Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough - Chapter 1

Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough - Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

part 1 map

Walk up to the path ahead and enter the house to your left. There is an enemy waiting, shoot it down, grab the ammo upstairs, then head back out for more carnage via the window. 3 enemies await, create distance and get ready to shoot them down - afterwards, go the shed (where the truck by the right used to be) and grab items and a save point.

While walking, save the dog from the trap and watch out for other bear traps. One enemy just before you reach the shed on the left. Just past it are two more creepos, get rid of them and head to the bridge. There’s another shed just off the bridge, and a villager guarding it, either take it down via the window or go for a full frontal assault. Items will await. After this shed, use your binoculars to spy a village swarming with enemies. Take the path to your left, past the villager lady, and enter a building through the windows.

The Village

village lady

Run around the village, collect items and when you’re done, head for the NE Building. Villagers will assail that building, place a shelf window to block the enemies and collect items under the stairs, then back ustairs grabbing the shotgun by the wall. Exit via a window, landing on a rooftop. Get ready to fight! Steer clear of ladders and use a pistol as much as you can (except for the chainsaw dude use a shotgun on him) and keep steady until a bell rings clearing the area.

There’s a farm up ahead, lure not-zombies to you and pop them before collecting items. The blue paper you’ll find triggers a sidequest (shoot 15 blue pieces to win, 7 of them can be found in the farm area). Get to the pool of water, knock out the dowel dropping the board and shoot the pendant next to it.


Further down, avoid a rolling boulder and go the tunnel and get to a building. Keep to your left and shoot the dynamite stick being thrown at you from above to blast them all away. Take out the villager NE from the shed to your left. Get to the south end of the house, enter the window and kill the villager inside the building before heading to the east house. Kick open the door and watch out for traps. Explore the house to find an ally in an armoire.

Merchant Business


When you leave the shed, talk to the merchant and buy a rifle. The next area has more enemies, so get to the spot behind the break in the wall and practice sniping. When its clear, enter through the gate and be flooded by more villagers. Retreat behind the gate and blast them off with a grenade. Once you’ve cleared the area, turn right down the stairs to a walkway and enter through the left - items and enemies await. Clear the shed, shoot down the enemy by the rooftop and get the Right Emblem from a small chest.

Get down to the NW structure and get ready for more enemies. The Left Emblem is in the SE of this building, get it and get to the locked door (N) and unlock with the emblems.

Beyond the Emblem


Enter the building and get ready to kill. When you’re done, head down the hall and jump through the window to your right and get to an open room. Hide behind the dumpster and take down baddies. Get to the back of the room and watch out for bear traps and more enemies. Collect the items before going out the doorway. To your left, break the boarded up window and grab an important item. Kill the villager and get down the ladder (health for killing fish by the way!) Exit the area by climbing up the taller ladder.

Avoid the traps and get items before solving the puzzle around the corner. Twist the sphere around to match the patten on the door (twice twice, then left once). Inside, find an Insignia Key and end the level through the doorway by your left.

Coming to an End

Inside the house are a few items, and outside are more enemies, take them out and move on. There’s a shed to your right and a couple of pink objects by the trees containing some valuables for you to grab. Keep moving ahead and encounter more enemies before heading back to the village. Once there, you’ll be rushed - run to the building to your left and kill the assailants off from there. Once it’s safe, go back to the town center and get to the SE doorway. Open it with the Insignia Key.

Smash the lamp to get a jewel once you’re inside, and get to the underground tunnels. Shoot out more jewels and deal with a merchant before going to the Graveyard. Walk pass the gate, to your right is an enemy - get to the shed behind her for items - and get to the church by the hill (E). Three enemies await, one with dynamite - take them down to get to the church. Shoot down the item from the tree and get the remainder of the blue medallions.

The Church

church fight


The church is still locked, so get to the rear and have the non-zombie with the dynamite take them all out. Operate the pedestal at the courtyard lighting up three symbols, matching the twins' gravestones in the main graveyard. It can be moved only in increments of three and four, so turn the dial in this order: 3-4-3-3-4-4-3. You’ll get a jewel for your efforts.

Moving along, you’ll reach a bridge with enemies, take them out and get to the small shed on the left. Read the note, keep walking and get to the door that leads to the next area. Shoot the crows at the next area, head to the south door and you’ll get a save point and a merchant. When you’re done, get back up to your original area and head to the west doorway.

Keep walking, grab the items from the shed and head to the hill. Another boulder will come your way so watch out. Get to the dock and take out the villager standing in front of a dynamite trap. Take out the others as you see fit. More villagers will arrive from the hill behind you. Get to a safe position and take them out. There will be two waves of enemies and afterwards head east.


More enemies at the docks, try sniping them all. Finally, you’ll get to the beach: turn left and enter the door there. You’ll find a couple of items and no dangers for now. Get up the hill to your left and find some red herb and to the other for a save point. Get on the boat outside the shed and get ready for battle.

The monster in the lake is called El-Lago. It’ll get stuck to your anchor, pulling you around. Control the boat and dodge all obstacles while harpooning the beast of the lake. After dragging you, it’ll dive underwater - move the boat quickly to avoid having El-Lago bite your boat. This will be repetitive so keep your guard up until it starts pulling you again, then harpoon it. When it goes underwater jerk your boat to one direction.

If you don’t get to put the harpoon down in time, red arrows with appear and show you where the mosnter is. If you hit it twice, then you won’t get hit, if you don’t then you will. If you get knocked out of the boat, you’ll have to swim back to safety and mash buttons really fast. It takes about 12 hits to take this monster down and when you’re through, on to level 2!

Boss Fight

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