Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough Chapter 2 Guide

Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough Chapter 2 Guide
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Chapter 2

crossing river

From the main save point, head SE or get into boat and conduct business with the Merchant in the Alcove NE from where you are. There are a couple of items there. Now go to where you’re supposed to and head to the door. Two villagers will attack you, get rid of them and go to the dam. To reach the north side of the riverbank, you have to skip past certain gaps. Snipe the enemy in the small hut and use the rope to get below. At the east, the path will end at the flowing river. Shoot the chains so it’ll fall into the water giving you a way to cross the other side. There’s a jewel in the middle dock, from the rafters.

Climb up the ladder (South area) and pull the lever open to get to the cage. At the entrance, a mob of creepos will jump out when you leave the center dock. Jump back to the south and take your aim. Knock them into the water, and to the cave under the waterfall. At the end of the cave, get to the door and grab the Round Insignia and get to the two doors leading to a cavern. Get in the boat and drive to a previous cavern to the merchant. From there, go up the stairs and climb the ladder to the next area. Take a green herb by the barrels and get ready for fighting El Gigante.

El Gigante

Get this giant to kneel by damaging them with your weapons. Run up to it and vault on top of him and start slicing away at the parasite. Do this two to three times to be able to win. Stock up on a lot of ammo! Maintain a safe distance and after a while, the dog you saved will help you. Take shots at it and deal with him as fast as you can. Get ready for El Gigante’s attacks like uprooting a tree and using it as a club - dodge this and blast away with a shotgun. There’s a charging shoulder ram attack and a boulder toss. Time your attacks perfectly in order to avoid getting hit. Make sure to never come close to the giant close enough because you’ll deal with a lot of hurt.

El Gigante

At the Church


After this, head west to the Church and shoot the wolf that crosses your path. Head up to the hill and into the Church via the Round Insignia and enter the doorway to your left. Climb the ladder there and get to the upper level of the church. Jump across the gap in the center of the church and land on the chandelier and cross the gap.

There’s a control panel there for lights. Rotate the lights to match the patterns, so they can overlay with the already existing image. The red light must be rotated so the small keyhole is pointing down, the green light making the keyhole point left and blue to make the keyhole point right. Combine them to open the gate on the South side of the Church. Open the gate and meet Ashley. She’ll follow you and head to towards the ladder down to the floor level.

Meeting Ashley

Exiting the Church storage room, have Ashley wait near the doorway and fire at the barrels on the cart making it explode and then shoot down any of the other zombies still left standing then head west. Climb down the ladder and enter the cave and deal with merchant before going up and exiting there. At the main village, you’ll be attacked - keep Ashley safe! Get Ashley to the top of the bell tower to your left and make her wait there. Afterwards, return to Ashley - go NE and take out the villagers and the traps and make Ashley come to you.

The Farm

f off b

fight off c

fighting offA

At the Farm, walk down the road and make Ashley hide in the metal container. Clear the area and make sure that the barn is safe from traps as well. Climb the ladder and go through the window to appear on the balcony. After clearing the area, get Ashley to this spot and go to ground level again. Piggyback with Ashley and make her go to the other side of the door and unlock it for you.

There’s a merchant here before the bridge. When you cross the bridge, you’ll be chased into the abandoned house and hold off the largest mob of villagers to point. Three bookshelves must be pushed to the windows. Collect and mix the herbs in the house. Afterwards run upstairs and hold the fort there. Kick off the ladders that the villagers will put up. Keep an eye out everywhere, just try to keep alive and after a while the villagers will all disappear.

Winding Roads

At this next point, conduct business with the Merchant again.There’s an alcove to the south, with a lever to open one of two doors. Each direction will have a different outcome.

Right - Run down the canyon with Ashley and a giant mosnter will appear. Just try to avoid its grasp and keep running. Ashley must always be behind you. There’s a boulder to your left, shoot at it and it will distract the monster. Run towards the gate, shoot the lock and get to the second part of the canyon. Pass the sheds and shoot at another boulder to your right. Shoot the locks off the door and have Ashley wait at the opened door and run towards the monster. Slide between its legs to get the Old Key before running back to Ashley. At the third area, use the Old Key to open the door and exit there. There’s an item in the canyon, inside a bucket where the Old Key was. Shoot it down and get the object.

Left - Make the barrels explode by shooting at it - killing the villagers, afterwards make Ashley hide in the red container. Get to a ladder behind a villager and snipe at the four creepos in the walkway. Head NE of the upper walkway and jump down the ground in the middle of a wooden structure. Zombies will appear, so climb back up the ladder and go back to where Ashley is and bomb the villagers away. Grab a camp key from one of your chainsaw wielders and head back to the top. Open the door nearby and take out the villagers there. Once its all clear, have Ashley come to you.


red cont

Mayorial Fight




There’s another merchant here. Then head up to the hill and reach the lift. Equip your rifle and take out the zombies in your path. Make Ashley wait for you and take out the zombies coming up the lift. At the bottom, head east to reach the merchant. There’s a large shed coming next, dodge a blow that the mayor will give you before the actual fight begins.

Shoot at the Mayor’s head as much as you can. Have the gas can explode at him as well, keep running to dodge whatever attack he way deck out. Keep shooting until get tired and changes forms. Use the rifle this time snipe at his head and upper body as he climbs up the rafter. Be careful of its tentacles so try to get under him immediately and run to the other side of the room. Reload whenever you can and when you’re sure that you won’t be attacked. Be patient and just keep avoiding your enemy - explore the area when he’s laid to rest and grab herbs and the Fake Eye. There’s a room with a blown out wall, have your character jump over the fire and exit from there.

Go back to the lifts and open the doorway to te SE area using the Fake Eye. Snipe the enemies in your path and march up the hill. There’s a truck headed your way and just kill off your enemies. Protect Ashley and get to the castle to end this chapter.

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