Sudden Attack Vs Cross Fire A Battle Of Online Shooters - MMOFPS

Sudden Attack Vs Cross Fire A Battle Of Online Shooters - MMOFPS
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The Competition

The MMOFPS Battleground returns after gamers were given a taste of Alliance of Valiant Arms taking on Combat Arms, with Combat Arms coming out the victor. This time the comparison will include the recently released GameHi rendition of the popular South-East Asian MMOFPS, Sudden Attack, and it will be going one-on-one with Z8 Games’ popular Cross Fire. Both online shooters are very similar when it comes to visuals but one offers more than the other in terms of quality gameplay and replayability, but which one is it? You’ll have to keep reading to find out how both games break down in this three round bout, consisting of Gameplay, Replayability and Fun Factors.

Round 1: Gameplay

Cross Fire and Sudden Attack almost look like cousins

Sudden Attack: Gamers will have a variety of game modes to participate in, including a siege mode that requires a team to hold a control point for a designated amount of time in order to win. There are also team deathmatch, demolition and sniper modes also available. Sudden Attack doesn’t break away from the traditional, fast-paced, arcade style first-person shooter mechanics and will leave most gamers frustrated unless they can hop around the corner and plant a bullet between an opponents’ eye. The maps are fairly small so the action is continuous, lightning fast and undoubtedly designed for gamers who prefer the twitchy-finger approach to gaming.

Cross Fire: The game isn’t quite as fast as Sudden Attack but it’s close enough. The pace is offset with plenty of maps that spread out the carnage and keep the action bouncing around for all the players. The shooting mechanics are fairly balanced for each of the weapons within the game and players should find it pretty easy to get started and get fragging without having to make any adjustments to the game’s design. The game modes are varied and fun enough to give both sprayers and snipers something to do, especially with the Ghost Mode and Elimination rounds.

The Verdict: Cross Fire and Sudden Attack are very similar games, but Cross Fire is slightly more forgiving to new players with its easy jump-in-and-play mechanics. The large map designs and balanced weapons give Cross Fire an added edge in gameplay depth over Sudden Attack.

Round 2: Replayability

It’s time to play peep-around-the-corner-for-campers

Sudden Attack: Any MMOFPS can be re-playable when you feel like shooting something; however, it doesn’t mean that it will be much fun. Sudden Attack offers plenty of players on its servers but losing is a common occurrence for most new players. That’s not to mention that the grave gameplay and gun imbalance will drive many new players away. The game modes aren’t bad but they’re fairly standard, and the lack of decent character or weapon customization doesn’t boost the replay factors much for Sudden Attack.

Cross Fire: A game where you can win a lot is probably going to be the one that gets replayed more often than not. That’s the case with Cross Fire, despite having a limited character customization and zero weapon customization. What makes the game re-playable is that the modes are setup to be quite fun with the moderate matchmaking setup and game modes. Earning cash doesn’t come easy but saving up enough to buy a really kick-butt weapon makes it worth while.

The Verdict: Cross Fire has a few more incentives for consistent players and at a reasonable rate. Weapons can be earned faster in Sudden Attack but the limited game modes don’t really see a lot of them being of much use.

Round 3: Fun Factors

He’s one of the people who isn’t having a lot of fun

Sudden Attack: It’s easy for a game to be fun if there are modes, options or customization features that allow it to be enjoyable by majority of gamers. This is not the case with Sudden Attack. If you can’t land headshots with specific weapons at just about all times, then you probably won’t be having a heck of a lot of fun in this game. However, if you’re good at camping and pulling off headshots with ease then the game is probably going to be high on your list as having a fun time.

Cross Fire: Unlike Sudden Attack there is a heavier focus on teamwork and tactics in Cross Fire. Snipers don’t always win and running out in the open and landing a bullet between an opponent’s eyes doesn’t always secure a victory given that the variety of modes space out the game’s affability for a variety of shooter fans, including those who only like using knives, pistols or engaging in close quarter combat. As long as gamers stick to what they like it’s easy to keep on having fun in Cross Fire.

The Verdict: Sudden Attack limits its fun factors to a specific kind of FPS gamer while Cross Fire offers modes and options suited for a variety of gamers. Sniping fans will easily adjust to Sudden Attack’s fast-paced, camp-or-be-camped gameplay style but many other gamers will get turned off. Cross Fire takes the victory here with its generally accessible gameplay and variety.

The Winner: Cross Fire

The aftermath of a brutal blood bath

For all the reasons listed above, Z8 Games’ Cross Fire walks away the clear victor here. The game offers a lot of viability for advanced FPS gamers with ranked channels, specialty game modes and a nice selection of high-powered weaponry, while still affording for an easy-to-learn gameplay mechanic for new players. The replayability is also sufficient enough with its diverse game modes, and fun team features and maps that are designed for tactics over the run-and-gun combat.

You can learn more about both Cross Fire and Sudden Attack by visiting the respective websites:

Official Cross Fire Website

Official Sudden Attack Website

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