Runescape Woodcutting Training Areas: Paid and F2P Spots

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If you want to up your woodcutting skill you will need to know where the trees are that will get your skill boosted up in a hurry. This will tell you how to up your skill by finding out where the trees that you want are. This is for both pay to play and the free to play account holders.

Normal Trees

Normal trees are found everywhere, they will just say “chop tree” when you click on them instead of “chop oak tree” or whatever. These are usually found in clumps of trees, so if you see a good plentiful amount of trees around, click on them as you’re bound to find a normal tree in the bunch so that you can get your skill up to where you can move on to chopping the next level of trees.

Oak Trees

When you are up to cutting down Oak trees you can find bunches of them south of Varrock and east of the Draynor bank. There are also some around the Catherby bank to the west and outside Castle Wars. This is for those that need to up their woodcutting ability to around 30. Once you get to this level you can move forth to other trees.

Willow Trees

Willow trees start around woodcutting level 31 and you are going to have to find them to train higher. These trees are going to be around the bar in Port Sarim. You will find a good cluster south of Rimmington and SW of the Draynor Bank. For those that are members you are going to be able to find more around the Seer’s Bank and in front of the Barbarian Assault. This will work for taking you to the level of 60 where you can move on to another level.

Maple Trees

At level 71 you can train in Maple trees until you are around 75. These are a bit tougher and I hope you brought a better axe. All maple trees are in pay to play so all the training areas are going to be for paid members as well. You will need to go outside of Legend’s guild and north of the Seer’s bank. There is a bunch around the north area of McGrubbor’s wood. The last good area is SW of Sinclair’s Mansion, then to the road from Seer’s Village to the Fremenik Province. This will get you to 75 and then you’ll move on to Yew trees.

Yew Trees

Yew trees will get you from the level 71 to the top up section of 99 in woodcutting. These are the trees that will get you to max out your woodcutting level or you can use them to get to 85 and move on to Magic trees. You will find these trees north of Varrock Palace, south of Falador, and south of Edgevill Bank. More are north of Rimmington, and between Draynor and Lumbridge. For the members you can get skill around the cemetery in Seer’s Village, west of Catherby, and SE of Gnome Stronghold.

Magic Trees

At level 85 you can get to Magic trees and use them to up your skill to the max of 99. These are the highest trees you can woodcut and they are strictly for paid players. You can find these around the south area of Sorcerer’s tower and around the ranged guild. A few are around Gnome’s Stronghold, outside Lletya, and in the Mage training arena. Good luck in getting your woodcutting maxed out and able to cut any wood you please.

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