Halo 3: ODST Achievements and Unlockables for Xbox 360

Halo 3: ODST Achievements and Unlockables for Xbox 360
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A prelude to Halo 3, the ODST expansion pack neither features Master Chief nor his advance armor. But, it does feature VISR, or Visual Intelligence System Reconnaissance, which performs a number of functions, including highlighting nearby objects of importance and hostile units.

Besides the unique HUD, ODST features an excellent plot. The new open-ended Mombasa city map has plenty of objects and weapons to access. The exclusive weapons also include ones seen in the first Halo video game.

ODST also features an immersive cooperative gameplay mode called Firefight. The game can be played co-operatively with three more players on Xbox Live. The Firefight mode also contains ODST skulls to add some intensity and variation in gameplay. Moreover, players can also unlock Firefight missions and characters by completing certain missions in single player campaigns. Some Halo 3 ODST achievements can be unlocked by finishing certain Firefight missions.

Find Them All

There are plenty of unlockables and achievements for this expansion pack. Players can also unlock the exclusive Recon Armor by unbolting certain achievements. Other unlockables include the Firefight missions, characters and armor. These achievements might be difficult or easy to achieve, but the result will be rewarding for all Halo fanatics.

Firefight Missions

  • Lost Platoon: Finish campaign mission 3 (Uplift Reserve) on any difficulty level.
  • Alpha Site: The ONI Alpha Site (campaign mission 5) has to be completed successfully on any difficulty mode to unlock this Fire fight mission.
  • Chasm Ten: Finish Campaign Mission 8 (Date Hive Campaign) to unlock this Firefight Map. You can unbolt it at any difficulty level.
  • Last Exit: Finish Campaign Mission 9 (Coastal Highway Campaign) on any difficulty mode to unlock the Last Exit map.

Firefight Mission Characters

  • To unlock Buck, finish mission 2 on any difficulty mode
  • To unlock Mickey, finish mission 4 on any difficulty level
  • To unlock Dare, finish the campaign mode on Legendary difficulty mode
  • To unlock Dutch, finish campaign mission 3 on any difficulty level.

You cannot unlock UNSC Sergeant Avery Johnson by completing any missions. The codes to unlock this character were provided to users who pre-ordered the ODST expansion pack.

Unlocking Recon Armor

Halo 3: ODST screenshot: Halo 3: ODST achievements and Unlockables

You can easily unlock the Recon Armor yourself, thanks to ODST. All you have to do is unlock three Halo 3 ODST achievements as well as four achievements of the parent game (Halo 3). Check out these original and its expansion pack:

Three Halo ODST Achievements: Vidmaster Challenge Achievements

Classic: Complete any level alone on Legendary difficulty level. But make sure you are signed in to Xbox LIVE. You also have to complete the level without any grenade thrown or shots fired.

Endure: In Firefight Co-op mode, get past the fourth set. Make sure you play it in Heroic difficulty level on Xbox Live 4 player Co-op mode.

Déjà vu: Finish the Coastal Highway mission on Legendary difficulty level. You will have to sign in to Xbox Live and play on 4-player co-operative mode. You will also have to activate the Iron Skull. Do not use the Scorpion tank or Warthog.

Vidmaster Challenges

Annual: Finish Halo 3 on Legendary difficulty level. You must be signed in to LIVE and have the Iron Skull Activated. Make sure you are on a 4 player Co-op mode and all players must possess Ghosts, a special Type-32 rapid assault vehicle in Halo 3.

Lightswitch: Achieve the Lieutenant rank in any playlist in the new progression system (EXP)

Brainpan: The Mythic maps contain some hidden skulls. Find all and unlock this achievement.

Halo 3: ODST screenshot 2

7 On 7: You have to enter a rank playlist or a social playlist. You will also have to earn 7 EXP on the seventh date of any month. This is quite a unique achievement because it depends on a specific date. You will have to sign in to Xbox Live on the 7th of any month.

After you complete all three ODST achievements as well as four from the original game, acquire the unlock code at Bungie.net to unlock this exclusive item.