K.O.S. Secret Operations Is A Shooter MMOFPS Worth Avoiding

K.O.S. Secret Operations Is A Shooter MMOFPS Worth Avoiding
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There’s no secret that the MMOFPS K.O.S. is bad

The same folks behind Rohan: Blood Feud, YNK Interactive, has another free-to-play MMO out on the market called, K.O.S. Secret Operations. It’s a military themed shooter like all the rest and doesn’t even bother trying to do anything different, unique or original with the premise. I thought I had a tough time grinding my way to level 30 in Rohan, well it was nothing compared to the complete and utterly painful experience of trying to trudge my way up the ranks in this pathetic, barbarically infantile shooter that only gamers with an I.Q. of a Neanderthal would enjoy. Unless, of course, you are a Neanderthal, then you probably wouldn’t see that last statement as being much of an insult, but you still might find the gameplay in K.O.S. insultingly negligible.

Gameplay (1 out of 5)

He’s not hitting anything…he’s shooting to look cool

You aim the mouse, click the button and hope you hit something. That’s about the basic premise and about as in-depth as the gameplay gets. But that’s not the bad part about K.O.S. The bad part is that this game has inadequately tiny stages that coerce players to run out into the open where they’ll die repeatedly to the opposing team.

See, the biggest problem in Secret Operation is that it tries to replicate “realism” in games like Alliance of Valiant Arms or Operation 7. But unlike Operation 7 or Cross Fire, there are no cover-fire points. You can’t strategically use well-placed objects to defend an area or lay down suppression fire so your teammates can move into a better position. Instead, everyone has to run out in the open and shoot at each other, hoping to land a headshot or kill an opponent before their teammates arrive. It’s horrendously bad and the arcade-speeds and jammed-together, corridor-esque stages just make the experience that much more asinine.

The weapons behave moderately for a game of this kind but don’t expect fun-arcade shooting controls like Halo or realistic shooting controls like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. Instead, gamers can only expect amateurish shooting mechanics similar to the likes of Crazy Shooter Online or Sudden Attack. And that’s a real shame because that’s nearly scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

Maps (1 out of 5)

Lots of space to run and shoot but no where to take cover

As mentioned in the previous section, the maps in this game are horribly compact. Some gamers just may not understand what I mean by this but I’ll give you an example: In one of the stages it was so tiny with all 16 players piled in it the final score ended up as 278 to 314. Yes, players respawned and died that fast within a 10 minute period. That’s how tiny the stages are. On average, the score in Operation 7 with a 15 minute time limit usually ends up around 50-60 kills per team. And even in War Rock, where up to 32 players are doing battle with devastating vehicles and whatnot, the score was usually in the mild 200s after about 20 minutes of play.

Nevertheless, in the other games the maps are far larger and spaced so that it’s more about players utilizing the environment, exercising teamwork and generally having back-and-forth shootouts before laying waste to one another. That’s just not the case here in K.O.S. All the stages are mainly linear gateways to quick deaths and short-ended multiple routes where players are forced to face off – usually in the open – where players die in a few shots. It’s just a horribly bad selection of maps aimed at gamers who like getting kills and being killed every few seconds with a very limited amount of skill applied to the actual gameplay.

Even though some of the stages in Wolf Team were kind of small, I at least have to give kudos to the developers for utilizing the space so that each and every match was a tactical bought of skill and teamwork.

Graphics And Sound (3 out of 5)

Yep, the character models in K.O.S look like a P.O.S

Not everything about K.O.S. Secret Operation is crappy. I will have to give props to the team for at least designing many of the weapons with exceptional detail and visual appeal. The first-person gun models utilize some fair HDR lighting and detail that helps bring out an atmospheric immersion to the game, similar but not quite as good as Karma: Operation Barbarossa. Nevertheless, that doesn’t really help save this game from other graphical flaws.

The character models are poorly designed and the various three character classes each look bland and uninteresting. The additional body armor model wasn’t designed too badly, but much of the texture work looks like it comes from a game made in 1999.

The sound for the game is probably what drags it down a notch from the already mediocre graphics. During most of the deathmatch bouts players will endure repeatedly annoying yells of “Fire in the hole!” as teammates lob grenades at opponents. There’s also a problem with the footsteps – it’s easy to hear your own footsteps but not the footsteps of opponents. In Mercenary Wars and Combat Arms, using stealth was vital because opponents could be heard depending on what they were walking on or how fast they were running. That’s just completely absent here in K.O.S. Secret Operations.

Overall for this MMOFPS Shooter - K.O.S. (1 out of 5)

Not sure what happened here but it doesn’t look good

There isn’t much more that needs to be said about this game. It fails on so many levels to be entertaining, fun or comprehensively intense. It’s just a jumbled mish-mash of military first-person shooters that falls flat at every turn. The class-based system is completely useless given the unplayable speeds and tiny, player-packed maps. The other game modes are completely throwaways and done ten times better (literally) in other games.

If you want well balanced gameplay and you’re a beginner MMOFPS gamer then check out Cross Fire. If you want a bevy selection of weapons try Operation 7 and if you want strong team-deathmatch modes try out Mercenary Wars. No matter what you decide to play, at all costs just avoid K.O.S. Secret Operations.

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