Rift Guardian City: Sanctum Revealed

Rift Guardian City: Sanctum Revealed
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Finding Sanctum, Tavril Plaza and Crafting at Bahralt Street

Running first north, then east from the starting zone, you will find the Guardian capital city of Sanctum on an island accessible by bridge from Sanctum Watch. Looking at your zoomed-in map of the city, you will see a diamond-shaped building in the middle of a paved courtyard area.

There is a general path that loops around the keep in the middle, with just a couple of areas offshooting from it. Most of what you might come to a city for is out here in the various courtyard areas: crafting, profession trainers and vendors, a banker, the auction house and the like.

You enter this courtyard at the 9 o’clock position, or from the west. In a pavilion just in front of you is the Bard with the Druid just behind him. Head clockwise from him, down the stairs, to the next pavilion where you’ll find the Banker. The Guardian Saboteur stands near the forge crafting area, along with the Master Weaponsmith, Armorsmith and Miner. Opposite the forge is a workbench, staffed by the Master Runecrafter and Artificer.

Northern Sanctum - Thedeor’s Circle for Planarite and Favor Vendors, Battlemaster


Continue along, and you’ll notice the stub of an area sticking up in the north. The circular area here, Thedeor’s Circle, contains the Justicar, Paragon and Reaver, while the tent at the uppermost section houses the Planarite, Favor and other Token vendors. The Guardian Battlemaster is also inside. Step back out into the clockwise path and you’ll find a mailbox near the Loom, along with the Master Outfitter and Butcher. Across from them, the Inquisitor is preaching to a small group while the Master Forager and Apothecary are tending to the Laboratory.

Still moving clockwise around the circle, in the northern, or 12 o’clock position, you’ll find a number of huts. The first one on your left houses the Nightblade and the Assassin, while the one on the right is apparently Loitering Central for those who sell crafting recipes. An Auctioneer is hanging out in the middle hut.

Eastern Sanctum: Mariel-Taun’s Village for Mounts and Dyes


At about 2 o’clock on your map, you’ll see a recessed area. Step down here for a moment, and check out the mount merchant with her stable of Valmeras. The Beastmaster is down here keeping an eye on her, too. Back up at the end of this area, and there will be a mailbox and a dye vendor in the hut behind you. The Purifier and Warden are upstairs.

At 5 o’clock, there’s a hut with a short ramp leading up to the back of it. The Guardian Riftstalker is hiding back here, probably avoiding her turn to muck out those Valmera stables. Continue toward the outside of the ring and you’ll find the Lodge of the Planes. The Guild Master is in here, along with assorted relics vendors. Back inward to the ring, and you’ll find the Warden preaching in a small hut on your left.

Thontic’s Row - Merchants and Auction House


Now that we’re moving along the bottom of the map, back toward where we came in, the ramp slopes down toward the courtyard. The Shaman is posted in front of a tree on your left with merchants and auctioneers in the pavilion behind it. The Riftblade stands just behind them. The other side of this area holds another mailbox and a trio of bankers with the Cabalist just outside their pavilion. The Healer is also lounging here by the fountain; if you managed to get yourself killed on the way here you can take advantage of her services.

Continue back to Tavril Plaza, and turn inward to the huge staircase with a mailbox at its foot. We’re going up there. First, however, say “hello” to the Ranger hiding behind that tree.

Sanctum of the Vigil - Inside the Keep


Just inside the doorway, you should earn an achievement for exploring the entire city. Seems odd, since we only just got inside, but whatever. You’ll be facing the Bladedancer, Paladin and Void Knight and admiring Trion Worlds' love for circular designs. Let’s keep going clockwise. The first stop up the ramp brings you to the Artifact Collector. You’ll want to drop by and chat with him whenever you finish a collection. Continue on up the ramp into the second floor and you’ll see the four calling trainers: Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Cleric. You’ll also find the Marksman and Warlord up here.

Back on the first floor, the room in the northern corner holds the various reputation vendors. There’s a Porticulum Master in the middle of the large room at the center; you’ll want to speak to her for the Soul Recall ability and to bind your soul here. The Sentinel is in the very middle, and on the eastern edge you’ll find Cyril Kalmar, the Champion of the Guardian faction. As his title implies, he gives the Champion soul quest to Guardian Warriors. His pet squirrel, Floop, is occupying the throne.

Mage Soul Quests - Quicksilver College


What’s that? You didn’t see anything about any of the eight different soul quest givers for those of the Mage calling? Not here in Sanctum, you won’t. They are all located at the Quicksilver College, far to the west near the Argent Glade. See, unlike those of the Defiants, Guardian Mages are a persnickety sort and prefer not to mix with those of the less magical callings. And yes, they are aware that Clerics also use magic. They simply don’t care. Anyway, your Archon, Chloromancer, Dominator, Elementalist, Necromancer, Pyromancer, Stormcaller and Warlock soul quests can all be found within one central area; at least they have that going for them.