Rift: Planes of Telara: Trion Worlds Upcoming Fantasy MMORPG

Rift: Planes of Telara: Trion Worlds Upcoming Fantasy MMORPG
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Class System

Gamers will be spoilt for choice when it comes to classes in this MMORPG. With it’s in depth class system, Planes of Telara gives gamers an almost endless customization. At character creation, gamers choose an ‘Ascended Soul’ from one of the four choices or ‘callings’. These are:

  • Warrior

  • Cleric

  • Scout

  • Mage

As gamers level up, they can earn ‘soul points’ for their ‘soul tree’, which gives access to more powerful skills and abilities. Gamers will also have the option to augment or replace souls with other souls, and not necessarily ones within the same archetype, so there are potentially hundreds of different combinations of class skills available. Let’s take a quick look at these classes.

Warrior Class

The warrior is the master of close combat fighting. Wearing heavy plate armor, and using shields, axes, swords or glaives to kill enemies, the warrior is the front man of any group. Strength and discipline are behind every blow and some warriors even use magical techniques, making them a deadly forceto be reckoned with. Within the warrior calling are the following classes:

Planes of Telara Warrior

  • Champion – Powerful warriors who wield two-handed weapons and are great at melee combat.
  • Reaver – These warriors use both combat as well as have the ability to spread disease, madness and death with a touch of their weapon.
  • Paladin – These warrior defenders use shields as both protection and a weapon, enabling them to launch powerful counter attacks.
  • Warlord – Warlords have tactical experience on the battlefield and excel at strengthening their allies and weakening their enemies using a commanding presence of auras.

Cleric Class

Planes of Telara Cleric

Where would a group be without its cleric? The cleric’s power comes from devoted study and making pacts with minor elemental spirits. These holy men wear chain-mail armor and wield weapons such as two-handed warhammers or maces and shields. The more devout wear cloth and use staves, totems and tomes. Either way a cleric is an important supporting member of any group. Within the cleric calling are the following classes:

  • Purifier – This cleric class draws upon the powers of their ancestors to heal using the properties of fire. They are able to cauterize wounds and burn away disease inflicted upon their allies.
  • Inquisitor – Inquisitors use from both the life and the death planes and are able to steal the strength of their enemies and make this strength their own.
  • Sentinel – These clerics bring the blessings of light to heal their allies. They excel at group support by bolstering their allies and are capable of healing many wounded at the same time.
  • Justicar – The Justicar are healers who fight in close combat. Their healing comes from damage dealt so each swing of their mighty weapon not only bolsters their allies but also strengthens their own magic.

Rogue Class

Planes of Telara Rogue

The rogue uses both muscle and mind during combat. Using the shadows to sneak up on enemies and launch surprise attacks, or taming wild beasts to fight alongside them in battle. Rogues wear leather armor to allow them to move freely and stealthily, wielding swords, daggers or bows and firearms. Within the rogue calling are the following classes:

  • Nightblade – These rogues are the master of both agility and the blade and have the ability to draw upon fire and death magic to silently kill their enemies.
  • Ranger – The Ranger is not only an expert woodsman and archer, but can also call on wild animal companions to fight alongside him in battle.
  • Assassin – The Assassin is another rogue able to walk in the shadows and launch surprise attacks on their enemies. Their use of poisoned blades makes them formidable foes.
  • Blade Dancer – These rogues excel at wielding edged weapons and are lightning fast in combat. Their skills and supernatural agility make them able to avoid many incoming attacks and they are capable of sneaky attack on foes.

Mage Class

Planes of Telara Mage

Mages are able to control the elements and their focused studies make them masters of incantations and arcane powers. No one can match the mage’s magical powers, but wearing cloth robes so as not to restrict movement or distract from spell-work, they fight behind the strength of their warrior. Their minds are their most powerful weapons, however, many also use wands, totems and staves to focus their magical energies. Some mages also use short swords or daggers to protect themselves in close combat. Within the mage calling are the following classes:

  • Elementalist – Elementalists specialize in manipulating raw energies allowing them to manifest elements into physical form to use in battle.
  • Warlock – This mage uses dark arts as a source of power. Their specialty is destructive curses that devour the body and souls of their enemies.
  • Pyromancer – The Pyromancer is the master of fire and they are capable of fire spells that can trap their enemies behind a wall of fire or launch incinerating bursts of flames, obliterating foes.
  • Stormcaller – These mages channel the power of the wind and water, capable of stopping an enemy’s heart with electric shocks and chilling them to their very core.

While this is certainly a huge range for gamers to choose from, game developers Trion Worlds hint at even more classes becoming available in the future. This class system allows vast customization options, that perhaps wont suit gamers that consider themselves ‘purists’, but will certainly allow for a unique character and most gamers should find this challenging and fun. Imagine if your warrior character had a surprise magic skill up his sleeve? The possibilities are virtually endless. You may also be interested in Tera Online and The Secret World, two other MMORPGs set for release in 2011.

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