The Secret World Preview Game Play and Beta: Funcom’s Upcoming MMORPG for 2011

The Secret World Preview Game Play and Beta: Funcom’s Upcoming MMORPG for 2011
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The Secret World Preview - Back Story

The Secret World is a dark and fearful place; a place where all of your nightmares come true. The undead prey on the living, vampires and werewolves hunt humans for their blood and flesh. Myths, urban legends and conspiracy theories are all too real. But fear not, you will join a secret society and become equipped with customized powers and yield an arsenal of weapons as you slay these beasts in urban environments and real-world locations.

The Secret World Preview - Game Play

From Funcom, the developers of Age of Conan, comes the new MMORPG The Secret World. Set in real-world locations, gamers can roleplay with friends in a London nightclub, and hunt werewolves in the sewers beneath Seoul. Gamers will travel all over the world including Europe, America, Asia and Egypt as they decipher the meanings of ancient myths and conspiracy theories.

The Secret World offers story driven game play with no levels or classes. Gamers can earn points for exploration, combat and PvP, earning them new abilities/skills. Funcom promises intense player versus player battles over resources within the bowel’s of Earth. Gamers can create a truly unique character with skill choices that include black magic, voodoo and martial arts, and weapon choices ranging from swords to automatic rifles.

According to IGN, though they witnessed a lot of grouping, most quests appeared to be soloable. The Secret World also includes mini- dungeons, which are soloable instances, designed to push the storey further along.

The Secret World Preview - Societies

The Secret World

In The Secret World gamers will join one of three societies (factions). These are:

The Illuminati – The most cutthroat and ambitious of the societies, the Illuminati seek to plunder heaven and hell and don’t play by anybody’s rules. Only the strongest and ruthless members survive, those that do gain riches and power. There is no honour for the Illuminati, only victory.

The Templars – The Templars are holy crusaders and judges who plan to deliver the world from evil. Many underestimate The Templars, but they are brutal and uncompromising in their war on darkness and few are brave enough to stand in their way.

The Dragon – The Dragon have survived many millennia by manipulating and playing their enemies against each other. They respect the balance of Earth and are humble, but are also all-knowing and will use force if required. The Dragon plans to rebuild

The Secret World Initiation Test

d the Earth after the other societies have destroyed it with their arrogance.

The Secret World’s website has a fun test for gamers that tells them which society they are most suited for. Though the Initiation Test has been around for a while, a more recent addition has been the chance to win beta access. Gamers must sign up as an initiate of their chosen society which offers exclusive in-game items, wallpapers, regular updates and the chance to win a beta key for future beta testing.

Funcom delivered a beautiful world in Age of Conan and promises next generation graphics with The Secret World. With stunning real-world locations and story driven game play, gamers should get in quick to apply for beta keys. And while waiting for the 2011 release date, perhaps check out some of these MMO’s currently offering free trials.

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