RPG Maker VX: Side View Battle System Tankentai

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RPG Maker VX

RPG Maker is a software developed by Enterbrain. It allows just about anyone to create a RPG game reminiscent of the classics games on the SNES. There is unfortunately very little documentation available with the program itself which is why I have undertaken to write numerous articles in order to make RPG Maker VX easier to use. In case you’d like to read more of my articles about this topic, please click here which will give you access to my profile where all of my articles are regrouped.

RPG Maker VX: Side View Battle System Tankentai

The default battle perspective in RPG Maker VX has disappointed many who prefer the more dynamic side view battles such as those found in Final Fantasy on the SNES.

Fortunately, a script was created in order to change the default Dragon Quest perspective to a Final Fantasy perspective.

Unfortunately, the script can be hard to find as it is often deeply concealed among hundreds (if not thousands) of forum messages or attached to a demo RPG Maker VX game that one has to download. Accessing the script can also be problematic as certain forums require registration in order to read their content which is a source of frustration for RPG Maker VX users.

Kylock translated the original Japanese text in this script and release it on the internet. The core script is allowed to be shared as long as credits are given which is why I have decided to provide it right here at Brighthub to save everyone the time and frustration of finding this script.

Downloading the Script (RPG Maker VX: Side View Battle System Tankentai)

I have uploaded the script right here at BrightHub. I have also uploaded Kylock’s demo here in case you’re having trouble using the script on its own. If you’d rather not download the script, I have also copy/pasted it on the second page of this article.

If you’re new to Scripts, I suggest reading this introduction to RPG Maker VX Scripts.

Using the Script (RPG Maker VX: Side View Battle System Tankentai)

Most of the script hasn’t been translated but that shouldn’t prove to be a problem as some clear instructions are provided in the script itself:


Because there are database entries required to be present for the special

skill animations, I strongly suggest using the demo as a base to develop a

new game. If you really need to install this script to a game that is

already in development, you will need to move the scripts, and copy/paste

the following database entries:

Skills: 084-104 - States: 017-020

Animations: 082

Also be sure the following graphic files are present:

Indivdual $charname character sprites for each party member







Troubleshooting (RPG Maker VX: Side View Battle System Tankentai)

In case you’re having trouble running the script on its own, simply download the demo provided by Kilock and build your game from it. In case you’ve already started your own RPG Maker VX game, you can simply transfer the maps to this demo and take things from there.


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