How to Mod Halo 3 Maps -- the Intitial Steps

How to Mod Halo 3 Maps -- the Intitial Steps
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How to Mod Halo Maps – Needed Programs

Halo 3 players can mod game maps to make stale game content newer or to revise older content. The obstacles a person must overcome before making maps including finding the software, learning how to use the software, and getting the new maps they create to other Halo 3 players. The last obstacle is the most important. If no one uses a person’s modded Halo 3 maps, they go to waste.

This article covers the basics of where to get the software that lets you edit map files. To recap the things you need to edit maps for your Xbox 360 are:

  • 120 Gigabyte Xbox 360 Hard Drive
  • Export 360
  • Forge
  • A USB Cable
  • Windows XP or Later

How to Mod Halo 3 Maps – The Early Steps on the Xbox 360

master chief with gatling gun

The Halo 3 editor allows you to go into maps and make minor changes that the game editors allow. In most cases this involves a limited number of weapons. Choose a map and drop the weapons where you wish to put them. Exit to the forge lobby and save the map to the Xbox 360 hard drive.

Disconnect the hard drive from the Xbox 360. Move the hard drive over to a Windows-based computer and attach a USB cable to the computer and the hard drive. Anyone who has used the operating system know that he must wait a few seconds until the system recognizes the hard drive. He may have to wait for his computer to install drivers for the device.

Locating the Modified Map on Your PC

The next step in learning how to mod maps is to find the file on your Xbox hard drive. Although the software for both systems is made by the same company, they are not always compatible. A person needs the Export 360 program to access files on his hard drive. Download the program if you have not done so already. Open the program and look for the letter Windows assigned the drive.

The hardest part of this process is searching for the files. The content folder will contain the maps, but there are content folders every game that a person has played on his Xbox 360. Search by the file modified dates. The map will appear as the file you modified most recently. Leave the Window with the correct folder open.

Use the cut option to put the file into your clipboard. Paste the file your desktop. Enter the forge program and load the map you have placed on your desktop.

How to Mod the Halo 3 Map – Making Edits

dual wielding master chief

Click open from the Forge file menu and find the correct .conf file for the map you modified on the Xbox 360. The program does not come up with a graphical editor as you might expect. Rather, it gives you several wizards each with a save option. Hit equipment for now. Go down to the button. Bring down the pull down for the master chief or other options. Selecting master chief replaces the frag grenades with the master chief. Save the file. Exit the program.

How to Mod Halo 3 Maps – Using Concept

Enter the Concept program and load the same map into memory. Click on the ID set button to change the information. You’ll notice an E in the first box. Switch this to a zero. Choose the rehash an re-sign option. Save the map. Copy the file back into the folder you left open earlier. Safely remove the Xbox hard drive and hook it back up to the Xbox 360. If you had to remove the physical hard drive, you may need to get your tools back out to remove the console’s cover. Make sure all of the controllers you need are connected to the unit.

Loading Your New Map

UNSC soldier at machine gun

Put the Halo 3 disk in your Xbox 360 console. Load the program. Most people will receive an error message the first time that they load the map. Reset the console and put the disk back in and it should go away. Go into the Forge Lobby and bring up your new map. Go into the Forge lobby using the control and load the modified map with the name that matches whatever you saved the file as originally.

Final Considerations for Leaning How to Mod Halo 3 Maps

Your new modified map is cool and great. You want to share it with your friends, but you should probably not want to hold off sharing it with people you meet on Xbox live. Bungee and Microsoft take a dim view of this. Use the maps only for private LAN parties. Brave people may choose to risk offending Bungee and Microsoft, but the risk of getting an account banned from Xbox live is not worth it for most hardcore video game players.