Rift Warrior Souls - Guide to the Best Rift Warrior Soul Combos

Rift Warrior Souls - Guide to the Best Rift Warrior Soul Combos
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The Basics

Whether you see yourself as a protector, an avenger, a guardian of the weak or a havoc-wreaking destructive force, if you are a Warrior, you are a leader on the field of battle. You will choose from eight different Rift Warrior Souls and combine three of them into the perfect class for your play style. Because Warriors are not the only calling that can tank in Rift, you are free to explore a number of damage-dealing opportunities, as well.

Instead of mana, those with the calling of “Warrior” have a resource called “energy.” Warrior souls also build action points, up to a maximum of three, during battle, before using a “finisher.” Regardless of whether you prefer to be wielding the sword and board or a two-handed weapon, your heavy plate armor will protect you while you are busy dealing vicious blows to your enemies. Here’s your guide to the various Warrior souls and what each of them specialize in.

Rift Warrior Souls



  • Only Warrior pet class
  • Melee dps
  • Savage AoE abilities
  • Self, companion, party buffs
  • Can heal self and pet


  • Melee dps
  • Relies on two-handed weapons
  • Struggles with multiple pulls
  • Caster interrupts
  • Self-buffs with “bearings”


  • Defensive, tanking soul
  • Uses one-handed weapon and shield
  • Struggles against ranged and casters
  • Combine with Void Knight and Warlord souls


  • Melee dps
  • Relies on parries to build stronger attacks
  • Self-buffs with “Ways”
  • Party strength buff


  • Defensive tanking soul
  • Deals physical and Death magic damage
  • Taunt ability
  • AoE tanking abilities
  • Combine with Paladin and Void Knight souls


  • Melee dps soul
  • Deals physical and Elemental magic damage
  • Snare and caster interrupt abilities
  • Has abilities that also affect Void Knight abilities


Void Knight

  • Defensive tanking soul
  • Combine with Paladin and Reaver souls
  • Particularly effective versus casters
  • Deals physical and Air magic damage


  • Defensive tanking soul
  • Combine with Paladin and Reaver souls
  • Taunt and Root abilities
  • Most “traditional tank” soul

Rift Warrior soul combos


Combining souls to create the best class for your play style is one of the most interesting things about Rift. However, players can also purchase additional roles and take quests to acquire the remaining souls for his or her calling. That allows the Warrior and Cleric callings especially some extra flexibility. Not only can you have a role specified for tanking and another for dps, you can actually have multiple tanking roles for special circumstances. Need to tank a caster-style boss? Pull out your Void Knight role and engage. Need to do some AoE tanking? Switch to your Reaver-heavy role and mark up your kill order.

Rift gives you so much flexibility in tanking, it can be easy for parties to just assume that you will have purchased, attuned, and practiced the different roles. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re not prepared for the best way to handle a situation. Those dps and healing classes also have a number of abilities available to them including roots, silences and other forms of crowd control. Remember, planning and skill go a long way toward making your tanking experience awesome. Keep these tips in mind an you’ll quickly develop a rep as one of the great tanks on your server.