The Rules of the MMO Game Runescape: Rules 1-7

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There are 15 specific rules in Runescape that will keep your account in good standing, and they are for paid members as well as the free members. Knowing the rules will keep you from being frustrated when you go to log in one day just to notice your account is gone. Simple adherence to the rules make sure that the 135 million strong (or at least accounts created) will live to see another day and make the overall morale of the game play better for everyone involved.

Rule #1 – Offensive Language.

Just say no, really. You can’t use any racist or obscene language, terrorize your game mates, or anything like that. It’s a simple rule really, just play nice out there.

Rule #2 – Item Scamming

No matter what the MMO you are playing, whether its World of Warcraft or Runescape, there will always be cheaters out there trying to get your account, your gold, or your real world cash. Don’t deceive your other players, and hopefully you won’t be getting scammed yourself.

Rule #3 – Password Scamming

Very similar to Rule #2, this is where they are going to pass themselves off as being an employee that needs your password to secure things, or any other story. There is never a reason that anyone needs your password. Keep that in mind.

Rule #4 – Cheating & Bug Abuse

This rule came into affect from those that find flaws in the game (bugs) and use them to their advantage instead of reporting them. It also comes to play where the players resort to installing bots on their end so that they can earn or level up faster in the game. Keep it to where it’s just you playing and you play fair.

Rule #5 – Jagex Staff Impersonation

Delusions of grandeur perhaps? Most of the time this rule goes along with the scamming one. The people pass themselves off as staff of Jagex (the makers of Runescape) and try to get items or passwords from you. This should never work and you need to know better than to do it in a game.

Rule #6 – Account Sharing and Trading

Your account needs to be ran by one person and one person only – You. Don’t share accounts and don’t go into trading your accounts. I see this nearly every day and while many will say “Who does it hurt?”, Jagex doesn’t want you to do it so that’s all the reasoning you need. Don’t get your account pulled for thinking you know best.

Rule #7 – Third Party Software

This is partially tied into the cheating rule, and you don’t need to use software or bots to run your account so that you have an advantage over anyone else. All accounts should be player ran and under player limitations (If they see an account that has been playing for 72 hours straight, chances are they know its not really you). Keep your head about you and all is good.

Rules 8-15 of Runescape are found in the embedded link. Good reading and hope to see you in game.

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