows how to use SMGs properly can be a very dangerous opponent on the battlefield.

SMG Weapon List


MP5: This is a good starter gun for some of the smaller maps available on the game. It has several barrel modifiers that range from extended long barrels for accuracy, or shorter silence and non-silenced barrels for controlled automatic fire. This weapon is available for any player level 1 and above.

UMP: One of the better SMGs on the game that is good for all around close quarter combat and mid-range shootouts. The UMP is a level 4 SMG that offers players a mix of both fast firing rates and decent accuracy. It’s a much more efficient weapon than the MP5.

P90: This level 8 weapon is fairly expensive but packs a powerful punch with a large clip size and a variety of mods. It’s one of the few SMGs that allow players to hook up a grenade launcher, while at the same time offering several scope variations and a number of barrels with long and short range burst-fire capabilities. The P90 is a devastating weapon in the hands of a sharp shooter and is equally as deadly in close-quarters combat.


Bizon: Certainly not a favored weapon of mine, the Bizon is a sturdy, reliable SMG. It carries 9mm bullets in a 45 bullet magazine and can pump an opponent with lead quicker than they can realize that they’ve just been owned. This light-weight weapon is perfect for both infiltration style play and supportive combat roles or for suppressing enemy combatants. The other upside to the Bizon is that it’s available for use at level 8. This is also a very popular weapon in ijji Games’ Alliance of Valiant Arms.

Modified P90

SCA M11: Not to be confused with the Tommy Gun, the SCA M11 is another light weight SMG that uses 9mm clips and offers players a variety of customization options for the barrel, the sights, the stock and the grip. The SCA isn’t quite as reliable as the Bizon or P90 but its fast fire rates, light weight and adjustable accuracy makes it more ideal for a variety of combat situations, including both long-range tracking, mid-range cover fire and close-quarter suppression. This weapon is available to players level 12 and higher.

MP9: The older brother of the MP5 and the MP7, the MP9 is a level 15 SMG that is extremely light weight. In fact, it’s almost light enough to be a secondary weapon. Using very small 9mm rounds, this light and speedy SMG has a nice variation of clip sizes for different scenarios, the option to include a stabilized silencer and a shoulder support for those who plan to use this little bad boy for more than just close-counter infiltration purposes.


Spectre M4: This odd little SMG is a level 20 primary weapon that is small in size and small in capacity. Gamers who enjoy suppressive weapons that pack a moderate punch with a small clip size might find this weapon quite useful. It mostly contains small barrels for short-range encounters and offers a few moderate solutions in stability with grips and shoulder stocks.

MP7: A smaller version of the MP5 and the MP9, the MP7 is a fast firing sub machine gun with moderate stability, and small 4mm bullets in a large 30 clip holder. One of the things that makes the MP7 a weapon of choice is its affinity for three types of firing modes, including single shots, three-burst shots and full automatic firing. The MP7 can only be acquired after reaching level 27.

Hopefully this SMG gun guide helped layout some details on what to expect from this weapon class in Operation 7. For more MMOFPS game guides be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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