Guide to the Woodcutting Skill in Runescape

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In Runescape, Woodcutting is a quick and easy skill, one that just needs a hatchet or an axe to level up. This is the skill that you will level up as you typically level up cooking and firemaking. If you are chopping the trees to get your logs instead of trying to find them on the ground or buy them, this is the skill that you’ll be leveling.

How to Cut Wood

The ease of chopping wood has to do with the type of hatchet or axe you are swinging and the level of your experience. Clicking on a tree will tell you if you are experienced enough to chop it, and if you are will begin chopping it down into logs. You can start chopping regular trees with a hatchet and eventually will expand out to chopping better trees into logs with axes. You will only get one stack of logs out of a regular tree, while higher level trees will give you more.

Woodcutting Training

There are some places where it will be easier to train and level up your woodcutting skill than others. For an indepth full look at all the areas that you can train your woodcutting you can go to Woodcutting Training Areas for all the information. Generally the higher the level of tree you want to cut, the higher the level of area.

Woodcutting Equipment

There are eight different hatchet/axes out there. These all have different levels of woodcutting needing along with different levels of quality for themselves.

  • Bronze and Iron – These are requiring a woodcutting experience level of 1.
  • Steel and Black – These need a woodcutting level of 6 to use.
  • Mithril – This axe needs a 21 level to use.
  • Adamant – You’ll need a level of 31 to use this axe.
  • Rune – This axe requires a woodcutting experience of 41 to use.
  • Dragon – This one needs a woodcutting level of 61.

There are times when an axe will break on you. When this happens you won’t be able to use it again until you repair it. You can choose to repair your equipment or just get a new one. If you repair one, go to Bob’s Axe Store in Lumbridge and he will fix it for a set price.

  • Bronze, Iron, Steel – These three do not cost anything to repair.
  • Black – He’ll charge you 10gp to fix.
  • Mithril – For this axe it will be 18gp to repair.
  • Adamant – You’ll pay 43gp to repair this axe.
  • Rune – 427gp to repair this type of axe.
  • Dragon – This axe costs the most at 1,800gp to repair.

Trees to Cut

There are different trees that you’ll be able to cut to make logs from. These range from the easiest, the Regular trees, to the most difficult, Magic. These are the trees that you can work your way up to chopping down and using:

  • Regular, Dead, Evergreen, Achey, Scrapey – These need a woodcutting level of 1 and give 25 in experience to your skill.
  • Light Jungle – Requires a level of 10 in woodcutting and gives 32 experience.
  • Oak – This requires a level of 15 and gives 37.5 in woodcutting experience.
  • Medium Jungle – You need a level of 20 and it will give you 55 experience.
  • Willow – Needs 30 in woodcutting and it will give 67.5 in experience.
  • Teak – This requires 35 in level and grants you 85 in experience.
  • Dense Jungle – This needs a level of 35 and it will give 80 in experience.
  • Maple – This needs a level of 45 and it will give you 100 in experience.
  • Hollow – This requires a woodcutting level of 45 and it gives 82.5 in experience.
  • Mahogany – It will require a woodcutting level of 50 and it will give you 125 experience.
  • Arctic Pine – Needs a level of 54 and gives 40 in experience.
  • Dream – This requires a 55 level in gives 37 in experience.
  • Yew – You must have a 60 in woodcutting and it will give 175 in experience.
  • Magic – You will need to have a level of 75 and it will give you 250 in experience.

Birdnests and Canoes

One of two other things where woodcutting comes in handy are from bird’s nests. When you are cutting wood there are times when one of these will fall, check them out always. Sometimes they are hiding interesting objects that you may need or want. There are times when you will get eggs that you can use in Summoning skills. The nest can be used in Herblore as well. Keep in mind that whenever you see a bird’s nest fall, there is always some use that you can get out of it.

Another aspect to woodcutting is the making of canoes. If you are high enough in experience you can carve out better ways of making it across the rivers in Runescape by crafting better canoes. For a level 12 woodcutter they can make a Log Canoe and get 30 experience from it. A level 27 woodcutter can make a Dugout Canoe and get 60 experience from it. A level 42 woodcutter will be able to make a stable dugout and get 90 experience from carving it. Lastly, the best canoe is a Waka and you need to be a level 57 to carve it, getting 150 experience for the effort.

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