Create a Macro in Rift: the Guide to Rift Macros

Create a Macro in Rift: the Guide to Rift Macros
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Syntax and Commands

The typical syntax for Rift macros includes a command, a target and modifiers. For instance, to cast a spell on your current target, you could write a macro as follows: “cast Plague Bolt.” When no target is specified in your macro, it will cast on your target, if you have one. Helpful spells should cast on your own toon, if you have that option enabled.

Some of the commands you may need to incorporate into a macro include “cast,” “target” and “equip.” You can also get fancy with commands like “targetlasttarget” or “getfocus.” It’s important to understand that macros work like line commands, from the first line down. As soon as the macro reaches a condition it can satisfy, it will preform that action. Conditional lines should come before those without conditions.

Key Modifiers


You can also create a macro in Rift with conditions by using key modifiers. For instance, if you want to combine more than one spell into a single macro, you can cast spell #1 by pressing the button, spell #2 by holding the Shift key while pressing or spell #3 by holding the Alt key while pressing. Key modifiers need to be placed between the command and the spell name; alt, ctrl and shift are the available modifier keys and each needs to be within a pair of brackets.

cast [shift] Summon: Skeletal Knight

cast Summon: Skeletal Horror

Using key modifiers will cause the game’s UI to return an error informing you that you can only cast one spell at a time. You can suppress the errors by using the “suppressmacrofailures” command in the beginning of the macro.

Target Modifiers


In addition to using the Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys to help you in Rift macros, you can also use target modifiers. Target modifiers allow you to select who or what your macro will affect. For instance, you can program a macro to heal the target you are mousing over with the @mouseover modifier. This is especially useful for healers in PvP and invasions.

You can also write a macro to cast certain spells only on your focus target by using the @focus modifier. You will need to determine your focus ahead of time for this to work. Dps characters can set their focus to a monster who will be crowd-controlled and continue to work on the main target without having to switch back and forth. You can use @self, @target, @mouseover, @focus, @targetslasttarget or @focustarget (the target of whomever you have set as your focus).

Target modifiers, like key modifiers, are placed between the command and the spell name in macro syntax. Some examples include:

cast @mouseover Balm of the Wood

cast @focus Transmogrify

Fun Macros


You can use emotes as part of your macros and set variable codes so that they will read correctly. Using “%t” returns the name of your current target, while using “%r” will return your target’s race. Simply begin your macro with “e.”

/e thinks that %t is one cute %r!

Use the “fun” macros sparingly, as they can easily be spammy and become annoying very quickly. While you may want to have a couple of social macros prepared for greeting any new friends or guildies you meet along the way, keep in mind that macro-spamming in a social channel can have severely negative repercussions.

Sample Macros


The emergency CC: Put this on a key you can reach quickly and easily. Pick up an add? Just mouseover him and hit the macro; even if you were in mid-cast, he’ll be crowd-controlled without your having to even change targets. If there is no mouseover target at the moment, this macro will cast on your actual target.

#show CCAbilityName



cast @mouseover CCAbilityName

cast CCAbilityName

The “whichever heal isn’t on cooldown” mouseover macro, great for PvP and invasions:

#show Healing Breath


cast @mouseover Healing Breath

cast @mouseover Balm of the Woods

The buffing macro; if you have no mouseover target, the spell will affect your friendly target. If you have no friendly target, the spell will hit you:

#show Healing Breath

cast @mouseover Healing Breath