Rift Guardian Tutorial Guide: Guardian Soul Quests

Rift Guardian Tutorial Guide: Guardian Soul Quests
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Starting out as a Guardian in Rift involves working your way through a complex and in-depth series of tutorial quests. While most of these quest are fairly self-explanatory, and the in-game tooltips do a great job of getting players acquainted with the game’s systems, quest givers, and controls, the most important quests in the tutorial are those which grant the player his or her first, second, and third “souls,” or class talent trees.

Our guide to the Guardian tutorial soul quests will show you how and where to do these all-important quests as you make your way through the tutorial.

First Thing’s First: Create Your Character

Before you can jump into the tutorial, you first need to create a character. If the game’s character creator seems complicated, or if you just want a hand through the process, check out our Guide to Character Creation in Rift for a walkthrough.


Your first soul quest is also the first quest of the tutorial. After watching an epic cinematic featuring your character being plucked from the battlefield by a Valkyrie-like entity, you will awaken inside the Sanctuary of Rebirth. The Messenger of the Vigil (the aforementioned Valkyrie-like entity) hovers in front of you. Right-click on him to receive the quest.

The objective of the “Chosen” quest is simple: speak to the Sanctuary Warden near the portal. You’ll find the Warden just down the stairs to your right. Speak to him to receive your first soul. Choose wisely, though, as you’ll be stuck with your choice for awhile.

You can mouse over each choice to get a general description of each soul, or you can shift+click on each one to get a full preview of the talent tree and corresponding abilities.

To complete the quest, right-click on the Sanctuary Warden and choose your first soul. You’ll receive some experience points, a weapon, and access to your first two abilities.

The Warden also gives you the “Ascended Allies” quest and sends you on your way

“Knights of Aedraxis”

Orin Bancroft

Orin Bancroft is stationed just outside the Sanctuary of Rebirth. After a quick quest where you take out some of the local undead, he’ll offer you the “Knights of Aedraxis” quest.

The goal of this quest is simple, take out six Corrupted Knights as you make your way down the hill to Ardenburgh. These knights can be found all over the small village, usually guarding one of the 4 imbued swords you’re supposed to pick up and deliver to Borrin Gammult for the “Steel Reckoning” quest.

The knights go down fairly easily, just watch out for their ranged spell attack before they charge in. Take them down one at a time and you should have little trouble regardless of which soul you’ve chosen as your first.

Once you’ve killed all six, head down the hill and find Shyla Starhearth at Throntic’s Fountain. Speak to her and she’ll grant you 630 experience points, 26 silver, and your second soul.

Shyla will also give you the follow-up task, “Weakened Ward.”

“The Pariah”

Ascendant Hall

Ethect: Orphiel’s Construct

The quest to obtain your third and final soul is given by Cyril Kalmar at Valor Hold. He wants you to deal with a little problem before granting it to you. Orphiel is deploying a corruptor at Ascendant Hall. Cyril wants you to put a stop to it.

Ascendant Hall is Northeast of Valor Hold. Check out your map for the exact location, then head out to take care of business.

The hall is the big scary-looking structure atop the hill to the Northeast. To get there, you’ll have to head up a road to your right, which is littered with Carrion Flayers. Fortunately, you have a quest that involves killing them, so you’ll profit from clearing the path up the hill.

About halfway up, Orphiel himself will appear and advise you to turn back, as nothing can stop him from accomplishing his goal. You can attack him here, so just laugh and keep moving up the hill.

Orphiel’s corruptor is currently powering up Ethect, his construct. Powering down the machine will cause Ethect to attack, so be ready for a fight.

After Ethect is down, Orphiel will appear and attack, as well. He’s a bit of a coward, though, and after you’ve whittled his health down a bit, he’ll stun you and run away.

Once the stun wears off, you should notice a Messenger of the Vigil standing immediately in front of you, on the precipice overlooking Valor Hold. Run out and speak to him to complete the quest and receive your third and final soul.

Once you’ve chosen your soul, speak to the Messenger again to receive a free teleport back to Valor Hold.

Congrats, you’ve completed all three Guardian soul quests and are now a fully powered-up ascended. How you choose to spend your talent points is up to you. Now get out there and continue to battle the forces of Regulos.


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