Rift Rogue Souls - Learn How To Make The Best Soul Combos For Your Rogue In Rift

Rift Rogue Souls - Learn How To Make The Best Soul Combos For Your Rogue In Rift
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The Basics

Creeping through shadows, the kiss of a blade on an unaware throat, the dervish of daggers and knives on light feet; these are some of the Rogue’s most well-known abilities. Playing a Rogue in Rift: Planes of Telara is a whole new experience, though, since the class mechanic for for Rift Rogue souls involves choosing several different play styles and combining them into one stabbing machine. Players will be able to choose their first soul almost immediately, and the second soul shortly thereafter. All three souls will have been chosen and attuned before leaving the starting area, by about level 6 or 7.

Those with the calling of the Rogue will be able to equip leather armor, daggers, swords, firearms and bows; the souls attuned will dictate which of the available weapons are most advantageous. There are Rogue souls that are best suited to PvE dps, PvP, and even healing and tanking. Played and specced to the best of his abilities, there is a little that a Rogue cannot do. Players who are familiar with the Rogue archetypes from other games will have little trouble finding a play style that resonates for them, because Rift has just about all of the sneaky and in-your-face bases covered. Poisons, bombs, bows and pets, Rift’s Rogue is one of the most versatile of his kind.

Rift Rogue souls



  • Prefers to attack from the shadows and behind opponents
  • Uses poison on his blades
  • Eventually gains access to bleeds, a stun and a Blind ability
  • Combine with the Riftstalker and Bladedancer souls


  • Support class
  • Can heal
  • Buffs with Motifs, Fanfares and Anthems
  • Uses Codas as “finishers” for support abilities
  • Can combine with several other souls for different uses


  • PvE dps
  • Quick and lethal attacks
  • Combine with Riftstalker and Assassin souls
  • Damaged increased following dodges and parries


  • Ranged damage
  • Combine with Ranger and Saboteur
  • AoE abilities; knockback
  • Able to escape roots, stuns, traps easily


  • Prefers to attack from stealth
  • Uses Fire and Death magics
  • Gains access to snares and a frenzy
  • Combine with Assassin and Bladedancer souls


  • Ranged and melee dps
  • Pet class
  • AoE abilities
  • Combine with Marksman and Saboteur


  • Tanking Soul
  • Abilities to boost own health and healing effects received
  • Threat generation and damage absorption abilities
  • Combine with Bladedancer and Bard


  • Uses bombs and other explosives
  • Can attack from range
  • Gains access to snares
  • Can shift gained aggro onto another player

Putting it all together


Regardless your preferred play style, manuevering a Rogue through Rift: Planes of Telara is one of the most satisfying gaming experiences you will ever have. The ability to switch roles for a completely different spec, combined with the sheer number of souls and possible combinations of three, will have you able to explore tanking and healing as well as damaging either from range or up close and personal.