TERA Online Game Play and Beta: En Masse Entertainment’s upcoming MMORPG for 2011

TERA Online Game Play and Beta: En Masse Entertainment’s upcoming MMORPG for 2011
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TERA Online Preview - Back Story

Breathtaking jungles, rugged mountains and searing deserts make up the world in TERA online; a world formed when two Titans, Arun and Shara, met in a void and mysteriously fell asleep. As Arun and Shara slept, their bodies became the two continents of TERA, and as they dreamt of powerful gods and less powerful mortal creatures, their dreams came to life and the gods and mor

tals began to take form and inhabit the world.

Soon the gods waged war upon each other drawing the mortals into battle. Most of the gods are now dead or imprisoned and a few mortal races were wiped out. Other races emerged from the conflict. Now these mortals; Armani, Barakas, Castanics, High Elves, Humans and Poporis have joined forces to fight an underworld menace known as the Argons.

TERA Online Preview – Races

TERA Online Castanic

At launch, TERA Online will have six playable races. These are:

Aman – The Armani were once enslaved by Giants, most of which are now dead, value freedom and self-sacrifice and are committed to cooperation and unity. No longer ruled, they are powerful and ferocious fighters.

Baraka – The Baraka are decedents of the Giants and it is visible in their huge statue and physiques. They are an intelligent race and protectors of the ancient heritage and knowledge. They are also powerful fighters, especially when defending those weaker than them. Baraka is the only race where there is no male and female choice because the Baraka has no gender.

Castanic – After the death of their demon god, the Castanic have been treated with suspicion and suffered oppression and prejudice. Their strength and resourcefulness makes them ideal allies.

High Elves – High Elves are often considered to be arrogant and aloof. They denounced their gods a thousand years ago and now believe in

Tera Online Popori

cooperation between the races. High Elves are a proud race and are powerful keepers of tradition. Their knowledge gained over thousands of years of fighting makes them valuable allies and formidable foes.

Humans – Humans are considered exemplars of aspiration and vitality and use their valor and tenacity to attempt to stabilize the TERA world torn by war. The Human’s seek a world of peace and prosperity for all races.

Popori – The Popori are powerful guardians of nature’s balance and sense change in nature before other races do. Due to their small stature and odd behaviour, they are often underestimated in battle.

TERA Online Preview – Classes

Like most MMOs, the TERA Online classes include your tank, healer, damage dealer and ranged DPS type classes. At this stage there is an absence of a true rogue class, a class that is usually quite popular. The game developers (Devs) state that their class choices reflect what they thought would work well in a group, however launch is only the beginning. While no promises are being made, Devs have been known to add extra classes and races in future expansions. Currently, the classes that will be available at launch fo

TERA Online Classes

r TERA Online are:

Archer – Thinning enemies ranks with focussed shots and lethal arrow showers.

Beserker – These damage dealers attack with precision and strength, using their battle axe to block attacks and smash enemies.

Lancer – A tank class that wield the largest weapons and are almost unstoppable. They attack and defend equally well and their lance gives them a long reach during combat.

Mystic – Channelling the primal forces of TERA, the mystics can heal their friends and use magical attacks against enemies. They can drain their enemies’ essence and use it to bolster their allies.

Priest – Channelling the power of gods, these priests use divine magic to heal friends and smite enemies.

TERA Online Preview

Slayer – This damage dealer unleashes death and destruction with their mighty greatsword. Slayers use brute force to knock down and kill enemies.

Sorcerer – Drawing on the purest magic, sorcerers can inflict damage on many foes at once. The masters of mysterious forces and ranged attacks, a capable sorcerer is essential in battle.

Warrior – A tank class that is capable of lightning-fast speed during battle. Wielding dual blades, the warrior is versatile and defeats his enemy using timing and accuracy over brute force.

TERA Online Preview – Game Play

TERA Online is claiming to be “the first true action MMORPG”. The intensity of an action game with a dynamic battle system, with all the depth of an MMO as the six allied races fight together to protect TERA from underworld dwellers and evil gods.

The combat system in TERA Online is more than just point and click though abilities and spells. Instead of locking in on a target and then mashing buttons, gamers will be required to consider their character’s position and timing as well as blocks and attacks. One example is t

TERA Online Combat

he archer’s Arrow Shower ability. The longer the player aims, the more powerful his or her shot will be.

Levelling is primarily done through questing although Devs are still working on this aspect. TERA Online will be an open-world game with instances and there will be both player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP) servers available at launch. PvP on the PvE servers will be consensual and take place in battlegrounds, while the PVP servers will have world PvP and offer specific PvP rewards.

The graphics in TERA Online promises to be spectacular. While some of the released screenshots do have an ‘AION’ look, and some gamers in the community have expressed concerns that TERA Online wont translate well in the North American market, there is no evidence of this yet.

The combat system is different enough and elements of the game, particularly the races and the fact that there are not two

TERA Online Game Play

opposing factions (like the Asmodians and Elyos of Aion), are more reminiscent of EQ2 rather than Aion.

Never the less, the release date for TERA Online is 2011, so gamers will have to wait before they make their decisions. In the meantime, try one of the MMO’s with free trials to pass the time. Gamers can also apply for the chance to get beta access by visiting the TERA Online site. Beta is due to start later this year, though no firm date has been set. While you’re at it, check out The Secret World Preview which is also due for release in 2011.

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