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One of the skills that you can level up and work in Runescape is Smithing. Smithing gives you the skill to make your own armor and weapons. It is a good skill to use to earn with and it’s nice to be able to make your own items instead of having to buy them or find them.


The first part of the skill is all about smelting the ore into bars. Before you can make weapons and armor, you have to make the ore usable, and that’s by making it bars. You’ll need to get ore by either mining or buying it. Make sure that you have all the ingredients you need to make the bars from the ore, a smelting guideline is found in the How to Smelt in Runescape article. You’ll need all the ingredients, and either a furnace or the “Superheat Item” skill (takes nature and fire runes to use). You’ll click on the furnace, tell it what bars you want to make, and then make sure that you have all you need for it. After you get the bars from smelting you can go straight to Smithing.


Smithing requires a hammer and an anvil along with the bars you smelted. All smithing needs to be done on an anvil. When you click on the anvil and are ready to start smithing it will bring up a menu that shows you what you can make. An item with a white name means you can smith the item, a blacked out name means you are currently not at a high enough smithing level to create it. If the number of bars needed is in green, you’ve enough to do it, if it is in red you are currently going to need more bars to create it. Right click on whatever you are wanting to make (assuming you have a high enough level and enough bars to do so) and then you can make as many of them as you have items for.

Anvil Locales

You’ll need to know the locations of the anvils so you’ll know where you are going to be able to smith and the spots where you can’t. If you are a free play member you can find them in Dwarven Mines, Doric’s Anvil building, Varrock, and south of Port Sarim. If you are a member player you are going to find them in West Ardougne, Yanille, Port Khazard, Port Phasmatys, Seer’s Village, and north of Tai Bwo Wannai.

Extra Help

There are some items that can give you a bit of a buff to smithing. Some of these are drinks. Dwarven Stout can raise your smithing and your mining by 1, and they can be bought at the Rising Sun bar that is located in Falador. There is also the Mature Dwarven Stout that is a reward of a quest. This increases your smithing and mining by 2. Both of these are for a limited time. Brewing up beer gives a chance that it will be a Mature beer and it will give bonuses as well.

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