The Rules of the MMO game Runescape: Rules 8-15

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Of the 15 specific rules that Runescape has, all of them pertain to you. Whether you are a free player or a paid player, your rules are directly the same. If you aren’t knowledgeable about all 15, you need to brush up on them so that your account will stay in good standing. It’s better for the game when everyone follows a standard code, and it helps in your morale throughout the games and forums. Here are rules 8-15.

Rule #8 – Multiple Logging In

You aren’t restricted to having more than a single account, Jagex just doesn’t want those multiple accounts interacting. It’s another case of unfair advantage if you can log in together with your other accounts and trade or skill, etc. Play your accounts one at a time, and we’ll all be a little happier in the game.

Rule #9 – Encouraging Others to Break Rules

Rule 9 is the “Chicken” rule as I like to call it. One is there taunting another to do something that could get their account banned to prove something. Don’t taunt others to break the rules and don’t yourself be taunted into breaking one of the rules.

Rule #10 – Misuse of Customer Support

There are those that constantly are reporting things, or trying to subvert the system and get things that they would normally not get. Don’t use Customer Support unless you really have a problem. It’s there for a reason, try not to abuse it.

Rule #11 – Advertising of a Website

Runescape may seem like a public forum of sorts but it isn’t. Don’t broadcast your forum or website or any other form of free advertising or you may see your account pulled faster than you can blink. This also goes out of game to their Runescape forums as well.

Rule #12 – Real World Trading

If you are doing any types of trading it has to be done in game. You can’t trade items for real world items, money, or other things. Make sure that you are getting in game services or items for your in game services or items.

Rule #13 – Personal Details

It goes to say, that you shouldn’t ever give out your personal details. Runescape isn’t a dating service, it’s trying to crack down on scams, and it’s a good way to wind up with some form of identity theft or hacking. Just keep your persona as close to the fantasy as possible and not as a direct reflection of yourself.

Rule #14 – Misuse of Forums

Tied a bit to the Advertising rule, you don’t need to use the forums for personal gain. You also can’t use the forums to hash out any beef you have with players. Keep the message boards clean and respectful. It is a place for information and guidance, not anything else.

Rule #15 – Advert Blocking

If you are a free player don’t try to block the adverts in the game. You are a free player, if you don’t want adverts subscribe to the members area. These adverts are what is making it possible for you to play for free in the game, let’s remember that alright? Keep them where they are.

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