How to Smelt in Runescape

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Smelting in Runescape requires that you pick up the Smithing skill, some ore that you or others have mined out of nodes, and the knowledge of how to create bars out of the ore. Bars are of better use in the game than that of ore, so smelting can really be helpful. Make sure that you have all the ingredients that you’ll need to make the bar that you are attempting before heading to a furnace, so that you don’t have to back track and pick up items. A smelting chart of what you need is given below.

Smelting Chart

Bronze – Requires smithing level of 1 and earns a smithing experience of 6. It uses copper ore and 1 tin.

Blurite – Requires a smithing level of 1. It uses Bluerite ore. You must have finished the quest of “Knight’s Sword Quest” to do.

Iron – This requires a smithing level of 15 and it earns a smithing experience of 12.5. It uses iron ore and will only give you bars for about half the ore that you have. The unused ores will be “waste” and disappear out of inventory.

Silver – Requires a smithing level of 20 and earns a smithing experience of 13.7. It uses silver ore.

Steel – This requires a smithing level of 30 and it earns a smithing experience of 17.5. It uses iron ore and 2 coal pieces.

Gold – It requires a smithing level of 40 and gives 22.5-56.2 smithing experience. It uses gold ore.

Mithril – Requires a smithing level of 50 and it earns 30 smithing experience. It uses mithril ore and 4 coal pieces.

Adamantite – It requires a smithing level of 70 and it will earn 37.5 smithing experience. It uses adamantite ore and 6 coal pieces.

Rune – Requires an 85 smithing level and it will give 50 smithing experience. It uses rune ore and 8 coal.

Smelting Ore into Bars: Furnace

The main way you’ll be smelting ores into bars in Runescape is with furnaces. Go to a furnace and you’ll have an option called “Smelt”. When you click to smelt you’ll be given another option, that being of what bar you’d like to smelt (bronze, blurite, iron, silver, steel, gold, mithril, adamant, and rune). To smelt one of these choices you will right click on the bar that you want to smelt and then tell how many you’d like to smelt. You are given the choice to smelt one bar at a time, or multiples.

Furnace locations in Runescape are spread about. In the Member’s edition you can find them in Ardougne, Entrana, Shilo Village, Port Phasmatys, Tyras’ Camp, and Rellekka. For the free play edition of the game you can find the furnaces in Falador, Lumbridge, Al Kharid, and the north wilderness of Edgeville.

Smelting Ore into Bars: Magic

Other than using furnaces to smelt your ore into bars, you can use magic as well. There is a spell called “Superheat Item” that you could use, but it requires a nature rune and four fire runes to do this. This is good if it is a long way to the furnace for you, but really a waste of items if you aren’t too far from the furnace. Smelting with magic instead of a furnace will not give you an option of how many bars to smelt, it will smelt all bars that are available.

Extra Help

There are a couple of ways to help your smelting in the game. You can wear a Ring of Forging. It has 140 uses and will give you a 100% chance to smelt iron instead of 50% (so that all your ore is used instead of half).

There is also the Smithing Gauntlets. If you are a member and not a free play character, you can have your steel gauntlets enchanted. Afterwards they are GoldSmith Gauntlets. These will give you the 56.2 experience per bar smelted instead of 22.5, definitely worth it if you are a member and can get your hands on these.

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