RPG Maker VX: Common Event Tutorial

RPG Maker VX: Common Event Tutorial
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RPG Maker VX

RPG Maker is a software developed by Enterbrain. It allows just about anyone to create a RPG game reminiscent of the classics games on the SNES. There is unfortunately very little documentation available with the program itself which is why I have undertaken to write numerous articles in order to make RPG Maker VX easier to use. In case you’d like to read more of my articles about this topic, please click here which will give you access to my profile where all of my articles are regrouped.

What are Common Events?(RPG Maker VX: Comment Event Tutorial)

Common events can be accessed differently than the normal events you would put on a single map. They are called common event because they are meant to be used repetitively in your game (as opposed to a certain kind of event you’d use once or twice on a map in the whole game).

In order to create a new common event click on the database and select the common event tab as shown in the picture below:

Creating Common Events (RPG Maker VX: Comment Event Tutorial)

The best way to explain how a common event works is by giving an example (not that this is but one usage of common event, there are many other ways in which they can be used).

Imagine that you have three different maps so far in your project. Your game begins during a violent storm and you want it to rain on each one of the map.

You could use an event on each map to call the rain or copy/paste that same event on each map but that’s not very convenient. Suppose that you do not only want some rain, but also some related sound effect. It would be a lot more convenient to use some common events than to constantly add each event separately to each one of your maps.

Now, head to the common event and add the following event to the list of Event Commands:

RPG Maker VX: Common Event Tutorial

Using Common Events (RPG Maker VX: Comment Event Tutorial)

Now that you’ve done that, create two small maps which are connected to each other.

In the top left corner of each map, create and event and select call common event.

RPG Maker VX: Common Event Tutorial

Having done that, a little option submenu will open where you’ll simply choose your common event (“Rain past” in this case).

Before you’re done, make sure the trigger is set to parallel like so:


This will automatically trigger your event.

The Final Result (RPG Maker VX: Comment Event Tutorial)

Time to launch your game and see the result of your work. Explore both map and you’ll notice that the weather has changed on both maps along with the sound effect and the tinted screens.

RPG Maker VX: Common Event Tutorial

Disclaimer (RPG Maker VX: Common Event Tutorial)

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